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Until There Was You by Steve

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steve, you couldn't have put my thoughts in words a better way.i hope you find all the happiness in the world with your loved one. my best wishes to you both.
For someone who does not consider himself a writer or a poet, he has put to words what I feel in my heart about the love of my life. For that I applaud him and will gladly call him a "poet!"
This poem is truly beautiful. It is something that I would not mind sharing with a special someone or just my friends. I give the poem a 10. And to the author: GREAT JOB!
I loved this poem! Keep Writing from the heart it works for you! I would give you a 10 on this poem.
simply, i just felt that i'm really in a space jurney space it got very nice imagination
This is a very sweet poem. Its exactlly how I feel about my boyfriend.
I was really interested in this poem. I think this poet could be a really good poet.