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Until We Meet by Syreeta Elie

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You people will probly think im WAY to young for love but i dont realy care i love a girl i met on the internet im 13 but i still love her and she loves me and this poem is kinda weird i think because it sais everything about how. (aparently alot of us feel about our online loves). Id give this poem a 10 if that was an option
omg thanky uo for this poemit was very touching reminded me of my crystal baby i wish i could meet her love her sooo much thx alot xx
sidney andrea
I loved this poem. its amazing! its what exactly, i felt to someone i've met . net!
it is the best poem of its type i know. it is just hart warming and a honour to read.
hi, I love your poem, maybe your wrote it from your heart and from your experience,I really felt the meaning of your poem because, I once like that until I got married to my chatmate. Isnt that wonderful. Congrtulations again coz you did wrote a rally nice poem, which, Im sure if read by those people like me will surely like it too.
omg! this poem is really good i really like it and that is the same way i feel.
This is a beautiful poem. brought tears to my eyes. i found my true love and have to wait to be with him. but i can wait. just wish it wasnt so long. but its exatly how i feel and im glad someone can put those feelings into words.
This is a really wonderful poem and you need to write more. Just wanted to tell you.
This poem really touched me. I feel the same way!
I'm really love this poem. That my's feeling now . I think of someone in scotland all the time . I know he will come to thailand But I can't wait to meet up him
I had tears in my eyes as I read this poem. It describes exactly how I feel. I have fallen in love with someone 4000 miles away and cannot wait to someday finally be held by him in person.
Your poem speaks to me from a place that I know too well. it is sweet and sad all at the same time. full of the promise of what is to come. Waiting can be the beginning of something beautiful, and you seem to understand the possibilities of such bliss. good for you!
I really liked this poem, i have a true love I beleive in another country , that we have talked for awile but never met just in pictures, this poem says it all great job on this poem thank you.
*i LOVE THIS POEM! i am in love with a guy i have been talkin to on the net for 2 years. he is the best person i have ever talked to and i cant wait to meet him*
This poem captures beautifully how one feels before the first meeting.
i love this poem. my boyfriend and i are on naval ships right now. and i wont see him until probably april of next year, becuase i will be on a 6 month deployment and he is doing his now. so this poems descrives how i'm feeling right now. thank you i know he is going to like it
I'm In love with a very special guy too, havent met yet and this says exactly what my heart does.
Tamara Dina
I love this poem. I met my boyfriend online and i could just relate to what u are saying. keep up the good job!
this is trully an amazing poem. i have written some myself but none like this this explains the exact words i would wish to tell to the person i love. but every time i try to tell her the words i need dissapear never to be said in my mind the same way again.
I love what the poem's saying. I feel the way the poem says about a guy friend that I've met over the internet.
this really explains the feelings when you touch someone no matter the miles in between . I relate , with this very well, even though it didn't work out as I had hoped, that first meeting, was unforgetable. wouldn't change it for nothing . in my heart, I will always love him , and have that connection with him. wasn't meant to be this lifetime.
I loved this poem. I think I''m loving a guy from the inet. He lives in USA and I'm in Brazil. I don't know if he feels what I feel, but he'll come to brazil soon and I can't wait to meet him. Tks to the poetry to write exactly how I feel about him. :)
I really can relate to this poem. I too, have met someone through the internet. We are so in love with each other. We can not wait to meet each other. We are suppose to get together for Valentines Day. But we have to see how our schedules work out. I love this man with all my heart and we have yet to meet.
i feel in love with him he sayd this is the way he felt but i moved befor we ever meet n this is all i have of him thank you
you know i am only 15 years old and i found love. this guy i am in love with is chrisand i love him. it might seem crazy but i love him sooooo much. i have only heard his voice on the phone, i have never seen him or touched him. only i wish. but this summer chris is coming down to califonia to visit me ( he lives in Flordia) i am going to be so happy when i see his smile on his face. so this poem is perfect for us. thanks to the poet who wrote this wonderful poem now i can tell everyone how much i love chris!
I love someone on net too. and it is everything I feel.
that poem is beautiful. it mirrors the exact way i feel about my man that i have been with for 9 long months online thankyou
excellent, everything i wanted to say to my loved one accross the sea, of whom i am due to meet. thanks and excellent work
Hey i really love this poem. You may say im too young for love and blah blah blah. but believe it or not im in love with a guy i met on the internet. We talk on the phone. write letters. anything to keep us close. We cant wait till the day we can truly touch and this poem expresses everyting that we both feel.
this poem says exactly how i feel bout a person i met online. thank u to the writer of this poem.
this describes my boyfriend and I perfectly.
