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No Answers by Cara Marie

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Hey, that was a really good poem and it explains excatly how i feel. Me and my boyfriend were log distance about 45min away and after 11months he couldn't handle it anymore and he broke up with and now is going out with someone new. That poem really touched me, it was REALLY good.
this is one of the best poems i have ever read. and the funny thing abolut it is that just happened to me. i lost two of the best people in my life. my grandpa and my love, mallory. and this poem helped me out the very first time i read it. so thank you and continue the good work.
this is such a cool poem i loved it keep the poetry going
this poem you wrote is very good. you know i thought i was the only one in this world who was going through this now i see that im not. wish you and everyone going through this pain and situation luck. thanks again
oh that poem was so sad, but I must say that it is very true. but in the time of pain there will always be a silver liining in your dark cloud so keep up the hope
This poem is real cool and i understand my g/f broke up with me cause she didnt get to see me often but i love her
I thought this was a really great poem. Iam going through the same thing and it really hurts. This particular guy is my 1st true love and know it's all over, just because it was long distant
This poem is tight. It is so deep. It explains so many details about a love that wont love back anymore or that wont feel anything for you again. Also, it leaves you wondering if you will ever be whole again.
this poem is so true! i lost someone i loved i couldn't do anything about it!
Thsi poem is great. I felt like this. But I got back together with my baby. Me and him are great together. We learned that love can go. But it has to cxome back. It will come back sooner or later and it'll be way between then the one before.
I loved the poem it fits with this guy casey who i am trying to snag but i'm to scared to start over again with love.
thanks 4 this poem i was crying because of it it just reminded me of my ex dale we live so far away, we had 2 split up i really did love him
I don't know what to say your poem is deep! Your poem is beautiful! Your poem reminds me so much of my situation! Keep writing your poems, your poem touched me and i feel it will touch alot more people in the future! Hope everything works out for you! Everything happens for a reason! Good luck in the fuure!
Wow! this poem hit hard. A guy I knew four years ago came home(here) for the summer, we hooked up things happened and made a promise to make things work out. The week after he left we talked on the phone. I attempted to send a letter but the letter was returned, We never offically broke it off, but because we aren't talking I consider it over. In my mind I wanna know why? I'm gunna send him this poem. It tells exactly how things happened
This is truelly a beautiful poem, it is put together with so much feeling. I can understand were you are coming from, I'm at that stage myself. We can all relate to this poem and feelings because we have all been there at one point or another. Keep up the excellent work!
This was definitely great poem.absolutely touching
WOW! I am in the exact situation and know exactly how you feel. Even though it has been a long time i still find it hard to move on. He ripped my heart out when he told me he had feelings for someone else. I tried my best to write a good poem like this, but i must say mine is nothing like yours.. I really do love it..and its good to know i am not the only person out there who is in the same situation. GREAT POEM!
best poem i've read in a long time
your poem really talks to people going through exactly what you did. Keep writing things will get better, they always do.
I enjoyed reading your poem very much, what you say is so true. im 16 and love to wrte poems ans liked yours very much! :)
It is a very nice poem. And know how it feels like to lose someone you really love. But i met someone new.You will to find love again. Good luck. lovies karen
this poem that i read...i feel the same way right ex broke up with me and she is with someone else...i still dont know hwy she did it...i live in wisconsin and she in florida..i moved here and had to go away from parents made me.. she said she would love me forever..but that oviously didnt heppen... it hurt me so bad..i wanted to die..the love of my life had gone out of my life...when i read your poem i knew i wasnt the only one that this has happend to...i loved your poem...and i thankyou for writing it...