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My Cousin by Carolyn Hoomana

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I really enjoyed ur poem. My cousin was murder because he refused to join in a gang. I miss him so much. I can really relate to this poem because that is exacty how i said my last good bye. This poem is very nice. I like it alot. R. I. P Dito Gone but neva 4gotten
i have also lost a cousin who was really close to me and this the minute i read the poem it reminded me of him
5 star
i love this peom . because i lost a cousin and he's name is gabila
This poem truly touched my heart, and I could really relate to it. This is one of the best poems I have ever read.
Great poem, really understood it and it's just agreat poem!
i real like this poem. beacuse it makes me think of cousin that died 1/25/05. we had a candlelight vigil for him. his name is MICHAEL RODARTE. he would always smile at people. he was very loyalty to his friends. the investigators said there is no signs of suicid or foul play. he was going to graduate from exeter union high school this june 3rd. then he was going to go to the marines.
this was really sad i cryed i have never lost someone so young
my cousin in a accident 4 years ago and i always think of him and i miss him so much and i hope he knows he will always be missed by us.
hey i just wanna say that these poems are sweet and i like them bye
this is a very good poem it reminds me of my cousin that died his name was chris. anyway i thought this was a very good poem. very good job.
to carolyn hoomana this poem was good it made me remember my cousin who died from a shooting although i didnt know him much i still loved him and have the memorys of me hanging out with him when i was alittle girl. those are the only memory i have of him love always mary aguilar
This poem really touched me because I just experienced the lost of a friend. He was only 12.
I swear, I actually thought you wrotr this about MY cousin, Mikey.
hey i just wont to tell you how much that poeme helped me becuse i lost my cousin and he ment alot to me you are wondreful and i am sorry for your loss. GOD BLESS YOU. thamks your friend Amanda Aubuchon
I really liked your poem. It was so good, and it brings back memories of my two cousins who were killed in a car accident just two months ago. You did a nice job writing that poem.
I could relate to this poem. very touching
Even though this was to your cousin it made me think of my ex-boyfriend Jonathan Graves. Jonathan died in a car crash on Feburary 2, 2005. I loved him with all of my heart and we went out for almost 4 years. He always had a great smile and could always make me laugh. Maybe thats why we were so great with eachother. Well I miss him with all of my heart. And I know how it is to lose someone you love. Amanda
hey caroln i understand cuz i have had two friends die because of guns. my other friend died last year in oct. and the other one jus recently 1in the half month ago i know how you feel when you loss someone and may god be with you and your family god bless
i know how it is when you lose a cousin i lost my cousin 2 years ago she just 15 years old she died september and her birthday was in november she was my best friend and now that shes gone my life has changed and now i try to live life to the fulest every day
i thought that this poem was very good and touching because just last week i lost my ubcle to suicide and i know that the poem didnt have to do with that but i thought it had some of the basic things that people need to hear
Nice poem and keep writing. It really shows your feelings about your cousin.
I loved your poem it really did touch me. I lost a 17 year old cousin 6 months ago tomarrow and I know how much pain it put's you through. I want to thank you because that showed me that no matter what they will always be with you.
i really love that poem because it really describe all the love that our family have for him. he died 9 months ago and his love still reminds in our heart we never really knew how it happened but God wonted him home. he lived such a shortt life but he was the best man on this earth that ever lived. i cant say anything bad about himn because he never did wrong all the children loved and also adults and if he was still here right now and something went wrong all he would say is "a family that prays together stays together"! that was his favorite quote and i will never forget that. HE WAS THE BEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED AND HE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN MY HEART! R. I. P "MOOSTY"
my cousin Aron died on the 8th june 2003!he went into hospital with aches and pains and died within 3 months. it was really hard and still is. theres so many question which we might never find the answer to. we never get over it we just eventully find a way to cope with it. your poem is really good and its really touching. its just so hard to understand why we have to go through these kind of things. just remember our departed will always look over us!
I like this poem because it reminds me of my gramma that dies a year ago from cancer. :( :( :( :(
Hi my name is Angela and i just read your poem. It is Tuesday and i lost my 3 year old cousin only this past sunday. This poem meant so much to me when i read it. I am planning on reading this poem at his funreal. Thank you so much for this inspirational and heart felt poem.