For the first time i know im not the only one with that exact feeling. Were it not for SARS, oh, i dont know what would be happening at this very moment. Live with hope, we'll go through it.
WOW! I love your poem, I can totally relate to it. Keep up the good work. I give it 10 thumbs up out of five:-)
I think this poem very-very lovely poetry, this like what i am felt to my love Subhan. I am never meet him before we are met on net but he was a wonderful man i found in this world and i am love him very much. I wish i can meet him and we will together forever someday, thanks Syreeta for writing this preety poem
very touching . the best
WOW! this poem is so touching. I'm going through that exact thing right now. My Love lives in TN and I'm in california. This poem describes everthing I'm feeling. Jeffrey until we meet always know ur in my heart
Hey- great poem I'm really into writing peoms myself and that poems fits the situation I am in so perfectly I never knew how many people felt the same way i did.
i really enjoyed this poem because i can totally relate to what this girl had written. i am in the same shoes right now.
Awesome, simply awesome.
Just met the one for me 2 days ago and this describes what we are going through already. THANK YOU!
Great Poem! it tells exactly how i feel right now about this guy!
I met a man on the internet in June of 2000. we talked for 14 months on the phone and computer. August 15 2001 I met him in person. July 20 2002 I married him. It does happen.
I love this poem its like me and my b-f on the internet and its so true!
This poem is the second one i read. It totaly desribes the way i feel about my online love.
I love this poem dearly because it has reminded me of the special memories I once had with this gentleman.
I love your work, your writing is very touching and has lots of emotion. I love these types of poems and the topic, cyber relationship. I am in a cyber relationship, and I feel exactly what you said in your poem. I love it so much.
Wow! I loved how you expressed how you felt in that poem. That is true nothing will be the same until you meet the person you love.
I absolutely loved this poem. I can really relate to it. My BF lives in SD and I in FL and I am aching for the day that I get to fly into his arms and hold him for the rest of my life.
I LOVE this poem! It does describe perfectly what I have been feeling for a person that I met online and have been talking to on the phone but haven't met in person yet.
Im amazed at how many others there are in the same situation! This poem says exactly how I feel about the one I love on the other side of the world. thank you Syreeta.
I sent it 2 my bf who I met online! he loved it
This poem is wonderful! I can'y find the words to explain how it entirely described what I am feeling right now! I loved it and hope there are ten billion others judt like it! Two thumbs up!
I like the poem and i sent this to my GF. She is a poet.. So will enjoy much more
I appreciate this poem so much. This describes exactly what I feel like. You've done a wonderful job with this poem. Thank you so much for writing it.
Wow, That poem is so pretty.. It says everything I want to say to my love Bryan that lives in Wilson, NC and im in Oakwood, Ga until I move to wilson this summer, But I cant wait to see his this spring break!
This poem was the first I looked at, and did not need to look any further, it describes my love for Loretta
Hi! I just read your poem and it describes exactly what I am going through right now! I love this man dearly and we haven't even met yet! I just sent it to him and I know hes going to love it! Its a beautiful poem!
It's a great poem, and it describes exactly what I'm feeling right now and what I feel everyday for this special someone I'm going to meet in 9 months.
So glad I am not alone in this online love so painful but beautiful Until we meet I love u Goose
Powerful is the only word I can use
WOW! I'm feeling all off that at the present moment and no one seems to understand. I'm truly in love with this guy and until i meet him i shall never be complete. Thanks its amazing
this is a wonderful poem it descubes what i'am livng now and t gives me hope to meet that guy the i love.Thanx
This poem is wonderful. It shows great passion and emotion.
Nice and beautiful . too good .
Your poem is very nice it tell just how i feel in my heart about a lady i met online and now she in my heart and we have yet to met
excellent poem sums up my feelings so much thank you for writing it
I loved this poem, I meet a guy on Yahoo, and he says he is gonna come up soon, but until then I have to wait, just like the poem expresses all the things i am going through
So, so beautiful...the poem left me breathless...I'm living this and am comforted that I'm not alone. Thank you to the author
This is a wonderful poem and it truly says what I am going through right now.
That poem was very nice! It was really great!
i meet that personal someone on the web as i was surfing i came across ur poem it made me thimk of her....really enjoed it keep up the good work
I loved this poem the first time I read it. I have met someone on the internet and we havent met yet but this clearly describes what I want to say.
You confirmed my beliefs, thanks :)
This poem was so perfact for the one I love..
