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Goodbye Gramps by Melissa

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Dear Melissa, I was searching the Internet to help me find the words for my Grandads funeral this coming Thursday. I thought your poem was wonderfully heartfelt, and it gave me the inspiration I needed to write my own tribute, I am a 29-year-old personnel manager, successful and established, but this was too tough for me to do on my own. Thanks for you help. Kind regards and best wishes for your future. Claire
This is a grat poem! I think its so good because i just recently lost my grandfather and i understand your pain. After i read this poem i started crying. Great Job!
this is a great poem. It reminds me so much of my grandpa
hey. miy name is danielle and im 14. miy grandpa died. almost 2 mnths ago. i miss him so much. bc we were so close. he lived with me n miy family for almost 4 yrs. n i loved ur poem! he was everything 2 me. nd its jst so hard 2 get over the fact that hes never coming bak. bc he was only 56 wen he died of cancer. but i kno that he is in Heaven now. n a much better place. watching over me. and he will always be there wen i need him. i loved ur poem! good work!
This poem really touched me and made me feel a lot better. Today, I lost my Gramps. It's a sad day for me and this poem somewhat lifted my spirits. Thank you.
omg. your poem is really good. it touched me. my grandpa past away oct. 12,2002. and im still tryin to get over it i know exactly how u feel and how mcuh losing someone close can hurt he was only family close person that has died so its really hard to move on. i loved your poem
I really likd this poem because it touched me. I had a grandpa that died 7 years ago and I was very close to him too,but then i got over him and relized that hes in a better place and he is still with me in my heart.
this poems great it mad me cry and itmade me look back to think of my grand parents i love this poem ur a good writer
I really liked the poem. It was very touching. my grandfather passed away about 5 years ago and i was still kinda young. This year I graduated and im getting my liscence and car. and like u said he wasnt here to see it. loved the poem!
i thought this poem was nice because it relates to how im feeling thanks for sharing it!
i voted for this poem because the samething happened in my life and it almost made me cry.
this is a great poem not long ago i lost my grandfather and i was only 11 years old so he never got to see me play softball or even get mvp but i know that he would have loved to have been there and that poem he just died to early and this poem is Awesome
hey melissa, hey sorry for your loss. i am also really close to my grandpa and i know how hard it would be! well hope you are okay! much love jackie!
That is an incredible poem, but I lack a relationship with my grandpas for I never met them. what is a grandpa like?
I recently lost my grandfather and this poem really touched me. just like you. he was the first person to pass away that i was really close to. I really miss him but i have also realized that i cant turn things around. but oh i wish i could. great poem
oh my gosh, I love this poem whenm i read it I could feel tears streaming down my face. For my grandma died and i felt that know opne even knew how i felt and how much i loved her even though she was not my true grandama. I feel that in your writting this poem that i a little way we have connected. thank you
This poem is so true my grandmother is breathing on a machine right now and i am scared to death though i no where she will go and that we'll meet again its scary just to think. that she could be dead my grandfather is tryin his hardest to be strong as i am too. so this poem has definately touched me thanks! May God bless you and keep you!
aww that poem was like. really sad! but it was really good! melissa, u got talent chick! but omg it made me cry!
this poem made me cry. it is the best poem i have heard in a while. it really touched me because my grandpa died just after my 13 birthday so i know exactly what this feels like. i think that makes it stronger than just words. thank you so much
It was simple but yet had so many meanings. my grandpa passed away 3 years ago and it has been the hardest 3 years of my life. everything youo said in your poem are all the things i feel and have felt. you just found a way to put them into words. something i could never do because i thought i was the only person in this world that thought about things like that . so i thank you
my best friends grandfother died yesterday and it was just the perfect thing for her so thank you.
i am so sorry for your loss i lost my poops on christmas day 1997 @ 3:00 i won't forget that day it was really sad because me and my couisn luke were really close to my poops and we miss him so much because he won't be here to see me get married or luke and he won't be able to give me away with my dad's help.
it was great and my grandpa i love so much and i couldent think of life with out him so i think it tuch me so i just want to say soory but he will be with you forever good bye
my grandad died recently it really touched me, lovely poem.
