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My Love by Missy Anderson

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very nice and romantic :)
I think this a really good piece of work and i know what it is like coz i have been in a very similar position! Now i just try to stick to real life!
This poem by Missy is very moving and I can relate to it from my own net romance experience
i feel the same way
a trully inspiring poem. it really mad me look good
oh missy, i do know how you feel, i think what happened to you is going to happen to me. it is so scary, so final my heart knows very deeply how u feel.
I really liked this poem. It is so contemporary, and it shows how people can sometimes fall in love with a person who is on the other side of the screen
that is very good missy
This work really has caught the feeling well. the work dris emotion and I like it a lot
this is a very very good poem!
I thought it was very good because you are showing ppl what you are feeling and that is the only way to get thing off your mid and it work. I know because I do it but my work is not out there yet. You are very good at it
i think that your work is really good and i want to say that i have been in the same position im there for you