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Love Maze by Amber Smith

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i love this poem. i can raelly relate to it.
I really like your poem. It was really cute, and kinda inspired me to start writing love poems.
That was really good. You had my eyes on the screen the whole time, and that is hard to do.
omg! diz poem relates to sooo much i know how u felt. i like this guy in my h. s and he knows it too but he just started dating a girl from my skool but as much as i want to forget him i cant b/c i see him everyday and iz hard but I LOVED THE POEM IT WAS GREAT!
that was a really strong meaningful poem filled with a lot of deep metaphors. i think that was one of the best poems i've read so far, and iv'e been browsing for 3 hours.
i really like this poem i think it inspriers me couse i have gone though times like that and when i like a guy and he doesnt even know i am there well i really like this poem and i think you should right more :)
i loved you poem i touched me alot
i think this is a great poem because you show and tell all your emotions and how you feel and thats what make your poem whole and it is almost the best poem I read i think you did a wonderful job.
WOW this poem is really great. a lot of people can relate to this and i know because im one of them and the guy i love i've loved since the 7th grade and i'm currently a junior. but the poem was really nice
that poem is so beautiful i feel that way about someone now its something i can really relate to keep doing your thing. Maybe when he finally notice you write another poem!
OMG!Loved it! This poem is exactly whats happenening to me. Theres this boy i bumped into one day and from then i fell in love with him. I dont think he knows who i am but me and my friend are head over heels for him. he has a girlfriend and it really breaks my heart. So yeah this poem is the best poem ive read for a very long time. i can SO relate. Cant wait to look for more like this.
Exelent, sounds like my love life 100%!
sexy filipina
this a really good poem i love it i really relate to it i like a lot of guys and i know how it feels to have none of them like me and see them with their girlfriends and i know it hurts so much because you think you are supposed to meant together
I really feel what you mean by this poem. Allmost the same happened to me and I felt that way too. This poem is GREAT!
Wow. This is the only word I can come up with. I'm definitely impressed. It's a very accurate rendition of what I'm going through, however, I'm a guy, and it's directed to a girl in my case. Love the poem. Perhaps I'll see more of your work somewhere? Keep it up!
I really liked this poem. I found it very true to life and I can really emphasis with it. It's really good to read about someone elses similar experiances in these kind of matters. They're tough. Keep up the good work.
i just love this poem so much. i can't describe my feeling . i just touched my heart. i the twin match of my self. it is the first time that i have read that nice poen like that sicence lat one year.
HI! i have 2 say that this is exactly wat is happening 2 me. u c this guy called Michael noz i like him- but he neva talks 2 me- and he told his fwend that he doesn't want a girlfriend. but he is soooo cute and nice. y doesn't he like me????? i try to not like him but i can't- im totally in love!
that was a really good poem what you wrote in it is right. write some more like it
Fabulous, exactly what i am going through.
I love this poem because I'm going through the same thing. the only thing is that the guy I like doesn't have a girlfriend. But I feel the same way. This poem is really good! It describes what I feel too and when he doesn't see me.
this is really interesting
I loved this poem, it talks about everything that im going through, and i think it is great
this made me cry. this poem is so me. im 15 and im inlove with this guy whos like 18 and he has a gorgeouse gf n everything its sooo anoying! but gr8 poem~~~~
This is exactly what happened to me last year. But finally one day he talked to me. This poem reminds me of when I was ignored.
When I first read this poem, I understood that the same kind of situation is happening in my life right now. It really touched me. Thank you for writing such great poems! Keep it up!
i love this poem it touched my heart because i feel exactly this toward a boy ive liked for 4 years
wow i really love this poem. its exactly what i feel. i really like this guy and his girlfriend just happens to be one of my best friends. she lied to me and broke her promise that she would never have anything to do with him. so i see him at school everyday and it breaks my heart to see them together. you did a wonderful job on this poem it absolutly beautiful.
I love this poem because I could relate to it. I'm sure most people feel this way about someone but just never say anything. I mean you can't help but love someone. It does feel bad not knowing how they feel about you.
i loved the poem! i can so relate to it. the guy i like, even though he knows i like him, just seems to be so oblivious to it sometimes. it drives me crazy, cause its like hes just all of a suden forgotten how much i love him! keep up the good work!
omg! this is exactly what is happening to me, except the guy duznt hav a girlfriend. his name is joseph. i am totally into him, and all he does is flirt with all the other girls in front of me. it makes me feel sooo bad. :'( this makes me hate him soo much, but still like him at the same time.
the is the best poem i've read so far it is so real maybe beacause it's just like me and my life with a boy any way that is just the best i loved it
Hi well i liked ur poem thats whats happening to me to but he dosent have a girl friend but i dont know if he still has feeling for her,and he dosent egnore me he talkes to me and makes me laugh but i dont think he notice that i love him.
this poems reminds me of when i was in high school i love it
i luv this poem! i can relate to this sooo much. the boy that i have the biggest crush on(mike)knows who i am and isnt taken but he never talks to me anymore or even looks me in the eye. i dunno wut to do cause i see him flirtin with tons of popular grls all the tym. thankz for writin this poem~it is great!:) keep at it!
i see this was written in 1999, but i was there, that was me in high school. now that crush is my friend. he now knows i have liked him for four years. (all throughout high school) and i am waiting for somthing to happend between us. i now feel like i am in love with him. i need to tell him this now. its hard to go through high school with that crush. but things have a way of working themselfs out.