I love this poem. i can relate so much!
this poem reminded me of my cousin rikki who died on june 14, 2004 it was sad but i like it
i really think its a good poem i lost 3 cousins and miss them so much not a day goes by i dont think of them and love them more so RIP kev,steven,delean
This is a great poem. i just lost my cousin and it really does help with the loss
This poem really touched my heart! I lost a very dear cousin whose name was also Bobby to cancer.
I have lost 4 friends this year and i can relate to this it is awsome remember that he is always watching you.
I absolutely loved your poem. I recently lost my cousin to a tragic accident, she was only 20. And we're still asking why she was taken from us at such a young age. Thank you for your poem.
This poem really touching to me because 2 days ago i lost my cousin kathy in car accident I LOVE HER SO MUCH! and always will. Her and her brother where in the car when the the truck hit them ,it ran straight over them! ben(her brother my other cousin)ben is in hospital and kathy died. she was only 21 and dident desverve it!
Hey, I was really touched by your peom because jut like you I lost a cousin, just recently.
this peom touched me because about 1 week ago my little 2 yr old cousin passed away in her sleep. she was very pretty and always very happy. this poem just rememinded me not to be sad and down in the dumps but to remember that she is now in heaven,in a better place and that God will take very good care of her and love more than ever. thank you for allowing me to read that poem.
i lost my cousin jason 4 months ago in a drowning accident he died trying to save his friend. your poem was terrific and spot on jason always did have a cheeky smile i shall show your poem to his mother cheers
i think this poems really nice recently i lost my cous n i cant get over it i loved him loads and this poems reminds me ov him.
I love this poem its so sad I would give this poem a 100%
My son died Saturday here at home, maybe a drug overdose, we do not know yet,,,Evry part of your peom seemed to be written about him. except he did't say goodbye.
this touched me cause i have a cousin that means so much to me and i think that one day he will pass cause he does so much and this is a great poem and i think everyone should have a chance to read it and realize how much their family means to them. Thank you
This poem really thoughted my, I losted a couisn she was only nine at the time. And just thinking of her makes me cry.
This was a beautiful poem I just lost my 14 yr old cousin sierra a week ago this really touched my heart you are a very talented writer thank you
This poem hits close to home with me as I have just lot a cousin. This poem is GREAT!
your poem is really moving i kind of understand because i lost my cousin aswell 4 yrs ago and i cant come to terms with it im 14 n he was the same age n we grew up togetehr n it feels like he left me to do the rest of growing up your poem is really calming x. x
Great poem , you should do more im 13 and have lost around 10 friends and 5 relatives in the last 5 yrs. just this year ive lost 2 and last year i lost a cousin in a motorcycle accident he was 21 and i loved him alot . supposably , he either got hit by a bird and then swirved and didnt see a trailer go by , broke his neck and died. other people say he was being chased by the police , they hit him from behind and took off(which i think is true) it was pratically proven. hit and run what is this world coming to? and the other deaths are either cancer or car accidents or being drunk.
i was really touched by this poem because i had a cousin who died maybe a year or two ago and when i read that poem i was reminded of him and all the wonderful things people said about him. thanx lots for the poem.
i love this poem my cousin just recently passed away and thats exactly how i feel thank you for writing this it made my day!
I love this poem and it really touched be knowing that this poem can relate to the relationship that my cousin and I had before he left me.
that is a great poem, it makes me want to cry, my cousion is in irag now fighting for his family, for us, and i miss him so much* that poem makes em think of him:(
this pome is so good me and my cousin are really close right now and i don't know what i would did if she was to die! :(
I really enjoyed your poem and it really meant something to me because I have also recently lost a cousin. He was stabbed to death instead of his brother. He was 20. this poem really is amazing,
that was the best poem i have ever read it took me away
this poem made me really sad, but i loved it
This Peoms Is Great I Know Where Your Coming From And What You Went Through I Just Lost My Cousin About 3 Weeks Ago. I Miss HIm So Much It's The Hardest Thing To Go Through When Your Best Friend Dies. R. I. P Billy I Love You Cuz!
