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Goodbye, My Brother by Lisa

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hey lisa this poem was so awesome i think it was the best one i have eva read so sweet and so nice. have a good one
the poem inspired me because my brother was also killed
I love this poem because this happend to my brothere he died past away and i loed him we had somefight toghter but now i miss him so mush that he wont come to my life back?
This is a very nice poem. I really did like it.
Hello, Am only 15 and your poem is realy nice and I got a brother who is one year older then me and I can't stand a mind of losing him so if you lost a brother I fell bad for you and keep up with those nice poems start to write happy stuff to take that bad memory away!
I can tell that it was truly written from the heart. Pain, such as the loss of a brother is. I cannot describe. PAINFUL. No other feeling like it in the world. I, too, lost my brother to cancer 6 months ago. When he was first diagnosed, I wrote a poem (an angry poem), but I'm trying to build up my courage to enter it anywhere. Maybe I'll post it in here. My deepest sympathy.
I thought this was one of the best poems that i have ever read. Ireally liked it alot.
Only Me
That was a really good poem. My little brother died about nine years ago, but i still miss him alot.
im 14 and i thought this poem was great and many other people thought so too! i lost my grandad in 2005 and was close to him. i have two older brothers who are the best and if i ever lost any of them i would have to go too, life wouldnt be worth living otherwise and they are great to me and my sisters, one of them ecspecially is like my dad who i dont no and i thsnk all that he has done for me. your poems are great and keep them up! kerry xoxoxoxo
this is good
wow. this poem touch my heart. i also had lost one
this poem jus takes me away from my soul. i love it alot.
lis, your brother will be so proud of you. keep you head. he will alway love you
my friends brother died and i used this poem to comfort her he was in a motorcycle accident and got a blood clot and died today so isent her this poem with a few changes so thanks for wrighting it victoria
I really like ur poem i lost a lot of people but i didnt lose a sister or brother but i lost my sister dad we close he tech me everything my dad didnt tech me
i realy loved this poem it touched my heart and it reminded me of a friend of mine that is having touble with her brither right now and when i read this poem my friend came up to my mind and i thougth of that. and yes this poem is realy good!
your poem was an exellant one.
ey dat was a gud poem and sry bout ur brother . im sure he is in peace
Hey, I know exactly how you feel my brother died when i was only 6 i am now 14! I don't really remember that much of him but now i wish i knew more he was only 20 months old he drowned in my Grandmas hot tub! but yeah! i really loved your poem
This touch me because i lost a brother in a car wreck in 2003.
this is the best poem i ever heard in my life
YOUR POeM WAS VERY GOOD I WISH TO BE A POET SOMEDAY I LOVED IT! sorry to hear about your brother but you no that god is with him ,and you and your mon just stay strong. i really dont no how it is to loose a brother but i do no if i lost mine i would feel the same way= well good luck(HANG IN THERE)!
I know how it is to lose a brother. I lost my brother when he was only 15. I pray for you and hopefully you'll be praying for me.
Everything that you wrote is exactly how i felt deep down inside.
as i was reading the poem, i can't help myself thinking of my only little brother. i have three sibling , two girls and the last was a little brother. i find the poem extremely sad and i felt the loneliness of the writer. so sorry.
i really loved your poem it is great i also loved my brother and know is is gone too
Thank you for the inspiring poem. Next week marks the first anniversary of the accidental death of my only brother. He was only 32 and left behind a wife and two toddlers. I miss him so much .
your poem was really good!and it was just like my brother, it was sad, sad, sad, sad
that poem was sooo touching that it made me cry u are really brave and ur poem is meaning full
GREAT POEM! i bet GREG agrees
it was good
nice,sad but good.
lisa, First off I just want to say that your poem was amazing. I just lost my brother in a motorcycle accident this past august. He would have been 18 this November 6th. Reading your poem brought back memories of my brother and me that I thought I had forgot. Thank you for giving me those memories back.
OMG! i am sooo sorry to hear about your brother!U no my brother died in a car wreak 3 years ago, and he was only 7. Thats what made me decide to read this poem because of the title.
ehy. this poem is beautiful. I hope your brother,Greg,is in a better place now and of course,he's not alone as you are not alone. He's with you,ALWAYS =)
omg that is such a sweet poem. grreat work and sorry for the loss of your brother. luv stac.
you poem was great
I really liked your poem. I just lost my little twenty year old brother so, I can relate to your poem.
