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This Friend by Girlie

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i thought this poem was the best id'e eva herd. It absolutly rocked!
good. i put it in my homepage.
this poem is great,its sweet. IT'S OFF THA HOOK
This poem is just realli great. No other word for it, I almost cried reading it and ended up sending it to my besty. Thanks for writin such a touchin poem. Love, Marisa.
i love this poem it reminds me of the kind of friendship i have with my friends
very good
I have sent this to my best friend in the whole world as I think she like me will be touched by the beauty and truthfulness of it.
This piece of poetry is a very understanding piece discribing the relationship between two people who have grown together through out time, even though they have not known each other for long they know that they will never find someone that will always be there for them like they did.
This poenm is such a great one! i love it to death!
i love this one it describes me and some of my gurlz
I really like your poem and I can tell you have good talent and you should keep it up and never let any one come in your way when it comes to your poems
I luv this poem, im sending it to a close frend of mine that i dont see very often, i think its perfect! thank u .
That really touched me and it ment alot. Good job.
I really love your poem! It helped me tell one of my best friends exactly how i feel about him. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more from you!
One of the hardest things is having a guy as your best friend, my best friend forever is a guy and this poems helps to see the best in a friendship and overcome what is so painful about having a guy as a bestfriend, thanks for writing this poem
This poem is really good. It reminded me of my Best Buddy, Celeste. Good job, Excellent poem, and keep up the good work.
Hey. i'm moving and i just read ur poem and i'm trying to find poems to give to my friends and if you don't mind i'll use ur poem but i'll say that you wrote it on it. keep up the good work!
hey girlie your poem is great your a really good writer your poem made me think about my best friend!
i truely loved this poem.
this is a really good poem. i really like it. It touched my heart
Me and My friends are just like that we very closer to each other and Iam glad that he it there to me by myself.
i loved your poem it was so truthful i have a friend just like that i feel that i can do any thing when i'm with them.
I loved this poem it is great it really sums up the way i feel about my best friend!
i love your poem! i wanna wish you the best of luck. keep doin what you do.
i thought this poem was written nicely and it really reminds me of me and my best friend brianna we have our arguments but always and forever we will be best friends and we now it too, or very good friends.
This poem expresses my feelings towards my best friend Rashad. Great poem!
I think this poems is a wonderfull expression of how good friends feel about eachother. And it is the way I feel for surtain friends! Thanks for writing it! greets
I really liked your poem! It was the best one i read. i sent it to my friend, she really liked it. thanks alot. Hope to hear some other good ones from you!
I love this poem. You are a great writer!
when i first read this poem it made me so sad because on of my great friends is moving. and this poem reminds me of her so so so much
i loved this poem. i hope it brings tears to my friends eyes
i just love this poem
i just loved your poem . i copied it out and gave to my very close guy friend as well. it has bought us even closer
The poem was great and you really have a eye on what friendship really is all aout. I hope I leave earth a better place for what I've done and who I've been. But to tell you the truth you've already done that with this poem =)
Whoever wrote this must have a frien like i do because i can relate to it completely. I have 2 best friends who i feel so close to and this poem jus expresses exactly how i feel. awesome poem, keep writting
i thought that was a real good poem and it was real close to things i've gone thru have u done other poetry?
i lovedthis poem it brought tears to my best friends eyes
i think that this poem is fab .it it very good. if i was to recive it from my best friend it would really touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes .IT FANTASIC!
I really loved your poem it made me think of my friend.S o true are your words.The song of the heart you speak.
this is such a nice poem.. it touched my heart.. i dedicate this poem to my friend "DREAM" thank you.
AWESOME POEM made me realize a lot!
hi i just wanted to say that i was meant to be doing my english anthonlogy on poetry and i thought your poem was great and its very original and also tells the truth i think your poem is great ang you are a natraul
nice poems
This poem really touched me cos everything said in this poem is exactly the way i feel about one of my best friends called laura!
your poem was awsome andI liked it alot it discribes perfectly a friend i have and vow to never loose
This is a beautiful poem, it reminded me of one of my friends and it brought back the poetic side of me. Thanx alot! to you luv me :)
I think your poem is very good. It me tell a male friend of mine how I feel about him ..THANKS
This poem really touched me!
I thought this poem was really beautiful.
It definately shows a true friend and it shows appreciation from a friend who has been there for her and I think the way she expressed the way she felt was excellent.
great poem!!
Hi! I just wanted to tell you that your poem was one of the best that I have heard in a long time! It really impacted me. I am 15 years old, and if you would like to e-mail me please do! Thank you for letting me read your poem.
i think this poem is so great and so true for my friend.
Great Poem!