Hi, i liked ur poem i have just recently lost a cousin i am 13 and he was 18 he died in a horrible car accident because of the weather. he would prolly still b alive if he had his seatbelt on i miss him alot and i am sorry for ur loss R. I. P ROB (December 17, 2003)
Hey Carolyn I just wanted to say that i like youre poem alot that it made me cry i have a causin that bearly past away and its just to hard for me to say good-bye. well nice poem
I have suffered from a loss of a cousin also so i know how you feel. but it is a good poem.
omg i cant stop crying. i lost my cousin naomi 3 years ago tonight. and she is greatly missed by many . ur poem has bought around so many emotions . it was i think the best written poem i have read and i believe it came from ur heart thanx 4 writing sumthing i can relate to . R. I. P Nay
hi! i want to thank you for this poem because i just loss my cousin 3 months ago,and this is a good poem. it means alot. thank you god bless.
I really liked your poem, I think it was very beautiful because my cousin Gregory Scott died 5 mths ago and a day doesnt go by that i dont think about him! I want him to know I LOVE HIM and I MISS HIM more than ever! Hes the real SLIM SHADEY! Your poem made me relize crying and being mad at God wont make him come back home, I guess I just wish It did!
i think this poem is really good. i understand it because i recently just lost my cousin to and she meant so much to me. i loved her so much and miss her. no matter what i will never forget her. everyone remember not to take life for granted because you never know when its your turn to go.
My cousin Matt just died on the 17 of Oct and I'm really going to miss him this is a really good poem
i lost my cousin channing when she was just 6 years old to a desiese called vascurlites ( i cant spell it) i miss her so much. nobody understands how sad the death of a young person is untill its actually happened to them. i loved your poem. it made me relize how much i miss channing.
i like this poem alot. Last year i lost my 10 year old cousin, and this poem means something to me. Thank you!
Your poem was great, I just lost my cousin last month, June 17th, he died of melanoma, he was only 21, I was so close to im and never will forget his great smile he had, he was the greatest!
my aunt lost her son joe anthony when he was 13 your poem touched me in many different ways
I really liked your poem it kind of relates to me and how my cousin Emilee died.
I love your poem. I understand what you are/were going through. My close cousin died at age 17 about almost 2 years already. I still haven't excepted it yet and I never will. But reading your poem reminded me of him. everything did. I also have a passion for writing, but I could never but something so personal on here. But thanks for your wonderful poem. It was moving in so many ways.
thank i'am in the stuuf my died on feb. 14 2003
This poem helped me alot. I lost my brother last month he was only 3 weeks. he died right before christmas. this poem made me relize how much he meant to me. he died in december 2003
One of the best poems I've read, and probably on the most common subject there is.
This poem really means something to me because 2 years ago on Dec. 28th my cousin Cory was riding his snowmobile and was hit by a van and killed, There were many people that knew him and were sad about his death but no-one could understand all the pain and sadness that i felt i love him and miss him very much.
This poem really made me think of my best friend that died in a car accident almost 2 years ago. He really made an impact in my life and I really miss him and loved him. Rest in Peace Matt! April 1985- May 2001
My cousin died 4 months ago and this poem really makes me feel alot better. Thanks alot
I really love wht u had to day in that poem. The same exact thing happened to my cuzin too. He was every thing u said in your poem and much more.
I losted my cousin in march she was shot out in front of a resturant by her ex boyfriend she was only 24 years old and this poem reminds me of her smile its a beautiful poem.
I liked this poem. This poem remined me about my cousin that died too. And his name was Bobby too. And this is how life is. Everyone loses someone.
this poem fits my cousin to a tee see he passed away easter morning in a car weak and every time i read it. i thank about him thank you for write it.
My cousin died about 4 years ago now. This poem touched me and reminded me of her i will always miss her. She dided in a car accedent on the basin the day before she was to go to school. It was her first day of high school. We miss her. We love you janna.