This is such a great poem. I'm not going through it now, but i have many times. i hope if this is what it's like for you that he sees what hes missing and finally notices you!
I loved your poem I emailed it to my friend cuz that exact same thing happend to her.
omg! i really love this poem! i can relate so well. i like this guy soooo much and even tho he doesnt have a girlfriend. it seems like i dont even exist. UGH! but i love the poem!
This poem reminds me of myself except there is a girl i want that is alreeady taken.
I know how Amber feels. It's hard to go to school and see the guy you like with other girls. I like this guy named Joseph and he's all I think about. He knows I like him,but he dosen't care. Hope you get you'r guy Amber.
heey i liked this poem this si what is happening to me right now i love some one but he already ahs a girl friend he noticed me alright but he told me that he has one now! am really up-set about it i`ll write a poem like this soon.
This poem love maze is a remakable poem I myself give it two thubs up. This poem realtes to me in a vedry deep way because there is this one boy i like at my school he is so good looking. The only prblem is teh i don't fell like he knows me. I totaly understand this poem and can relate to it my self.
I never post comments on anyones poems for I feel that it is unfair to judge anoher wriers work. I must say though you really captured alot of emotion in your lines it really made me feel exactly what you were trying to express thanks for sharing I hope to read more from you.
That was such a good poem! but why would a guy do sumthing like that to u on purpose. ? If he did, then he's a jerk! but sumtimes we just don't see things, and can be pretty blind. too bad he's taken ^o~
i think that poem is so cool. that happen to me befor and we end up dating aint that cool
i love this poem because it is so true. i always find a guy then meet his girlfriend. then no matter what i always see them together. it hurts. thanks for writing this poem.
I can totally relate to your poem. I think all of us have gone through something similar. Who hasn't liked someone only to find they were taken or liked someone else?
oh my god that is exactly the same way how i feel about a boy in my class and school called daniel and i so badly miss him and want to be wiv him!
i love this poem it tells it like it is. Amber is a good writer!
this poem is soooooooooooo awsome! it describes perfectly what i'm going through right now. the guy that i like at skool is not noticeing me at all, and i think he also has a girlfriend. i mean he'll talk 2 me every once in a while, but i dont know if ever realize what i'm going through. i luv writeing and reading poetry and i think i will finally submit a few of my own. thanx 4 inspiring me! :)
This poem really relates to me right now. I really like this guy in school but he deosnt even notice me. well so far we're friends but i like him more then that.
I loved the poem! i'm going through the same thing for about 3 years now. I feel like a little tiny mouse. Good Luck!
This poem is great. It describes the "dorks" who want to be in love, but they are to "dorky" to be liked. Its not fair for us.
thanks i used this for an assignment due in literature
That poem was so pretty! Becuase I used to feel the same, I relized I didnt need him.. And now I have a real man, Who loves me and I love him! Good luck.
I think this a really great poem! I got chills down my spine when i read described how i felt perfectly n shocking enough my name is also Amber .
I thought this poem was great. and its exactally what im going through. i was wonder if i can put it in my school paper so this person (hopefully) reads we talk a couple of times. and if i use this. he just might no its me
I really liked this poem. But for those of u who feel this way it might work out. It did for me. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 weeks now!
this poem is REALLY good! It describes almost exactly the way i feel.
this is an excellent poem! i can really relate to it, that it's scary. i fell like giving up all the time, but i love this guy to much to.
i really liked this poem, it totally describes what is happening to me at the moment!
Hey that poems is so hot b/c that is how i feel about noel!
This is such a beautiful poem. It relates to me. How I love this guy and he dosn't like me. Its #1!
a beautiful oem who deserves to be #1
It was beautiful
Ireally liked this poem it reflected on my old boyfriend maybe Ishould send it to him and tell him to read it carefully and to past it on to his friend so they can feel what all of us feel these days about guys
hey,um i love this poem because it is the same way i feel about this guy at school
This poem describes exactly what is happening to me! It's a great poem and you should keep it up!
I think that this is a wonderful poem. I, too, am an aspiring poet, but I just haven't gotten the nerve to submit one on-line. I think that you are very brave to submit your poems in a place where everyone can read them and judge them. KUDOS to you!