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Missing Grandma by Tara

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Is a real good poem i love it you should continue on.
carmella ferringo died november 21, 2003 of Alzheimer's Disease. she was my grandmom and she didnt even know my name, she thought i was a girl that lived down the street, she always asked me how my grandmother was. it broke my heart. she was MY grandmom, i took care of her, through the whole deteriation process. i watched her mind slip away. it was so hard, i feel your pain, i know how it is, having someone you love soo much forget you. im sorry about your grandmom, but she loved you, cause i know mine did. great poem, made my cry.
This poem make me think back to my grandad who by the end of his life did not remember me either. Thank you for helping me remember him.
My grandmother passed on April 22, 2003 due to same illness. I was moved by this poem
That was so touching. made me think of mine thou she didnt have that she was killed in a car accident 2 years ago today I miss her so much
i really liked the poem i lost my grandmother a few years ago and i still miss her very much. it reminds me of her.
Dear Tara, My story is very similar to your own. My grandma passed away yesterday, after her 17 year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. I am 20 this year, which makes making a speech at her memorial very difficult because I was so young when she was still "Gommie". Most of what I remember is what you write in your poem, her stages of deteriation. I found myself searching my room tonight for anything I have left of her (mostly looking for a memory/picture) and I came up empty handed. For every milestone in my 20 years, she has missed. This disease robbed me and my family of a wonderful woman, and even more so robbed a wonderful woman 17 years of life and her family. I lost my "Gommie" many years ago, and her poor body has been with us so long. When she finally left us. she finally could sleep. Thank you Tara, and good luck to you and your family. And remember she is always with you.
This poem touched me because it show you still feel very strong about her even though she has passed away but you still know that she loved you.
I really loved the poem, it touched my heart. It reminds me so much of my grandmother. Tara, you are a great writer. I hope I can see more of your poems. Thanks for giving to the world.
Hi, I am 29 and I totally understand your emotion's here. I enjoyed the poem & think it's beautiful, but sweetie. always remember that your grandparents are in there, this is just them reverting back to their childlike ways as they once were before you knew them when they were very small & pehaps even the baby stages. Remember they can hear you when you talk to them, they understand what you're saying, but they have no way to tell you this. and yes, they still love you with their whole heart above all. I know all this because I cared for my grandma & grandad through their Alzheimer's days and truely I would not trade it. Some of my fondest memories is those times. Also remember by writing this about her, You are keeping her memory alive as she was. Best wishes & keep your chin up. it will be ok.
Tara, Thank you for writing this poem. I was looking things up to bring to my grandmothers wake. I am 18 years old and lost my grandmother to cancer today. It has been very very hard on my family and this poem just made me smile today. I am glad that you took the time to write it. Its been the only thing i can smile about all day. Thanks again
this poem is very sad and i really liked it because i feel so sad about my grandparents living so far away from me and they havent heard me say I LOVE U to them.
Your words really moved me.
I think that peom was great, it brougth tears to my eyes. I too as you have a grandmother that has alzheimer and its hard to think that a special person like that in your life doesn't remember you or ya'lls special times together. but you know deep deep down in their hearts they do remember. and they will cherish them forever.
This is a very touching poem. My grandmother also had alzehiemers disease. And she passed on not remember who her family was. I hope that she knew that we were with her til her last breath. I hope that she remembers that we loved her. Thank you for this wonderful poem.
i have a grandma who has Alzheimer's and when i read this poem it made me cry, becouse it brought back all the meores i have with my grandma and it made me relize how much i relly miss my grandma
I was looking for a poem for my grandma's memorial service & came upon this. I love it. Though my grandma didn't have Alzheimer's disease, your thoughts touched my heart greatly. She passed away 8-13-03. I miss her unbelievably! Thank you
My grandma was recently diagnosed with cancer. It is brain cancer and I can relate to every single word you said in your poem, I never thought I would find someone who felt the same way I did. (I'm 13)
I'm a grandma and I often wonder what my grandchildren will remember about me. This is a very poignant poem which give me much to think about. Thank you for your sensitivity, too bad your grandma can't share it with you
I'm a grandma and I often wonder what about my relationship with my wonderful grandchildren will be remembered when I am no longer here. Never having had an accessible grandma, I'm not too sure what is important other than love and Tara obviously responded to the love her grandmother gave her. I was very moved and felt the poem was particularly poignant.
i love your poem cuz i lost my ranma in 2001 who has been in my life since the day i was born but now is gone this poem really made me cry my heart out thanks for letting my tars come out of something sad
it was a poem that made me think how lucky we are to have family in our life. sometimes people take people for granted but when they are gone we miss them
This poem really touched me. I know what it's like. I am only in high school and my grandmother passed away around christmas time of my 8th grade year from alzheimer's but she was gone years before that, she lost memories long before she died but it was so horrible to see he there, not able to even eat.
It was a wonderful poem and I too am going through the same thing. IM SO SORRY
This is a very beautiful poem that touched me personally. My Grandmother had Alzhiemer's Disease also. She passed away in 1997. She was diagnosed in 1996 and her progression of the disease was rapid. My mother and I took care of her at home as long as we could, so I know exactly how it feels to watch a wonderful woman regress back to childhood. I know the pain of your grandmother not remembering your name, or who you are. I just always remembered that she loved me when she was well, so she had to also love me while she was sick because you can't just stop loving someone. Thank you for your poem, and hold on to those beautiful memories of who your grandmother really is inside.
i really like your poem my grandmother recently died in july and i really miss her and through her last days she didn't know who i was but now i know she is in a better place and she is looking down on me. but remember your grandma is still here and you need to be with her as much as you can cause you never know when she will leave you. i found that out too late.
this pomes is every sweet and it is something that made me want to spend more time with my grandma.
WONDERFUL! My step father is dealing with his mother's recently diagnosed Alzheimer's. His daughters are having a rough time. So I sent this to them.
I thought this was a great Poem! It reminds me of my grandma when she passed away when I was 5 and when my other grandma passed away when I was 2 months old too!
I cried when I read this poem. I lost my grandma when I was 12, and 13 years later, I still miss her.
The poem is good. It tells of a person missing their grandmother. There are different ways of missing somebody. One is when somebody dies. Another is when they are there but they don't recognize you. It is as if a stranger is on that bed instead. I believe that is what the second poem is about. Even though your grandmother doesn't always recognize you she still loves you very much. Diseases can take away many things, but they cannot take away the love you share with each other
when i read this poem it brougt a tear to my eye. it brought back al the memories of my grandma and me when she was stil living,
It's an excellent poem, I just about cried, because my grandmother died this past april of cancer.