This poem is sad but great i fell sorry for you but you have a loveing heart to write a poem for you brother
i really likled this poem. i even printed it for mum to read because she lost her brother a couple of months ago from suicide.
Your poem was really good and very touching. My brother died when he was 3 yeras old and even though i didnt get to know him sometimes i think of how life would be if he was still alive. I look at his picture day and night and everytime i do i feel like crying. All of my friends have brothers and they always talk about the fun that they have with them and i cant be around people when they talk about their brothers.
lisa, my older brother died today so i know what your going threw. but alls i got to say know is that he's in a better place and always thinking about you and watching over you.
I had 3 brother and 1 sister, my mother is 85, my brother's are my very best friend's and my hero's. My sister is 7 year's older than me. She married when I was nine years old. My brother took care of me threw all my teenage year's while my mother and dad work. We lost our father in 1994, that was end of my life, I thought. Time goes by but dad nerver really left me, because I can still see him and feel him around me. Now it is 2005, this year I lost my baby brother Feb. 15th, he just went to bed and has a heat attact, I lost my brother Doug 5 monts later, he just fell over with a blood clot. Your poem remains me of them. Thank You
hay ya lisa my name is laura fairbridge im sorry to hear about ur brother he sounds like a great person. i thought ur poem was lovly it touched me and my family dearly
ey dat was a touchin poem it was gud n im sry bout ur brother it must be hard loosein sum 1 u luv . but he will always be in yo hart
This was so touching! My eyes are just watering,awesome poem!
Your poem was very moving. I had a brother that died of an illness that he had all his life. He was only 12 and i only 13. it was very hard. but your lose was probably harder.
hey your poem is really grate i have just lost some one that i was really colse to and it has only been a year since then and it is really hard but i will meet him in haven agin one day thank you so much you have helped me and thanks onece agin.
that poem is so touching it reminded me af one of my good freinds who died and we mentioned that the fingerpost crew are the best. u have a very good talent and i hope u have many more poems to write in the future love sharlene xxx
The poem was lovely and it expressed some things that reminded me of my Brother who just passed away after a short illness.
I'm sorry for your loss, this is a very sad and good poem. I lost my brother in a car accident 7 years ago, although it feels like yesterday. Your poem brought a smile to my face, because it reminded me of all the good times I shared with him. Thank You!
I love this poem. I know how the author is feeling becuase I just lost my brother in an AVT accident when he was on vacation with his wife. He was only 32 years old. It's an unfortunate way to die.
i think this poem is really it made me cry
best poem.
Very good
Lisa I am sorrry for your loss. I loved your poem. Just 8 days ago I lost matt my brother.
that was a good poem. my older brother die when he was 19 and it has just been a year now and your poem really ment something to me. it ws great
Lisa I read ur poems . your life same life me . I read your poemand cry so much Cozme also lost my Brother IN ACcsident . He die 5th Jan. 1998. his Name Is MONty live in india . I really like your peom . i read and miss my borther . thanx from amit
this poem is awesome it made me cry i have a brother his name is shawn he has been in danger or dying about 3 times but im lucky he didnt and im so sorry about your teribble loss
this poem is really good. i lost my brother on sept the 19 the worst day of my life. i really now how it feels to lose a loved one. your not alone. r. i. p
This is a very good poem it made me cry
This poem was so touching, i have a brother too, and i would be the same way if he died, best of wishes!
I love Your poem and i am so sorry about your brother i just want to let you know he is in a better place even if you and your family dont think so he watches over your family every day and just know that he still and always will love you and your family and just one day you and him will met again
i loved your poem because i lost someone who was just like a brother and i loved him like him like a brother. so i hope your grive will soon be over and life will continue for you and your family mackenzie vorce
i know how you feel about losing a loved one, i lost my little sister when i was 2. she died when she was only 5 weeks old. her name was Shayna. my mom named her after me because i spell my name Dayna and she spells hers Shayna. i dont really remember her but i remember taking her outside and just sitting with her on the porch. i had some good times with her from what i can remember. i have pictures of me and her that i look at all the time, but i dont look at them everyday because it makes me sad to know that i lost a loved one. but i know one day we will see each other again.
that poem was really great and it really touched me because i just lost my brother too!
i know what you are going throught cause my little brother had pastaway with lukima and he was just 11 years old well i liked you pome i wish i could do things like that
This poem really touched me. My brother died at 20 and i feel the pain. I right poems just like this 1 about my own brother!. I miss himm too!
i loved the poem b/c i know how it is to lose a loved one.
