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Leaving by Robert Elliott

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i really love this poem. im moving from japan 2 massachushitz. anywayz. Bye
I am leaving my form that I have known for 3 yrs and this poem touched everyone of us when we read it. Thank you for realiseing what we were feeling in our hearts
I found this poem to be amazing! I'm going to use it in my graduation speech. don't worry-I'll site the author LOL!
this poem is perfect for the situation me and my best friend are going through. Because I am moving and we were neighbors for 5 years. On a scale from 1-10, I'd give this poem a 10!
This poem is amazing, which is an understatment. It makes me realize that friends are forever but circumstances are ever changing.
i'm getting ready to graduate in a few months and this poem really caught my heart.
I really love this poem because i just moved from wisconsin to nevada. it was a really big change for me it was really hard i cried everyday for like a month and your poem really touched me. THANX!
I am leaving the school that i have been at for 2 years and i will be leaving a lot of wonderful friends behind and this poem relates to me so much! Thank you!
what an excellent poem. it touched me so much i even had to cry! I hope to read more of your poems!
his is such a true poem it is soo coll i am copying it and forwarding to all my friends
your poems abot friendship are lovely!1
Wow! That's an awesome poem it's so emotional and filled with lot's of truth. I was looking for a poem to describe the way I was feeling about my friend leaving me to go on with her life and this just hits the spot perfectly. You have an awesome talent so continue to write!
High school was a very good experience for me. I met new people who i care deeply about when i graduated this year my bestfriend moved to Texas and i probably will never see her again. Your poem was beautiful and expressed exactly what i felt. thank you .
This poem is just what I was looking for! It tells her exactly what I wanted to say, and hopefully it will make her cry! It made me cry!
this poem is excellent, one of my best friends just left yesterday, and it was so hard to say goodbye! we've only known eachother for a year, but she's like my sister and i'm really going to miss her.
Omg! I loove this poem! It relates to me soo much . the poem is awsome! THE POET IS AWSOME!
sNoW wHiTe
hey i read this poem just now and i thought about my best friend lyn-Z who is moving on saturday (april 11th) and it brought a tear to my eye and i really dont want her to leave, we been friends since we were in pampers and its gonna be hard not seeing her everyday. :( but thanx 4 writing this poem it helped me out somewhat
I thought that your poem was great. I really liked it. I'm feeling the same way because my best friend is getting ready to go off to college.
I loved this poem. I am going though the same thing. My best friend is getting ready to go to college. I know I will miss her and I hope that we can keep in touch. Your poem was the bomb.
it is really tuching
I think this poem has truth in it, I travel alot because of my dad, at first it was painful to travel that mucha, but all the friends and people I met made me understand that I wasn't going away, I was leaving part of me there
hey ur poem was really great! and i know exactly how it is! i have moved at the end of each school year since i left 7th grade and now i am going to the 10th. and my bestfriend moved away in 6th grade so i know it isnt easy being on either side of the equation. keep the poetry comin!
that was a great poem! one of my really close friends is moving away and I really like the poem! Keep writing!
I absolutely love this poem. It is a complete description of what I would want to say, but I wouldn't know where to start in wording it so well. I want to read this poem at my graduation this year.
I really liked your poem. Keep up the good poems you are writing. Good luck.
this poem really touched me, i just met a girl half way through the year in my spanish class, and we have grown soo close, she is a senior im a sophomore, it is gonna be tuff to say goodbye!
you write really great poems
This is the best poem! I've made two good friens whom i consider sisters. they're both going off to college this year. (one for the first time, the other for a graduate's degree). this totally describes this! *tear*
this poem really decribed how i felt since ny friend is moving to germany. i read it to her in the phone and we both started crying! awesome is all i can say.
that was a very sweet poem. i can relate to that poem a lot. one of my best friends named monica is about to move out of town. i sent the poem to her. i just dont want her to change on me or forget me.
i totally loved this poem! a lot of my friends are going off to college in june, and some i feel i'll never get to see again. it'll especially change my choir of which they've had a tremendous impact on.i'm gonna miss them. thanks for writing an awesome poem robert. i especially appreciate it.
this poem really makes me sad... and yet happy for my best friend and closest cousins who will be off to college next year... I wish them the best and to not forget the "litte people" they left behind... I hope they stay true to who they are and one day I'll join 'em
I really feel strong about this poem for my best friend is leaving to college and this really explains it all ans is every thing that I want to tell her. Thank you..
This poem was really beautiful. I think that most people can relate to what you wrote, but at the same time your poem seemed very personal. Thanks for sharing.
Your poem is a great insparition to everyone. Thank You for sharing.
i really like this poem. it reminds you of how important friendship is. and when they're about to leave you, you show them how much you care.
This is my last year in highschool and next year we'll all go different ways. This poem expresses my feelings perfectly
I love this poem. I am in the same situation right now as you were when you wrote this. All of my friends are on their way to college. I feel as if I am being left behind. I know that they will never forget me but this poem gave me some reassurance. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem!
This poem was realy good. IT is exactly how i feel. I have many close friends that are leaving this year and i am only a freshman. When i read this poem it brought tears to my eyes.
This poem was very good. It really mad me think about alot of stuff and it really touched my heart
This poem totally applies to me right now! I just lost the bestest friend i could ever have and i miss her so much..i didn't even get the chance to tell her how much i loved her, she ment the world to me, but now she has moved on.So caitlin if you ever read this poem just know that i dedicated it to you, my best friend!
I gave this poem to a good friend of mine. And she really loved it. I truly miss her.
this poem was great!
This is a very touching poem. My best friend just moved today and it reminded me of her and brought tears to my eye
I sent this poem to my best friend when she moved away.
I think this is the raddest poem! It really makes me feel better, cuz i almost kept moving from place to place, and missed all my friends, but know yeh i feel totally different. God bless the person who wrote. You have a beautiful talent Robert!
This poem touched my heart very deeply. Robert I must say, you have done a very good job of describing one's true feelings towards the end of the senior year in High School. Keep up the good work...And keep on touching us with your true and beautiful poems.
i felt that this poem was excellent!!! I think it says what a lot of people feel about leaving for college and leaving their friends and everything that they have ever known!! Great job!!
I luv this poem so much
Wow i loved this poem it really hit home and it made me think about how things are today. a lot of people are afraid of change and this poem made it so that u can accept it without denying who u are. i give this a 10 out of 10!
this is such a great poem! my best friend is leaving and it is perfect to give to him!!
this is really true the sme thing is going on righ tnoe i love this poem it made me cry :)
i love the poem. my bestfriend just moved to utah and it reminded me of her. it was very moving!
Very deep and soul touching
that was really good. i guess it describes very well how i am feeling also
I loved this poem.It really describes how it feels when you or people you know are leaving.As long as you have them in your heart they will always be with you.
I think this is a really good touching poem. I have a close friend that is going off to college at the end of this year at school.And this poem brought a tear to my eye.It's a really good poem.
This was a great poem!
Well Robert, I loved the poem. It's exactly what I've been depressed for, for sooo long. I've started year 12 and so highschool's almost finished and so is seeing my friends by my side. I know I'm not the only one feeling like this so I can connect to others. Thanks for the first poem which explains exactly how we feel
That poem was even made me reminded me so much of a friend of mine and you deserve an award for it.