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Thank You by Rose

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I loved this poem. It touched me deeply. I too felt this way but for my husband who let me grow and heal and learn of love as he waited gently and lovingly.
there are no words :) the poem says it all thank you
Rose, I'd like to thank you firstly for having the openness to submit that poem. It was beautiful. I have a special friend of mine, whom I can relate that poem to. Although she is not my 'therapist' as such, she is as close as you get to it. Thank you for giving me the chance to thank her for listening
Lovely poem, words spoken from the heart. How wonderful that there is someone who has been there to help.
This poem really touched my heart. I too have a therapist who mean's a lot to me. She has stuck by my side for many years and helped me to see the real reason for life. I AM GOOD!
great this really touched home
This poem really touched me! I'm a really sensitive girl! Tiny things can really get to me! My friends are alwayz there to calm me down or make me feel better! Your poem really captured the feelings and all that other stuff! GREAT POEM!
I really did like this poem it touched my heart dearly.. I can really relate to this poem
sounded like it came from your heart and brought a tear to my eye.
This poem is amazing it reminds me of my bestfriend chris
iz a good poem dat peepz can relate to..
Not a poem I have to send as I havent had such sadness as I can feel from this poem, but the words were so good, they made me cry! Keep writing!
GReat job... keep up the good work...
In this moment of my life I appreciate this poem that encourage me to figth to enjoy every moment , every day just thanks
Thank you, Rose! I sent this to a girl who has helped me in a lot of ways.
I loved this poem. What I couldn't say to someone this poem let me. Thank you
Great Poem!
My Heart was touched
really true to the core
This poem is beautiful. It said all the things that I wanted to tell my best friend who listens with a tender ears! God bless you writing that poem!
Its one of the best poems I have ever read..really.incredible beautiful.its also express my feelings.