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Rachel by Gap

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I think the poem is very good i like it because the tittle is 'Rachel' and my name is Rachel , Also because i am in year 7th
I believe your poem was great. I also lost a friend and I know how it feels, This poem explains the hurt and memories we hope to keep. It was ace. Thanx for sharing it with me.
this is a wonderful poem, it touched me very deeply.
it is a very sweet poem because it just happened to me a few days ago except that she was leaving. the thing that's similar is that we met in grade 6 and she went just now except its not the end of the school year.
I love this poem...not only because the title of it is my name, but it describes a friendship that me and this other girl had. And just like in the poem the girl had to move away and I felt like I was by myself...I know that we would have became best friends.
this is a really good poem im so sorry that you are spliting up and not going to see her at school best of luck
i like this poem, it is wonderful. especially since i can relate to it. its sad how we lose friends and never find out what we could've had and where it could've went.. but thats life.. great poem ;o)
I really like this poem because it remnds me of my friend rachel!
that was sweet i also had a girl that i met in 7th grade but we did become bestfriends and well i'm glad that i did. i'm sorry you didn't get the same opportunity
I loved this poem so much. My friend Ashley is going to a new school and we where VERY close. Im thinking of saying this poem to the eighth grade graduating class of 2000 and dedicating to a great friend. Of course i would need Gap's permission. Please consider! Thank You!
i liked this poem very much
i think this poem is the best one i have ever heard before. it totally explains how freindships are broken apart, but yet they will always last in someones heart and i really enjoyed it, seeing that my name is rachel and just three years ago i went through the exact same thing with my best friend. she ended up moving back and we will never apart again!