I thought the poem was very good. I know how it feels. My brother was killed at 20 years old by someone who fell asleep at the wheel. It never gets easier but it helps to release some emotions through oem or talking and I am so sorry for your loss
this was a very touching poem!
im srry 2 hear bout ur bro but the poem was really nice n i could c how u really cared 4 him! the poem is really touching but hes alwayz with u alwayz in ur heart!
This is a really good poem. Good job at writing it. Stay strong. Im sorry you lost Greg. He was only 33. How did he die at that age.
this poem was really good. im glad that you are being strong and getting through it.
This poem really touched me and made me cry plz make more poems like this one
it is so sad, it made me cry.
i loved this poem. my brother was in the hospitile not to long ago and i was very sad then he was my favorite sibling and i was sad all the time in school. but hes doing better now so im better. i really liked this poem and im sorry about your brother its sad to hear. bye kat
kool poem it reminds me of all the timne i had with my tio
this poem realy touched me , it reminds me of my unkle , he was pritty much like an elder brother to me , he was even old enoughf to be my brother , 19 years old , . i still cry over this poem ,l its so sad ,.
I loved your Poem! You wrote a very touching pem. Hopefully you write more.
this is such a sad poem when i read it i felt so sad i mean it touched my heart you are such a good writer i'm so sorry about your loss and i feel the same way because well i lost many people i love thanks to death well i have to go again sorry for your loss
i really love your poems well bye
This poem touched me cause just Thursday,Ilost a friend who was just like a brother to me In his earlier years when i dated his brother he and i were always together as friends. His name was Justin Loyd Billedeaux and he was my world and when i lost him i lost part of me.
Hey your poem touched my heart. my brother just tured 18 on feb. 8, 2005. he died 3 days after that on the 11 he was my only brother and now im alone in the world. i just wanted to tell u that i will allways keep you and your brother in my prayers and i hope that i can move on with my life. I LOVE YOU TYLER
Fantastic, im an 19 yr old male who never shows his emotions until i read that. it brought a tear to my eye
This is an awesome poem. It is amazing [but sad] to hear all of your stories of brothers passing in different accidents. I too lost a brother in an auto accident. It is nice to know that there are other people out there dealing with the smae thing and the fact that I am not alone.
dear lisa i just want to thank you for leting me read your poem. it melted my hart. i lost three brothers in a very short time. theres no words i could say but thank you again. sheila
This poem was realy great while drawing a tear it warmed my heart!
i really like the poem it's relly cool and that was a great poem you made up. GOOD JOB!
hey lisa u did a good job well i know how it feel cause i losed a brother to. he killed him self he was only 16. it's been only 9 months and ther's not and second, hour, or day his not in my mind. well keep up ur nice work.
i lyk this poem it really did touch my hart i lost my best friend in a accendent also rip michell
i love this poem i just lost my brother a year and 8 months ago and your poem is very touching.
i am emailing this to my poor friend who lost her brother as well. i know she will like it. i am sorry for your loss and to all those who voted back im sorry about your losses too.
This is an awsome poem I wish I was able to write one like it for my little brother who passed away almost 5 months ago. lisa
The poem you have wrote is not only inspiring but so moving. Thank you for tunging at my heart strings. 10/10
That is so beautiful. My brother died when he was a week old so I sort of know what you're going through, and yet I never really knew my brother so I guess I don't. I'll pray for you and your family. Good luck.
your poem was absolutely beautiful.
hey that was a really really good poem cuz my twin just died and i read it and i started crying cuz we were so close and ur poem was just like how close we were. love katie
This is a good poem because i lost a good frind that treated me like his brother. His name was brian and he died in a car crash 10 days after his birht day in july of 2003. He would have graduated but he died and the bad part is that the guy who drove the car and that was the cause of the accident he was in my class and i was just so mad at him.
