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My Angels by Francisco Zenteno

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I really can relate to this poem.It is how I feel bout my friends Simone and Allison!
i love ya poem. keep up the good work
HI WOW! That poem is well written and realates to me and my 2 best friends! THey are my angels! I was lookin for a poem I could send to my 2 best friends and when I read this one i knew it was it. Very well written!
hey Francisco , I think that this poem is wicked, it relates to things that have happened to me in the passed...and reminds me...of my god sister that killed her self. I think this poem is excellent.
This is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean.
Wonderful!I love it!Many friends are angels for me!
I reallie like that poem. It also represents me. Because i also have two friends i cherish.
this was a very moving poem i have 2 best friends and this is what i have been trying to say to them but didn't know how
I cried. My friends cried. We ALL cried!
This Poem really brought out my appreciation for angels
Would be nice if it applied to anyone, but can be easily modified. Wonderful thought.
IT WAS GREAT i liked it
This poem is sweet and it reminds me of how I feel about my friends and how I will always love them like sisters.
it was very very very good! :)
I really loved this poem!! It was so good, i'm using it in my poetry notebook for english class. This poem really made me think of 2 of my friends
i love this poem so much i sent it to one of my friends
God, this poem was so touching. when i read it i felt like the poet knew exactly how i felt about my best friend, julie. Fransisco Zenteno keep on writing cause you've got talent!
It was very good! I like poems that rhyme and although i only have ONE best friend I know exactly how she feels!
your cool keep it up
hey, i really liked your poem. i really like to read poems and shered it with my friends. thanks
This poem was great and i bet the friends this poem was for really loved it and i would love it if one of my friends wrote this to me but me and my friends are not that poetic so we just get poems out of books and off the net and give to each other. But i really enjoyed reading this poem and i belive the writter should keep on writting because she/he are really good writters. seeya
well i lied it because i could really relate to what they where saying!
this is a very sad, yet, wonderful poem. it really means friendship.