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My Best Friend by Athena

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i really loved this poem-i actually used it in english class. but i love it b/c im going through some rough times with my best friend and i just really connected with it. i feel like this poem really applied to me. i got my attention and i plan on sending to my best friend in hopes it will open her eyes and maybe make her realize what im going through.
I really like this poem because I lost a close friend
hi, i just wanted to say that i liked this poem because it reminded me of a friendship that has sort of dissappeared. This poem really touched me
I like this poem because my best friend left to go to a foster home almost 3 years ago and i havent seen her since the day she left. I miss her so much I know how u feel. i knew my best friend since i was in the 3rd grade and now i am in 10th.
Great. who ever wrote this has a heart. i love it. it is going to my girlfriend.
hi! i feel what othe people feel it. I really misses my bestfriend. I'm a Filipina i live in philippines it hurst a lot SALAMAT SA INYO it means thank you very much
i really like youre poem because it reminds me of something.
it was a very good poem and hits every aspect of the topic and explains how most people feel when something like that has happened
wow! i love this poem. i just lost my best friend last nite. i cant believe that everything on that poem relates to me. as i was reading, i couldnt help but cry. i just hope that i can get my best friend back. i love her so much. i miss her too
this poem touched me alot
this poem can relate to me alot. i had a best friend and we have alot of fights but we always make up. thats the best part b/c i luv knowing that shes forever there for mee.
It's very sad poem. I love it. keep your poem up Ok
It is great. it is deep and gets to the point. you can tell that when the arthur was righting this he or she was really feeling it.
i thot this was a really good poem it also reminds me of how i feel about me and my best friend even tho i think it is going to work out i can't stop feeling wut the poems says. i LUV it and it is awsome
it was good and i can really relate i moved out of my own cocuntry because of my moms works so i kindda felt left out and i think i'm lossing my best friends have u ever experienced it before that enspire u to write this poem u were great
i have recentyl had a good friend of mine die in a car reck of july this year. he was always close to my heart and i never will forget all the time we had shared. now that he is gone i can't pick up the phone and i regret not doing so when he went to SC. however i will always remember the way he made me feel and this poem i can relate to very well. thanks
i really liked u'r poem its relly saying the truth about someone and
this poed touched my heart very much. because my best friend is too far away from me. (
hits home what i am going thru now. beautiful
I really enjoyed your poems God Bless America
I had a very close friend make some very rash decisions and was almost taken away from me forever. This poem reminds me of the feeling I had when she told me face to face what she had done. It hurts but at the sametime helps my grieving. She ended up moving away and now I have no control or way to help her it seems. But when I read this poem it reminded me to just be a friend to her again and that is help enough.
I just recently lost a wonderful Friend He was one of the rare ones someone who you could truly call friend but he was more like a brother to me more. So many people simply do not undestand how turly rare True FriendShip is in this world if you have one consider your self Truly Blessed!
This is such a true poem. My best friends trusted me and i scred up 2 many times and she lost all trust in me. I feel bad and i hate myself for what i did but no matter what i will always love her.
this poem reminds me of my best friend who is in the army i miss him like crazy and thats why i can relate to this poem
i really love this poem because my best friend left me and i can really relate to it.
i just love this poem. its exactly how i feel inside. she always said"for you and I i rest of time very best of friends". i guess she was lying
i see my face with this poem
i feel the same way cause my best friend left to boston forever.
GREAT POEM! I Remembar my bestfriend, and I mIz her alot. )
this is sweet and yet sad but its the same thing i feel in my heart about my best friend that moved away. i still so much love her and i miss her with all my heart. the only thing i wish for is if i could see her again.
Thank you Your poem has touched me and I understand what was written. Thanks
This poem touched me because I have losted that many friends. The poem i have just readed means a lot to me and my best friend. Love always Wench
the peom touched me a very many differents ways i am only young but i would like to be like you when i am older you are very lucky to have such a gift do not throw it away.
really good! it can relate to a lot of people with their friends yet it's unique and touches the reader.
i luv this poem it is so touching (bo-ho-bo-ho) anyhoo iluv it yay!
I reaaly like your feeling, because it's true that when you miss your friends you fell the same ways
I loved it I'm doing a school project and I had to make a poem book and it helped me alot!
Reading this poem I could feel the pain the writer was trying to convey. Very good and not over done.
I love this poem. It reminds me of the greatest friend that i had. Athena,this is a great poem I really look up to you!This is a poem to remember. I will never forget this poem and I will never forget my greatest friend Kyle M.
i absolute feel like this is happening to me i love this peom very good job!:)
i love this poem it was an excellent poem,. and it reminds me of alot of ppl. ,and i would love for this person who wrote this poem to write more
I really do love your poem. It reminds me about one of my best friends named Brad Zins. Thank You so much. I will go find this friend now.
that was an awesome poem! i once lost a friend 2, it reminded me of SOOOoooOOO much!
this is a really good poem
this poem was somthing i can relate with and it has emotionally touched my heart, thankyou.
Friendship. we seem to think we found. but then in a moment everything just seems to change. and you don't know why. that's why I liked this poem it says it.