I love your poem. I just lost my brother too on Wednesday November 3 2004. But the really bad part about that is that i never got to meat him. nobody did because he wasnt born yet. he had a twin sister. i just wish that he could of lived that way we could have our good times and bad. well any way i just wanted to let you know that your poem touched me. you are a good writer.
hey i had a brother pass a way i know how bad it hurts he deid 1 mouth from his birth day exxcated sorry i can spell i am only 14 hey what 29 he drowned 7/8/04 of this year but i ll never forget him and its hard i liked this poem and im sorry well laterzzz
I was definetly touched by your poem. I had a brother that died in a tragic car accident and I wrote a poem for him and read it at his service. My brother was only 21. I just might have to post the poem I read for him. Sorry for your loss
I read this poem the day after i heard bad news. My good friend lost his 12year old brother due to suicide. Nobody knows why and will never know. But i feel for my friend and i was looking for a good poem to give him to give him hope, as days go bye. But this poem touched me and im sure it will go on to touch others. Im sorry for your loss, I'll never know exactly what it feels like to lose someone so close, but you made it so i could relate to my friend. Touching Poem.
This poem really touched me also cuz my baby brother died when he was young and i was too. so i know how you feel. im sorry for your lost and i know how hard it is to lost someone so great to you. im 14 and i still cry myself to sleep at night and this happened when i was 2. The poem was great also! Good job!
Great job on that poem. It touched my heart.
Man what a cool poem it touched me i lost my little brother to a car accident goin on 6 weeks he died on the 21st of August 2004 and he was only 18 i'm really not taking it good but time heals all wounds and its so hard we had alot of memories and thats what gets me through a hard moment i miss him and love him so much xxxooo
hi, i losed my brother 3 years ago when i was 15. this poem makes me cry. not only did it touch my heart it also touched my mum. thank you for your great poem.
What a lovely poem Lisa, i guess i can say those frequent words to you . "i know how you feel" i lost my gorgeous brother Andy on the 30. 07. 04, he was 35 he was a daddy to two little girls, had a lovely wife, i wrote a poem for his funeral, and you know what i couldn't think of one thing to fault him, i will miss him so, thanx for reading, Debbie
I am so sorry about your lose. I lost my brother 3 weeks ago (july 19th) and I am just now dealing with it. I sure hope it gets better. Your poem was awesome and made me cry. i still am.
I think your poem was great and it touched my heart in a speacial way. I think poems like yours help people cope with the losses of their loved ones and makes them feel good about the good times they where able to share with them and not go on with life thinking about the bad times. Thank You, Shawn
i love this poem and it really touched me keep up the good work.
i also lost my little brother , at the age of 17. I really enjoyed your poem.
I feel that was a very touching poem I lost my brother september 09 2003. Your poem made me think about how close we were and I hope things get better just trust in GOD and pray. I know its hard I think about my brother everyday.
That was real deep lisa, and true to the heart. I lost my sister a few years ago and i understand how you feel. That poem was close to the heart, thanks for sharing it. God bless you and your family through the hard times. Suli xox
great poeam that made me want to cry
hi i loved ur peom ! i have just finished writing 1 for my gran that jst died so i know wat it feels like to be so close to some 1 and then loose them !
the poem really is sadenning it has emotion and it would touch everyones heart in my opinion. i compliment Lisa on her superb work. well done!
Thank you for this poem. I just lost my brother to a tragic accident and reading this poem lets me know others feel the same way as I do.
This Poem will trully touch everyone who reads it. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. The poem itself defines the love of everyone that was there who cared for your brother. He is in heaven know with God, smiling looking down on you and keeping you safe.
This really touched me, I lost my brother bout a week ago. It helps me remeber the good times we shared. He was only 37yrs old. He will always be loved never forgotten.
