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Nobody by Maze54

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I liked this poem a lot it showed many things about myself and the way I felt when a 8 month relationship ended for me :(
This poem i rate it a five bcuz it describes me right now!
Your poem was really touching. It realates to me, because my boyfriend treats me like crap and I have no one, but reading this really makes me feel better. :)
awsome in a sad way true and very very good.
This is how I felt after my husband's affair. and still do at times. Deep inside, something is still missing. However, I believe that God will create a new love between us once again. Thank you for the beautiful poem.
That poem was very touching. It spoke to me in ways many peoms can't. I loved it, and it fits me. Thank you!
this poem touches me deaply as i have lost my love ov my life n it is true u do lose ure self love!
This poem is very touching and I feel your pain.
Thank you. Your poem summed up just how I am feeling tonight. I don't feel alone
I LOVED this poem. I really could relate to it. Tonite sucked bcuz my bf and I were getting in an argument and I went online and saw his profile ~ Expressing his feelings 4 my so~called friend. *(
omg,i love this poem. maze ur great
I love this poem. it's sad but true! I feel like this right now since i've been dumped a while ago. It hurts too! anyways i love the poem!
This poem touched me so much because for the first time in my life, I don't love myself either. I've dealt with plenty of breakups in my life, but this is the first time I can't look in the mirror and still love myself -- it's a scary thing.
Very touchy poem. I can relate to it and can feel the pain. Nicely said.
a lot of people can relate to this poem, it's beauty lies in its simplicity
I like your poem the only thing is is i relate to that totally. just never been able to write it in one of my poems i always seem to just make my poems about love and lost. maybe it;s because that is all that it really is you love someone and then it;s some how lost
I love this one. I saw myself in it when I read it.
So sad but so real.
The poems was great! Thats exaclly how i feel. love hurts so much. Some times i feel no one loves me too . But i know they do. I just want to love someone that will love me back . GREAT JOB ON THE POEM!
this is a very good poem because i know just how he feels cause i am going threw the same thing right now. All I can say is just try to keep your head up.
This is a really good poem if only it was a girl this way!
when i read your poem i cry and cry and cry cause thats how i feel right now. u knew how to put my feelings into words
The poem deserves accolades for it's touching simplicity of true, so blue! Yes, it's difficult when the panorama of dreams U've cherished for ages takes on a dark shadow of empty craving.the sweet words u've been addicted to, are lost in the ramblings of your complaining heart.and the worst part is when it's yr own self you don't trust!
I love this poem so much. When I read it, it was like you were talking about me.
I see myself Excellent
this poem speak from my mind and my empty heart, that is how i feel, lonley, empty inside,
i really liked this poem because i can realated to it and i know how it feels for no one to not love you and for no one to be there for you when you are alone and scared and i know how it feels to lose a love.
if u ever need to talk email me cause i know excatly how u feel when i read your poem i cried and cried and cried cause thats how i feel right now