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i really like this poem .
This poem says so comes across with alot of feeling.
It is hard to find a truly touching poem that goes along with a person's feelings, but I must say this one truly does. I think this is the best one I have read so far. I can really relate to it!
i like this poem a lot and it was really good abd it said what you were feeling and you worded it every well and i jus want to let you no that i voted for you good work :oP
very good and true poem
nice one
That was a strong poem.Everyone who should read that poem it realates to everyone some way it did me.
I had a bot friend that did exactly what your poem says i thought he was the love of my life until i found him in bed with another girl your poem is really good keep writting.
your peom made me almost cry. It was beautiful
Hey i just finsh reading the poem it is good. It says the truth everything. things happen but hten there is always something or someone walking right behing you. Hey well write back if you want. Bye liz