That poem was very touching. i wish i had the brains to write poetry. i lost my brother G. A. on April 17, 2003. he was only 23 years old. he got hit by a drunk driver while walking down the road early in the morning after his girlfriend kicked him out of his house. he was an awesome brother and always looked out for his brothers and sisters. i will never forget when i heard the news he was gone. my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. to this day i am still wishing the news wasn't true and i could hold my brother in my arms and tell him how much i love him. my daughter's 2 and a half right now. i will always tell her of her uncle. good job on the poem it was awesome and very touching
Hi, I am so sorry about your loss. :( I've never lost a person accept for my great grandpa but i barely new him seeing he died when i was 8 and we werent really close at all. He is from my dads part of the family soo u no how it is im not that close to my grandpa that lives in Ohio either! And well i didnt have a loved one lost i just can only see my dad in the summer it really stinks and i hope my new brother never dies until after i do! Im so sorry for you!:( Tonya
i think this poem is very preety i feel you because i just finish loosing my best friend which was like my brother so i get in your place i miss him too and i love him so mucho well i fell sorry for what happend to your brother
This poem was really good i have never had a brother but i have had very close friends pass and i know how hard it is
This is a very touching poem for me! I lost my little brother on December 31, 1998. He died of Leukemia when he was only 8 years old! He had the biggest heart and he never wanted us to be sad about his death, but to be happy that he was no longer in pain! I miss him VERY MUCH, and my life has forever Change! Your poem was AWESOME! I pray for you and your family!
dear lis , ur poem hase touched me though i have not lost my brother i have lost meny family members when i first read your poem i got a lump in my thout i feel like crying every time i read it i wish you my best on recovering
Hi I think that your poem was great it reminded me of my brother he was only 16 when he was killed. Everyone say's to let it go. All you have to do is leave a space between you and just think that he is there.
Very good theres grief but yet they know that they;;ll meet again. keep writing it's lovely to think of the good times
I think that your poem is awesome! My brother got killed about three years ago. Your poem really encouraged me to forget about the things we argued about, and be thankful for the time we spent together.
This is a great poem. I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my brother in a car accident this past Christmas. He was only 20 yrs old. He would have been 21 in Feb 2004. We were so close and reading this poem just floods back memories. Thanks, it is great!
This was the greatest poem i have ever read i have a brother hes 18 an i have never seen him in my life in 2 months i will be seein him for the first time i hardly talk to him on the phone an this poem has made me realize that i should try an talk to him alot more thanx for makin me realize that with this touching poem i swear it even made me cry.
i thought it was very good i had a brother die with the name greg he was only 13 so i see were you are coming from on them being missed
I like ur poem so i hope u keep on doing the great job that u are doing
this is a great poem. I was very touched by it. I too, have lossed my brother he was in an auto accident march 3rd 2003. He and I were only 14 mths apart. He died tragically. He too had a child alittle boy who died in the same auto accident. My life has been forever changed. Your poem reminded me of our bond that we had shared. Thank You I am sorry for your loss, you are in my prayers.
sad and good
this poem i send out to my brother robert it kind of hard with him not around he was always true to that black and that blue no matter what he always held his head high rip big bro i love you
I think the peom was GREAT
superb good
That touched my heart and I practically cried!
This Poem had touch me. I just lost my brother and lost another brother before that, both were young whe they died, they were very close and i had cancer when i was younger and one of my bother was there to hold my hand during hard times and it was so weird holding his hand and watching him go, i will miss both of my bothers who i loved very much, always keep your brother in your heart and memory because i won't ever forget my mind or ever let them out of mine. thanks for writing the poem, it like i said made me cry.
I am so sorry about the loss of your brother. My brother was in a car accident on Nov. 8,2003. He was in a coma until we lost him on Dec. 19,2003. It was very hard on my family and I. My brother and I have a beautiful relationship and now it's gone. The only thing now is he is watching over my family and me. My brother was only 28 years old and he left behind four children which he loved dearly! His youngest baby is only 3 months old. You will be in my prayers. God Bless you!
I thought your poem was sad. I wish I could write poems just like you. I am so sorry about losing your brother in accident.
I really like your poem. I very similar thing happened to me! My uncle died in September '02 while on vaction with his girlfriend in North Carolina! He was only 33 and I miss him soo much! Reading you poem made me feel a lot better! Thanx!
Nice poem very sad i hope dat u can find peace on earth and wit every1 around u! May peace b with al of u!
that was such a nice and sad poem! great work
This poem tuched me so much because not even a year and a half ago i lost my brother William and he died just all of a sudden cause he got shot and died not to long later.
i love this poem, it is so sweet and i love it more then i love caleb's dad
Lisa - So sorry for your loss. This poem touched my heart as I just lost my brother of a heart attack 8/03 while we were on vacation in England. He was 45.