I really liked this poem. My grandfather died 3 years ago when I was 11, and I'm still not over it. It's getting harder and harder to remember him :-( and hear his voice, but like you, he's in heaven looking over me.
i know what you are talking about because i have experienced the same thing and i am sorry for your loss.
I thought that your poem was very touching! Today I lost my poppop, and I'm still trying to face the fact that he is actually gone. He just celebrated his 80th birthday along with a wonderful holiday season. He was one of my bestfriend and we were very close! He was one of the best people in the world and I love him so dearly. Being only 14 the poen you wrote also is true to me. Alvin B. 12/9/1923 -1/4/2004
Your poem was really touching because i lost my grandpa a year ago and i miss him so much. I was really close to him i am so sorry to hear about your grandpa.
hey, I really liked your poem, I just lost my gramps October 13, 2003. Words can't even explain how much I miss him. Your poem made me realize that as long as I remember him and keep our memories in my heart he will never die! Thank you so much for writing such a great poem.
This poem really touched me because my grandpa is dying and he is the ownly one in my family that has ever been there for me and when i read your poem it makes me sad and cry im sorry about your grandpa
Cherry [G]
your poem nearly made me cry. i love it. i lost my gramps last year, and yea, it hit me hard. keep up the good job.
your poem was very touching because i lost my grandfather on July 4th, of last year and i know how it is to miss him! i miss him a lot and know exacty how you feel!
i think this poem is realy good and it has tutched me inside coz my granddad passed away not so long ago
I can relate to you with your poem. I lost my Grandad on Sunday 4th May 2003. I miss him dearly becuase my grandad and I were close and still are heart to heart. His funeral is on Monday 12th May 2003, the thing is I know that if I can I am saying goodbye to a man who was always there for his family. It hurts me so much to think he isnt going to be there
your poem is so sad when i read it i started to cry because my gramps died alittle while ago
wow. this poem hit hard. my grampa just died a year ago. it was pritty hard for me. exspecatly because i talk to him an hour before he died. you couldnm't even tell that it was his time to go. he died of a masiveheart atack. i guess it's the best way to go. they say he didn't suffer. but he'z in a better place now. and he'll watch me grad and he'll be there when i get my drivers this year. just remember. he'z alwayz there.
i can really relate to this it's hard to move on but the poet is right about what they are saying.
I love your poem. I can really relate because i lost my grandfather when i was 11 years old and he was the only grandfather i had because my peternal grandfather was killed by a drunk driver when my father was 15 years old so i never met him
I really don't know what to say, but just November of 1999 I lost my daddy, August of 2002 I lost my cousin, November of 2002 I lost my favorite auntie, now January of 2003 I loose my grandpa. I will be 18 in 6 more months. The poem is so good and right on the spot for me
HEY! this poem is exactly how i feel! i lost my grandfather in Dec. 17,99 and I was depressed! I so sorry about your grandfather! i know how you feel!
Your poem really touched me especially since my grandfather died when i was 10, I was really close to him and loved him so much! Your poem inspired me to write a poem about my grandfather also! And when I read your poem,I started crying because it reminded me of my own grandfather and how much I miss him!
This was great! I can definetely relate because I lost my grandfather about four months ago.
This poem was great. I lost my grandfather July 29th of 2002. I miss him he was a great man. He found good in everyone even if you were the wrost person. I cant realate alot to this poem. He was the first person that i lost that was close to me. but i have all our memories.
your poem made me cry. i thought your poem was beuitiful.
hey mellisa youre poem describes how l feel like all the time. I lost my grandpa when i was 5 and he was also the first person that i really cared obout that died. i thik about him all the time and wonder if he is proud of me thanks that was really good
I love your poem because it remains me of how I lost my Aunt this year on April 6,2002 it was horrible she was my best Aunt she use to understand me and always be by my side she was the best person I could ever have talk to she was great but I often thik of her and wonder why did she die, I suffer alot too because I saw how my dad was going down he was so depressed of the lost of her older sister and only one and the most lovable person of his life. After her dead I was so depresed and I wasnt eating alot I had to go to the doctor and see what to do to keep going with my life know I feel a little better, I go to visit her to live her flowers every sunday and I feel Im with her.
