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My City by Buster

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I understand this completely
This poem describes absolutely everthing that I am going through.
This story/poem is great. I love the ongoing metaphore, very well integrated. It has a nice flow.
Great story or poem. I was in a real prison and have meet a woman whos hardened heart has walls built around her. Your story really hit home with me.
For a moment I thought you were writing about myself. for 4 years I had locked myself away from the world. from the excitement of the world. then a visitor from usa turned up unexpected. and , having come all that way to see me, I couldn't keep my door closed. I let him in. and now I am reborn again. he has re-opened my eyes and I can return to the real world again after 4 years in my self-imposed prison. Thank you so much Robert. This poem says it all for me Thank you Buster
I had to print this poem sorry poetic story because i thought it was interesting and you could tell alot of thought had been put into it. So to the writer i think its truely great x
i have never read something so true to heart, if u would only show her this, hers will be sure to come down!
i loved your story so much. im in a similar situation and it went straight to my heart.i think the author is very talented.
broke my heart with ur lovely poem.hope ur lady melts and breaks the walls shes built around her when she reads this
This poem was awesome. I can relate to it in so many ways. keep it up.
beautiful, and a perfect description of my current situation:(
This has got to be one of the most moving poems I have read in a while. It is exactly what I am going through and it brought me to tears. A masterpiece.
My all time favourite poem! I read this poem over and over and over.. I love it!
your writing is so honest, so true. it is beautiful. i was touched deeply by your words. thank you.
This is a poem that i can relate very much to.It was great to read but also made me feel sad
This is a really touching story.
FANTASTIC,this poem really hit home .i enjoyed it very much,one of the best .good luck to you.
well,i have my walls but i dont know how long can it stand when i am slowly being drifted in the blackhole of love.Love you tin! dis is a very nice poem.
This was so great ~ have been there & done the wall thing myself & this really hit home. Hang in there as one day someone will come along & the walls will fall & stay down.
Many people are experience this type of feeling in todays society. I love this poem
This poem is a work of art !
i had been in this city, with high walls built all around. one day, just so suddenly, he appeared and slowly.. somehow.. someway.he brought me out of this horrid city i had been in. all was fine, i had never been so happy.till the day that i realize.i've been locked out of HIS city. now i feel miserable.why?
What you wrote touched my heart. I could relate. We only live once, you need to let those feelings out. You should defenately show her what you wrote. No woman could resist such a thing :)
I immediately printed this poem to show my boyfriend. I've lived this life, I know what you're going through, Buster. Luckily for me, mine did have those feelings for me. He's waited so patiently outside the walls of my heart for them to come down. I'm so glad he did! Thank you for such a beautiful poem.
This describes my situation exactly, thanks for the words to explain it.
This poem has been written from the heart and discribes most of our feelings through and through. Very well done! Bravo
I understand completely what you are feeling right now. I too have been through that same situation. I had walls built around me from past relationships and so did he. He lives in another state now but, we still talk at least once a month. Like you I would wait forever on that one person. It's been almost a year and a half since he lefted but, i saw him about a month ago. It was as if he never left. I try to tell him how i feel but, he never responses. I guess I just wanted to tell you to never give up on that person. You will only find one person in your lifetime that will make you feel like you are not complete with out them. I have found that one and I am going to wait intil the day he says that he loves and wants me too. Don't give up the time that you talk to her, it only builds a better friendship and the best lovers come from friendships. She will sooner or later realize that you are the one. I hope that she does anyways. Good luck! And don't g! ive up. If you do you'll be giving up a life time of happiness.
i've lived in that city and someone tried to get i hope he doesn't stop visiting....i love your poem i can relate to it..keep up the good work!
this story is marvelous i dont kNow you but i"m experiencing the same tHing right now can you please mail me a copy of this story tip carter 203 bradby ln. aiken s.c. 29801 pleaSE! YOU WILL BE RECONIZED THANKS TO YOU I HAVE FOUND MY SELF
This is a really great story. I think that just about everyone has had this feeling before, and to describe it in this sort or way really helps to inderstand it to the fullest and to understand yourself better.
All I can say is Wowzerz!!
Nothing could touch lifes if it's not from the heart! It's every heartbeat of your life that you feel about love 4 her. Life is short, treasure it with someone special..don't wait for hope 2 after it!
I can actually see her walls from where I sit, so still I wait amidst my ruins. thanks for the words.
I love this poem, I think that it was written as if my heart wrote it. Wow, incredible is all I have left to say. I sent it to a friend maybe he can see what he is dealing with
I know the feelin Buster I'm there to. Great poem.
I liked the way you have portrayed your feelings. This happens to be a story of an introvert person who discovers that he has fallen in love. It is sad that the wayside traveller can only show the way to the city of joy but not the way to get inside it.
I have done the same thing with my life except I will not allow the walls to come completely down
I think everyone, at one time in their life, can relate to this poem (story). I loved it and Buster Good Luck and don't get discouraged--there's someone out there for everyone. Keep writing.
This poem is very creative and emotional
this is a great poem and i am really looking forward to it being promoted to the top ten thank u
excelent hit home in my life.
Buster, I loved your was absolutely the best I read on this site...maybe because it wasn't really a poem yet had a perfect flow about it. Sent it to a friend of mine...the first part is about him, but the second is about me...because he became afraid and rebuilt the walls...and now I wait outside, hoping to be let back in. Show it to your friend.
Buster, I completely relate to this poem. It was like you wrote it just for me. I even had to read it to my friend over his voice mail to see if maybe he would finally understand. I have known him for three years and I have never fell in love and opened up to someone the way I have to him, unfortunely, he is still stuck in "his city", the city where I used to be. That was an excellent poem, thanks I could have said it better myself.
This poem was very moving. It reminds me when I first realized that my best friend was the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I feel for you buster and wish the best in life and love. Just keep being a friend and the walls will come down one day
I've never read a poem that made me cry! I love it!
A beautiful poetic piece that speaks to the very soul. Very moving.
Great poem..and the feeling is in all persons..some just do not know it..Thank you for the light you shared with me
I love it :) Thanks!
love this poem
Today when I read this poem, I have to admit I cried, it was close to home! I hope the author contiues to write additional ones!!
It's a poem I can relate too... Scary coinincedence
This poem I can very much relate to. I sent it to my girlfriend and she said she almost started to cry because it is exactly what we are going through. Thanks.
This poem touch a place in my heart.
This peom was excellently written and the smybolism is incredible. I was deeply moved.
what a beautiful made my heart both happy and sad. thank you.
One of the greatest poems. It spoke right to my heart
Buster, such a wonderful tale. Like so many others, I feel it was written for me. My best friend quickly and suddenly pulled me from behind my walls, let tehm crumble, and even showed me the beauty of her city before shutting the gateway. Now, after more than a year, your piece helped me share my feelings with her. If you get the chance, do the same, you may just get the surprise of your life.
It was a very touching poem. All too often in my lifetime have I felt this way,never to let them know my true feelings. It hit home,my friend. You're a very gifted writer.
This is an awesome poetic story. It describes my feelings and experience down to the T. I am in the exact situation and this story has touched me like no other. I can't begin to describe the oneness I feel with the author.
this a really great poem and it is really touching also...thanx for sharing this spectacular poem with the whole world...
i have lived in such a city and now wait outside another waiting to be welcomed.
What is so great about your poem is I had a wonderful oyfriend named Buster.My girls use to call him buzzy.He new how to but everything together.You are a wonderful person for writing this poem.Please share with your friend!