This is a really good poem, i lost my brother in november in a car accident, and it is very hard for me and my mom, we did not find out till 3 days later that he passed away. I miss him so much and iam sorry to hear about your brother i knows its hard but keep in mind he is in a btter place sorry again
hay girl i am so sorry for the loss of your brother i dint lose one but i have two brothers and i get mad some time's cause how they play. well any ways dotn worry you will see him some were in the future
i just love this poem it is so beautiful that was real nice and i enjoyed it sorru for your loss
Lisa, iam so sorry , but i know how you feel i lost my brother in novemeber 23, 2002 he died in a car accident, it is so hard i have lost 4 people in my family in one year but i want you to know that iam sorry and your thoughts and prayers are with me
I really liked your poem. My friend Beth died. even if she wasnt my brother I still miss her very much. Your poem really touched me.
Beautiful poem Inspired me, as i'm writing for the loss of my best freind.
best poem. keep writing, u have a talent
Well i am no one to cry, but this poem made me cry alot. beatiful thats all i have to say.
I know how you feel. I lost my brother, Rana, 4 years ago. He was only 22 at the time. The hardest thing is I stood there and watched him drown. There was nothing i could do. I felt so helpless. Your poem really touched me.
Lisa, I really loved your poem, it made me think of my baby brother who was only 30 years old when I lost him back in November 2001, and it is still really hard on me. Your poem really reminded me of him. I think you are good at writing , keep it up & good luck to you .
I just wanted to say that I know what you feel. I lost my oldest brother when i was 5 and he was 20. I used to feel like he was the only one who loved me because he was the only one who spent time with me in my family. So now I still feel like no one loves me.
u roc i lved your poem becuz i have a dicieced brother aswell
I loved you poem! i lost my brother last year and he was only 22! his death was so unexpected and it hit me really hard. im still lost without him, my whole family is! you poem really inspired me. i wish i had someone in the same situation to talk to! well done!
ur poem really moved me i can relate to it completetly cause i lost my big bro last year and i miss him so and ur poem just made my eyes fill wit tears the only things that are different is that i lost my nephews and my sis in law aswell nut i can deffenetly see that u miss him so just keep strong i will be thinking about u
hi,my brother was tragically taken from me and my family when he was 4 years of age. i kept thinking why did it have to happen to me and my family. the family went through alot of pain and grieving but reading the poem and the other comments people have wriiten it has made me feel alot better even though he has been gone for 6 six years now it still seems like yesterday and i still greive about it. i just want you all to know i know how you feel.
I really liked your poem it was very sad I can relate to some of the thing that you said in your poem for I to have lost my older brother he was only 15 I miss him so much I am deeply sorry for the lose of your brother!
hello lisa wow ur a real great writer u really know what people go through it brings tears to my eyes to remeber what happened to one of my family members as well keep up the good work!
I was really inspired by this poem. You are a very good poem writer.
Lisa I really enjoyed your beautiful poem and it really made me cty b/c I lost my older brother 7 months ago in a fatal car accident I miss him dearly as you do your brother he is now 17. You will be in my prayers.
this poem really touched me. last year i lost my brother and your a realy good writer.
I love this poem for not only was it touching but made me think of how lucky i am & my bro and what i would do if he was no longer near! wishes for all those who lost their loved ones! remember u have not been forgotten!
I really liked your poem.It really touched me.I lost my brother 3 years ago and it still hurts.but your words will always remind me to look forward to seeing him in the end.It was a great poem.
Lisa, I can sympathise with you and understand how you feel. Such a touching poem that made me shed a tear. My oldest brother also named Greg passed away 11 months ago at the age of 32. Following my brother's death, my uncle passed away 1 month later and 2 months later my grandfather also named Greg. 3 deaths in one year has had a huge impact on my life.
This poems is very good. I don't know what I would do if I lost my brother.
i love your poem it was very touching. You obviously miss him bery much. This peom has been written from your heart which makes it a great poem. I write poems too and they are always better when written striaght from your heart.
Lisa- I really love your poem! I can relate to it because October 2000 my bubba died in a car wreck!(He really wasnt my real bubba,I just called him that because he was always there for me.) I know how you feel! I will keep you in my prayers!