That was a wonderful poem. Very well written. Believe me, he'll be able to see you get all those things, in a better place, from heaven
i had tears in my eyes
I love your poem its so true. I lost my grandfather on 8/4/00. When i read it, i wanted to cry. It was wonderful!
This poem expresses what I felt when both my grandfathers died in 1997. I really like it.
I lost my grandfather to CHF in 1997. It was 12 days before my 11th b-day. I am now 16 and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. He was and still is my best friend. He will always be my hero. I love him so much. RIP Papa!
Hi, I can relate to this poem as well my grandfather died on dec 1st 2001 just 3 months before his birthday.I am now 18 in 3 days and he has been gone for awhile now and I hope that evryone that goes through this will be just fine
Hey i know how you feel i haven't lost my grandfather but someone else that i was close to died june 10,2000 and i miss him a lot it is hard to deal with losts and aspecially when you are close to them but i want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
My friend's grandfather died yesterday and I sent this poem to her- I thought it wa a really great poem! I think that this might makeher feel better.
i relate to you 100%. me and my grandpa were best friends until he died. all of my condolences and you wrote a great poem to sum everything up
This poem totally hits home. My grandpa died July 2, 2001, which is 2 days before my birthday. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. This poem is sooo good.
I loved this poem cuz my grandpa died too, im 15, and when i was younger he would watch me while my mom was at work and we were so close. This poem reminded me exactly of how i felt when he died.
this is a great poem. i really enjoyed reading it, so much i cried.
i love your poem like everyone else. my grnadfather past away also and this poem has a great relasion to what was going throgh my mind i loved it and i hope to see some more of your poems as good as this one
I love your poem! It reminds my of my grandfather! He isn't doing very well and Ithink I might read this poem at his wake!
I understand the pain this girl went through. Right now my grandpa, who I am very close to, is dying of a very rare form of cancer. He is so special to me and he only has two more weeks to live. He'll never see me graduate either; I'll be a sneior this year. For anyone who lost a loved one or is losing a loved one, just remember one thing, be strong for not only yourself but for the person who is suffering. Melissa, always remember that where-ever your grandpa is, he'll always be watching down on you.
It rocks i love my gramps and it totally relates to me !
i would like to say that i was deeply moved with the poem, i cried, because i was looking back on my memories with my grandfather who past away not long ago.
This poem meant a lot to me beacuse I lost my grandfather, June 6,1999, just two day's after your's, and he was the most important person in my life. When I read this I started to cry. Thanx for showing me I'm not alone.
i think this poem is beautifully written that it made me cry. i lost my grandad and he was the first one close to me that i had lost too.i know the feeling of hurt and pain thats invovled with loosing a loved one.this poem really moved me and i think you should become a peom writter because it is so xcellent and i encourage you too write more is beautifully expressed and written.keep up the good work!
Melissa , this poem really touched me .my grandfather died on June 4th of 1997 he was 77 and he meant the world to me he was my best friend.I know where you are coming from ..this was a great poem !
beautiful poem..i lost my grandma on 1/22/01 and i miss her to death she was 80 years old and she died from cancer :(
I lost my Grandpa 8 months ago. He was my hero and my friend. He meant the world to me and I miss him dearly. Great poem Melissa!
I LOVE your poem! my grandpa past away September 2000 and i know how you feel. I miss him so much.
good poem. although my grandfather is still with me, my mother passed away recently, dec. 5, 2000. I miss her dearly and i wish there were some way i could undo it, but i ya mom
Hey, I really liked your poem, I never got to know my grandfather and wondering how great they are is really something. I enjoyed it, keep writing!
This is a very touching poem. I liked it!!
this is a real good poem.i understand what you are feeling i lost my grandfather 05-09-00 and he was my life i loved him dearly and i miss him so much but he will always be in my heart
this was a great poem! My grandfather passed away in march and this poem really touched me!
Beautiful poem Melissa.
this poems is so awsome i lost my gramps and i feel this girls pain