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My Hero by Keri

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This was a really good poem! i liked it
Totally cool! Interesting Words!
I really liked this poem a lot because it reminds me of a friend who I love like a brother dearly.
I thought this poem was pretty good. I like the expanxded words used in it!
This poem makes me smile because , i have a really amazing friend , who always tells me im her hero
I read this poem and was blown away. I mailed this to my best friend because she has helped me through so much right now and she doesn't believe that she is my hero! Thank you for sharing this well written poem!
Cool - V. nice! =)
i love this poem.right now im ina junior university .here,i can hardly forget my old friends i wanna tell them that i love them
this poem is a lot like my best friend you can tell this poem came from deep in you heart
your poem is very delightful you are truely @ talented writer keep up the good work and remember always speak from your heart and not your head!
This Poem is great.
I truly enjoyed this one!
I loved it.
Nice Poem.
I really love this poem. It just says how I feel about a friend of mine, too. It's just wonderful.