Hey Lisa I think that the poem you wrote was just wonderful you filled my eyes with tears and I liked to just sit here and read this and not be ashamed about crying
Your poem is awesome it even brough tears to my eyes as much as i fight with my brother i couldnt bear to lose him always remember to keep strong
Simple words.. Clear meaning great feelings.. I really like it.
good job it`s a #10
I really loved your poem. I have a similar one about an older sister I lost and I think you just inspired me to submit it.
i thought that the poem was very touching and i can not tell you i know how you feel because i dont. my older brother though almost died when he was 2 years old when he got hit by a car and i could not even bare him dying. your poem was very sweet and i hope that people will look at it and make the right choice.
I felt the pain through her words- it almost bought a tear to my eye and I trully relate to this poem- only I could never express it like this writer has
I lost my brother too, from cancer, he was 24. I know how you feel. Your poem is beautiful, it made me cry, for it reminded me of him so much. Its been 7 years now, I still hurt so much, the pain is so strong i doubt it will ever go away.
hi i to had lost my brother in an accident only he was on his way to a job interview when aa eighteen wheeler hit him on the side of his motercycle he got for his birthday wich was 1 day after he died in the hospital cause of internal bleeding.even though i was only 8 i remember like it was yesterday.well i thought your poem was wonderful in many powerful ways it showed so much emotion and love.well i hope that you get my messege..thank you
Hello, I know now its hard for you You lost a loved one who ment alot too you.. I had a Brother that died too his name was David exept his death he had a deseae whom no doctor in the whole world even know how to deal with it I will pray for u
Hi, my name is jessica and i'm 14 years old. I loved your poem because i know how it feels to lose a brother. I lost my twin brother about 3 months ago to a drunk driver. It was a very painful time for me because we were very close. thank you for the poem
I really liked your poem I was touched. you have a talent in poetry good work and great poem.
Your poem is so touching and is one of the best ones i have ever read espeicially yours because it is true and very sad when you think about it.I would love reading a lowd of your poems because they are so lovely and touching.This poem is excellant!
Lisa that is a beautiful poem. I lost my brother in a tragic car crash in 1964. He was four years older than me. So I relate to your poem very much. May God keep him always in your heart.
i loved your poem, it reminded me of when i lost my brother in a car accident. thax for showing me that it's ok to grieve, and that i'm not the only one hurting.
It toched my heart
I loved it . I cried everytime I read and I printed it out and showed everybody.
I thought this poem was sad but good. It reminded me of my brother, who also died. I loved hime very much. It was a perfect example of how me and him acted. Keep up the good work.
I'm truely sorry to hear about your brother, although i just wanted to tell you that u have a lot of talent, so keep on writing! I wish you the best of luck! And i know although nothing can replace a brother, i hope in someway your life may become happier as time eases the pain. xoxo
I read your poem and it is really good..I just neded to write and tell u this
I really like this poem.It sounds like me and my bros. Is is true if it is i am really sorry
I can stongly relate to every thing in this poem. They weren't killed, but it seems that way after they were kicked out of my life forever. Reading this took me back to when they were here and the joy we had together. Now we can no longer do so for i can not see them.
I think you must have had a wonderful brother to create a poem as beautiful as this one. Unfotunatly I can relate all to well to this. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
a very touching poem
I like this poem it is really depressing
I love this poem it is so beautiful and sad but I liked it very much well gotta bounce late!!!
You are soo right.I too had a brother who died in a tragic accident,and I truly do miss him.You touched my heart with that poem.I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
This poem touched me and its so meaningful- 3 words- i love it -itll be alrite :)
i really enjoyed reading your poem in memory of your beloved brother. i am sorry for you and your family's loss. you are in my prayers. i write best when there is death near me or near someone close to me. keep writing and good luck!! valeria
What a sweet gesture - it reads like a letter left in someones suitcase...not so much a final farewell as a "we had fun, see you soon"...
This poem really touched my heart.
This poem really scared me at first because my name is Lisa and my brothers name is Greg, but it was beautifully written.
i liked it alot. my brother moved out of my house this summer and feels like he moved out my life. love my brother than words can say i really miss him. and when i read ur poem i thought about him, loosing him. i feel bad that your brother died cause i know i would be so sad. if this was a grade i would give you about 1000%
your poem was great