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Forever Young by Renee 'nay' Kristen Kristen

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hey i just wanted you to know that when i read your poem it reminded me of my best friend i lost him two days ago from a really bad car wreck and i understand your pain i hope you keep writing and keep your head held high!
my aunt lost her baby i was so sad when i read this it fillrd mt heart
Well I really enjoyed reading ur poem it made me cry alot cuz it remided me of a young friend I lost a couple of months ago in March 2003 she was 14 and i really miss her cuz she was really cool thanx 4 da poem keep up da good work
I just lost a frienon monday and she was very very young. She had just turned 13 on may 19. and this poem is helping me get thruogh her passing away. so i wanna say thnx to the writer/writers. So thnx.
This poem reminds me of my friend who passed away on april 26 2003 her name was Kasey, she died in a car accident . she was only 13 , good poem
your poem really touched me i lost a friend a few months ago her name was candace. it was really hard to get through when i read your poem i realized she is in a better place
I Think this poem is beutiful, i have a friend who killed himself on Valentine's Day. This poem just makes it easier. Thank you
I thought this poem was really good because it reminds me of my boyfriend that died in a train wreck in 2000 and when i can read something then think of him it makes me feel like he is still there with me!
This poem is awesome! I recently lost a friend back in May of '02 and I miss him everyday. This reminds me of all the memories I have of him. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
I just lost a friend tonight, and he was really young. 17 years old. it helped to read this poem thanx
I think this poem is really great u have a skill use it
i really liked the "there's a new angel in heaven tonight" part. my friend just died who was 14, the poem really helps.
I like Renee 'nay' Kristen Kristen poem Forever Young because she expresses her feelings very openly. I also have lost a loved one. My twin sister died last year because she committed suicide and its very hard because were not growing up together anymore. And this poem rene wrote can really help people going through the same experience of losing a loved one. -Thanks Rene
This is a good poem. I haven't lost a friend yet hoping that I will never lose one.
A Lovely and Touching poem which I am fortunate to read. I will pass this on to a friend of mine who lost her friend recently.
This pome was really good. It reminded me when my best friends cusin got hit and died. It made me want to cry. This pome i will always rember.
This poem helped me alot. I recently lost my 17 year old friend becuase of many disease (Cancer first, then Diabetes Type II, but then he died of a blockage in his lung) so this poem helpe me a lot
this poem touched deeply inside my heart. it reminds me of R&B singer Aaliyah when died in a plane crash. and it makes me feel that i have nothing to worry about because i know that she is in great hands of God.
We lost our son four years ago and have been looking for a poem that says something about his life and death - i think this is it. thankyou
the poem is so beautiful and sad.
i liked this poem a lot it touched me a lot i have lost friends and i wish i could see em again and they well be forever young
Well , you know how they say that words cannot describe what your feeling?You have changed that . About a year ago I had a friend die horifically and I have found no poem to match with what I have felt Thankyou so much , you have touched my heart in every possible way that any one could do!
This poem really touched me. My BEST friend chris died may 13th of this year in a tragic accident. He was only 17. I'll never forget him and he will always be forever young in my heart.
Just heard that an internet friend died yesterday - he was in his early 30's your poem is a help
I thought this was so good and sad
This poem touched my soul. I only wish I could express my feelings as well.