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Love by Anna Gillis

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This made me cry because love isnt always what it seems to be when you first get married things change even after just a year!
I like this poem beacuse it tells abountme and my boyfrined
An intelligent poem, struck me where I am right now.
This poem really really touched me...It means so much to me, Thank you for putting to words, What I am thinking!
I truly agree with this poem... easy to say but they never wanted to do what they say...
I loved your poem. You have a great way of expressing your feelings.
This POEM was nice, i like it alot, cause one must learn to show there true feelings, and not FAKE , thus, i think that if one heart permits that he really love someone else then say it, but if he/she doesnt then dont say it unless it is true,.,, nice POEM>>..congrats :)
for days i was unable to find the exact words. thnx anna
Loved your poem.Some many men make promise they can't keep.
This poem is one of my favourites so far, as it speaks exactly of my own experiences, therefore touches that empty space within my heart.
I love your poem, even though i dont believe a thing such as love exists, at least TRUE love! but oh well incredibly beautiful!! Love, Cassie
This poem filled my heart with reality. And it was sad but at the sametime helped me relalize my love was true.
I totally identified with this poem. I loved it.
you poem was realy great...easy to identify to.
I really enjoyed your poem. This is one of the few poems I can truelly relate to. My boyfriend, well ex told me the exact same things. We were together 8 long months, off and on for 2 1/2 years. I thought we were meant to be and he promised that he loved me and would never leave me and that he never has and never will cheat on me. At one time I almost believed everything he told me. I guess it's true what they say, "Almost doesn't count."
I really love this poem! I started crying right after I read it. My girl-friend just broke up with me and I feel just as what is says in the poem :(