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Faith, Hope, And Heart by Nicci Pagan

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I like this poem. It's sort of sad, but hopeful in the same way. Maybe I missed the point, but that's what it meant for me. Good poem!
My God you can write!
i thought who ever wrote this must be a person with a strong heart and knows what life is all about
WOW, that is all I can say. I was touched by this poem and I hope others that read it also love it as much as I do. WOW!
Great poem - very inspirational, and so true as well.
I thought this was an excllent poem.
Great Poem Nicci!
the poem is so lovely and inspirational, that i was touched by it
hey this is cool i going to send it to some of my friends. i like it alot.and it is so ture about dreams and friends.
excellent poem that was great so what happend that made that like in that perdigament? wb Stacey Melzo Psi need a girlfriend and i can tell in your poem taht thatis so give me a email babe.
I can deal with this poem alot. I think it is great and people just need to stop and think
My thoughts exsactly.
Its a true poem..and its cute..i like it alot! and it seems like it comes from the heart.
i love it
This poems is so true!!!! All in All: YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!