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Think by Alana

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Everyone should follow this poem. It teaches a good lesson. Some things you say may be funny, but think if it was you in their shoes. How would you feel. This poem says a lot towards the was people should act. I agree with it completely
Alana,its really true. we really dont think. but i'm sure u must've opened eyes of atleast a few people. good work!
I love this poem. My family members do the same thing. They say things to me that they have no idea hurt me without knowing how horrible things go for me and how i feel just because i dont tell people. I loved this poem
This poem i can totally relate to, b/c i most the time dont think about what others are going through and i've just blurted out my problems. there are other people out there who have bigger problems than i do and i've relized that. so now when i have just a little problem i let go and deal with whatever it is that has got me worked up. good job and keep up the great work!
I think this poem is great. cause somtimes you just dont know. Even though I'm a polar oppoiste of this poem I wish I could be more like that. and not say what is on my mind. A lot of my friends get hurt like that and I dont mean it.
This poem is so true My best friend just transfered to a differnt school because everyone didnt like him People just cant realize what there saying and just go off dissing everybody. Not knowing that it really hurts. My best friend was so hurt and i really feel for him
This poem is such a 'true-to-life' piece of writing. It has really mad me think about the way I treat others, and also the way in which others treat me. The poem can work from both points of view. Thank you!
This was such a true poem. I could totally relate to it! good job!
hi, you are so right! That's exactly what I always think about. People judge others without knowing what's goin on, & without knowning them. that is so wrong. I think before anyone should make any comments about others, that might be hurtful, they should first find out who they really are. I wish everyone could have your point of view, than less people would get hurt.
Very very true, thinking is one of the most important elements that keep us close to those we love, thanks for putting ur thoughts in this poem, I loved it!
I like the poem you wrote and I understand what your trying to say because Im those kind of persons that say what I think but My opinion is that sometimes is better to say what you think because if you dont that means that your being an hipocrate and your also hurting the person because your not telling them te thruth of what you really think.
Your sorta has something to do with how I am, I always say what's on my mind the minute its there. They call me Streight up Dee, but after reading your poem I guess it changes things a little,thanks.
I'd just like to say , i thought your poem was great. Many people can relate it to troubles in there life. I have a friend who's only 15, suffering from anorexia, and this poem is exactly was i feel. thanx heaps:)
that poem is soo cool. and so true. i said something one time and that person wasnt able to heal and they left me. i guess i should of read this poem b4 i told my friend. cuz if i didnt tell then maybe we would still be friends. but ill never know. but this is a really great poem. keep on writing
very true poem!
I could relate to this poem, cuz people should think before they say anything, cuz certain feelings and thought you should keep to yourself! :)
I want to thank you for writing this wonderful poem. I just wish everyone on the world could read it and understand the message. My father is one of those people who doesn't understand, and sometimes I feel like I can't heal but you help. Thankies.
I think that was a very good poem. You is very right that what sompeople need to do is think .
Your poem says exactly how I am. I can be a very honest person. And I wish that I wasn't soooo honest. But if I don't say what I feel then I just feel like I am going to blow up. And I know the consequences of it all. But, well, your poem just sort of
you make good poems just as i figured you would. well see you later.
your words were all so true. I could understand what you were saying. I enjoyed this very much. You might not know me but you sure did right what i was feeling down. Even if you never find out who i am, I can say i know you, even with those few lines. THANK YOU!