This poem deeply expressed how i feel about a girl. It really sums up my intense love for her. This is a really great poem.
Dear Wordsmith, thank god for the gift of your craft, you project so well the imagery of the heart.
This poem is exactly how I feel right now about a special somebody. This Friday I will officially get my wish and meet the man of the internet.
Hey Syreeta, Great poem, I thought that I was the only one out there like this, in a state of dilusion Encore...
That is a great poem.
Great poem, can't wait to see more from the author
I loved this poem,like a lot of people right now, I am also going through this with a guy named Brandon. But besides that, it was a great poem and I would really like to see some more like this.
While reading this poem you can feel the same passion that must have been in the poets heart as they wrote it. That passionate feeling that love brings out in one's soul.
This poem is beautiful and I know it is the way alot of us feel when we meet that one special person. You write a beautiful poem Syreeta!
it as though your heart wrote the words themselves, never have i thought such emotion could be spelled out
this was great it was how I feel
This is the BEST poem I have ever read. It describes EXACTLY what I am feeling right now..about a certain someone!:):)
It is as if you can read what I am thinking. I shared this with my loved one, and he loved it just as much as I did! Thank You for helping me with the right words!
i think out of all the poems that i read i feel this poem is the best and its somethign i can relate to bcoz i also love a guy who i met on the net and we haven't met ..and i think this poem is awesome ..
Such an appropriate poem for me and my love on the other side of the world!
The poem really made me cry. Thank you for such a touching poem.
i know the feeling exactly.waiting and wondering.imagining our first words.i've got to send this one.
I totally loved your poem. I love reading poetry, especially on these sites where you can send them to someone you care so much about. I am always sending them to my someone special, and i feel that way. I truly hope that when my guy and i meet, it will be as magical as i have always believed. I love your poem, your a wonderful poet, excellent job!
I've been touched by many poems that I've read in my life. The emotion that this poem brought to me is uniquely uncategorizable. I share the same experience about this type of love and that experience alone would make this poem more compelling to me. Because I'm relating myself to it.
I thought that this poem was absolutely beautiful. It fully describes the current situation I am in. I met the love of my life on-line, which was totally unexpected. It's amazing that I finally found the words to sum up what I feel. Excellent job!
What a wonderful sensual poem..I am in a cyber romance..about to meet first poignant and moving I had to send it to my cyber love.soon to be reality..
Your poem has a fire and a passion only expressed by someone who has felt love and the distance of it.
Very lovely, I am having the same situation, Im hopeing mine will come true someday..Hope to read more of your poems....
I Loved The Poem So Much I Emailed It In A Card To My Love. Just Removed A Few Mistakes And Add A Verse Of My Own.
this is realy lovely
I really love this poem.I feel it expresses the way alot of people feel when they find that one special person on the net.
Hi, I was speechless when I saw this poem.It says what I was thinking about for months. Glad the authot wrote it down. Its wonderfull. Thanks
Words so true that I had to send them to my friend.
Syreeta, I know that ache, it's a familiar, bittersweet, tormented joy lol. Thank you for blessing me with your poem.
I found it sad and glad all at the same time Thanks
very moving reminds me of what i'm going through
The way, I feel about one specail person. I never thoughtould be put into words such as this.
hey i love this pome it is the best well g2g bub bye
This poem was so touching, you never know whats waiting for you
An emotional ,but intreiging poem. A very powerful and nice poetry.
I really enjoyed reading this poem. It was very sweet. I hope to see more poems like this..=).
just exactly the words I needed for the mew man in my life. Thanks.
This is so sweet and I think it is the best poem in here
I loved this poem, it exactly describes what i'm going trough rigt now. I can only say that this poem is wonderful...Thank You.
i love this, it couldn't say how i feel any more.
hihi boy
About the poem,i think it suitable for me and my lover.. I really hope i can meet her.. THanks you create it,i have taken it for my page to my lover..
Another good one...
i thought that your poem was really good i have a poem a little bit like yours i also like you name
I think that this poem is really deep and true!
I really enjoyed this poem, i really could see Gary and I in this poem...i know that it seems stupid to some, but i do believe in true love and my true love is Gary...He lives in Scotland, and our worlds seem cosmos away, but i know he is there and hes waiting for me, and when i hear his voice i know...he loves me.
It's really touching........
Very beautiful.instills some hope.
I read this poem at school, and I swear I started crying on the spot. I can really relate to this, and I would do anything to be with my wonderful boyfriend from across the globe. Love is above distance, it's true.