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Reflection by Olivia

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i was looking through the poems on this page and it occured to me that most people weren't putting across exactly what they were trying to say. i couldnt relate to any of it until i read this one and it sums up exactly what i was trying to put into words myself. maybe things are best said simply without use of a long explanation by the end of which u are still none the wiser. well done-it was a pleasure to read...
Very Good! It cought my attention, keep writing Its your special gift you share with others.
this poem says it all it is so true . excellent job
how beautiful ! It feels good to know that I'm not the only person who feel that way.
Beautiful poem! I think everyone should listen tho this poem. So true. Good job!
Hi,i can tell u even i feel this way.But at the same time,i've realized i'm one individual myself and i've also the same emotions,feelings self respect like everyone elsr does.Accept ur self,ur err and belive me u will feel much better. love anu
This is so true!! I love it!
This is the truest example of how quality counts and not quantity. It's not its length that draws me to it, but its simplicity, and the deep truth rooted in it.
This is exactly how i feel sometime. It is short but you say so much in so little words.
yuor poem was grouse. i try writting poems but they never sound as good as what your's do!!!!!
this is what i feel about me
i was great
It was so true!I'm a teenager and i totally agree!I also try to be something i'm not.I write poems but i'm not as good as you!
This is so true of me. Why can't I ever see it in myself when it matters? Why do I hide everything about myself that is unique and interesting? These few words make me think about it all, something I need to do.
This poem is short but captures how I feel exactly. TBeing a teenager is hard always trying to fit in and make a difference but lately I'm wondering when will being me just be enough.
Be yourself and things will work out!
I really liked your poem, I think alot of people need to look inthe mirror and see that they need to be themselves instead of somebody else
I don't have much to say,except thank you. Thank you for sharing your poem. Although simplistic,it's the truth. Not only your truth,but mine and everybodies.Even if it's hard to admit,"Reflection" is who i am. well if u were hoping to have an impact on somebody and even if you werent-you did. I know your probably wondering about my age. I'm 15
it is a very good poem it explins my life so very well and it has helped me through hard times. thank you
it is true you want to be someone else but you have no idea how to change from the person you are now. It was really hard. I made some people mad but I accomplished the unthinkable to be the person I am inside!
The poem is SO TRUE! not just for me or my friends but pretty much for everyone!
this poem is so true i love this poem
this poem described me and my life perfectly.
That was such a great poem and it's so true, b/c so many people feel that way, i know i do.
I think this poem is fascinating. This girl is very talented. She should write more poems like this one. This poem also describes me, too.
With a few lines you are revealing a big truth. Thank you tanks a lot you are realy grate