I wanted to say thank you for putting this poem here because it reminds me of my lil cousin david he dies 3 yaers ago he was a stillborn baby so thank u that poem is wicked I also think you should write more poems.
This is a really good peom for somebody that has lost somebody they really love. I think that people should read this one. I recently lost a cousin at age 11 and it was really hard but this poem made me realize a few things. This is a great poem. EVERYBODY SHOULD TAKE A MINUTE AND READ IT.
my cousin died last year. April 25th 2001. tomorrow will be a year and i dunno how i can go through it. i thought that the poem was beautiful. and it explains how i feel.
I love your poem. It reminded myself of me when my cousin died and what I went through and still am cause she only died a month ago and everyday I read your poem I cry and I think of her. So thank you so much for that.
This poem was very touching and sweet. My cousin passed a couple years ago. It was hard to get over for awhile,but I know hes in a wonderful Place now! :)
this is a really good poem my cousin died also in july same as my grandmother but he died on the 1st of july and we all miss his smile and loving voice he was really bright and never seemed mad. he was always there and didn't care who he help as long as he helped someone but he died because he was drunk driving but this poem is really sweet.
I lost a cousin just as you did. He was not ill at all just some selfish doctors. God bless you and your family
I know how it is to loose a cousin and this poem truely touched me. i can't explain the pain that i come across and this poem says it all
My cousin died in a a street race with cars on friday. tomorrow i will be reading this poem and placing it in his coffin. thank you for writing it.
I really like this poem and when i read it i know exactly how that person feels i lost my 18 year old cousin last year he got hit by a van while riding his snowmoblie it just makes you wonder why such bad things happen to such good young people
I had a cousin that died. She was a beautiful girl. She was only 19. Her name was April. ur poem was really good. I am just 13. I was 12 when she died. I am a teenager trying to cope with the loss of my cousin
hello i just wanted to say u did a great job on this poem. my cousin also died. she died 3 years ago, 2 days after my b-day which was on april 1st she was only 10 years old.
this poem was so great it just made me think of my cousin cept my cousin was a girl and she did not deserve to leave this world. she was loved bye everyone.
I just wanted to say thanks because I'm going throught that same thing and this helped me get ready. Love Your Peom. Made me think of my Penny
Wow, that was really awesome! I can totally relate! My cousin just died at age 15 and me and my best friend and him were such a group. I love your poem, it reminded me of my Joe-Boy, and thank you for that. GOD BLESS
i love this cousin just died 2 weeks ago and the poem really helps me get though this hard time in my life.The person in the poem is really like my cousin.
This poem was very good. That is good that you will not forget him.
i just love this site.
Hi, My cousin died as well. She was Beautiful! She had every thing going for her.She was only 16. We are devistated, and Miss her So much! I am 14 Years old and am still trying to live my life. Thank you and i am glad that i have some one to share with!
it was a real awesome poem
This peom really touched my heart I was really close to my cousin all of his life.He did sept.8 1997 he had got killed at work and I miss him so much your poem has touched my heart and eased the pain just a little cause you said exactly what I wanted to!Thank you so much!
i lost my cousin almost6 years ago, when we were only 16 years old. he was born with a hole in his heart, and the dr. said he would not live to see his 16th birthday. we were very close growing up, and we always knew that time would come. but still after all this time i still love and miss him with each passing day. i really liked this poem, it made me smile to think of him again! thanks!
Ilike this poem because i lost my friend and it explains exactly how i feel about the situation.
i think that this poem is grate but i didnt lose a boy cousin i lost a gurl cousin and she ment a lot to me and this is sort of the same thing but the poems touched me in a lot od different ways
Thank You. This is the best written poem I have read so far on this site.
I love this poem, it reminds me of all of my loved ones that i've lost recently, especially my cousin Bill and my bestfriend Jessica
i thought that the poem was so touching. i had a cousin that died about 5 years ago, and i remember how much that hurt the family, so i just wanted to say, i can relate.
hey i know what it feels like to loose some that you love very much. great poem..
I thought this poem was a very nice poem. I had a cousin die a few years ago and it fits perfect...
very good poem.... reminds me of my cousin...