Very Moving
that was a very touching poem and i liked it i once had a lost friend but not now since i read this poem it made me relize love andrea you did good
Wow! It is great! Very meaningful. I can really relate to that.
I loved this poem just reading it reminded me of a friend that died three years ago it was really hard to not have that friend anymore with me but this poem was great it expressed what i feel for that lost friend R. I. P Carlos always be remembered it was a nice poem who ever wrote it it really touched me thanx!
friendships are never meant to last. they break up to make up. that how life goes. if it is a true friendship then it will be mended an they will be friends again if not then it was never a true friendship
i just lost a friend she chose som1 else over me. i cant help but say that it was the poem that told the most truth. this person truly understood wat it was like to lose a true friend. and how depressing it is to say good-bye. and how u cant tell anyone wat happen they may think your jealous when it really is that you just dont want to compete w/ som1 hoo wont care wat the score is that she will always say she won.
Today was the hardest day of my life. I ruined a great friendship between me and my best friend. After reading this poem I cried for hours, and then I went back to it, and it was like a reality check. It really hit me that I lost my greatest friend. I'll never get it back, but this poem made me appreciate her like I should've when I had the chance. I think it's the best poem I've ever read. Thanks for the help.
i really love your poem because that described what im going through
this poem is awesome. i loved it and it touched me so much. i know what the writer is talking about because i lost my best friend a year ago
the poem was touching and it sounds lke it should of been about my old friend jordan
this poem really reminded me of my very best friend that i lost about a month ago. we have been friends for 6 years and she just now decided not to be my friend! thanks for this poem
I Love This Poem. I Feel I Can Relate To It Twice Now As This Is The Second Time Ive Been Stabbed In The Back By A So-Called Best Friend. I Was In Tears Reading This Poem Cause I Was Looking Back Over My Life.
I really do relate to this poem. It feels so real. I have had it on my ceiling so i can read it every night when i go to bed. It reminds me on how special my friend is to me and how much i want to keep her in my friendship circle.
I really loved that poem!
hello i just wanted how special that poem means to me and whoever u are i hope u have a happy life! thank you so much for vwriting this poem!merry christmas! always: valerie!
totally cool
i luv dis poem it's sooooo tuching !
this poem made me feel batter wen i lost my friend kara. i never forgot how much i cryed wen i read this poem. it reminded me soo much of r friendship. this poem made me feel alot better. ~erin~
i tjought that your poem was realy touching due to the fact of losins my friend acouple of year ago her name was leane and she was killed on her birthday
it made me think about how my best friend is always there for me
i love this poem
Your poem touched my heart. As I read it, it made me cry. I lost my best friend. It hurts when you ask for forgivness but they don't really forgive you. They don't accept you for who you are. So are they really your best friend? Your poem touched my heart because I can mend the friendship, but I have not been given the chance.
i think its very true what the poet is expressing. i feel the same way about my friend.
i love this poem! i tell my friends that this is how i feel and this poem has changed my life! thank you!
That was. GREAT!
yea, i loved this poem it is so0 true cause when i lost mi best friend ashley it reminded it meh of her cause it is so0 true!
This is a very sad poem. When i read it I think of my best friend. We have been friends for 15 years of my life (my whole life) and recently she has been drifting away. she has a new best friend . actually her boyfriend and shes gone mentally Thank you so much for this poem.
This poem is awsome and yet so true!I understand it completely b/c i too have gone through it!you feel like there is nothing u can do b/c u've jus lost some1 really important in ur life n u jus wanna die!i know b/c thats the way i felt but i had the guts finally to talk to her n now we r great there is nothing that can seperate us! i love this poem u rock athena!
I really liked this poem. It reminded me of my friend that died 2 years ago on July 4th. It really lifted my heart when I read it cause it made me think of the times him and I had together and all of the stupid things that amused us. Thankyou for the making me have those memories.
Omg! This poem descibes me and me ex-best friend so well. I really do miss being friends and we're tryin to work it out. So hatever happened between you and ur friend you should try to work it out b/c you can't go w/ out her. Believe me i tried it. lol. Great job with the poem. you should be so proud of yourself . Its terrific
this is a very good poem, i keep reading it over and over because it reminds me of my best friend who moved to England last year and i saw this poem and it was totaly true. If i were to rate this i would give it 10/10 good job.
Wow! Thats really all you need to say to explain that poem. This poem was very good. :)
I love this poem because I am moving and I sometimes tell my friend's lies, even though I should not. I also like this poem in a way because it expresses feelings.
I love this poem, becouse my best friend Christien she died of Cancer (seven tumors) and now i know this is a true she was my best freind.
Today a good friend of mine sent me a letter saying that we shouldn't be best friends any more, and I can't explain how much that poem touched me. Thank you.
I love this poem it reminds me of my best friend i lost 5 years ago. i vote this as one of the very best ever
I thought this poem is so deep and touching. I broke down in tears when i started to read this bueatiful poem. She is a wonderful poet. I would give it a exterimly high rating. Congrats.
That poem was off the chain
thank you for the wonderfull poem. my friend and i are going through a rough spot right now but you poem made me realise hoe much he means to me and that you don know what youve got till its gone.
i loved it.
this is a great poem ,i went though a frind ship like that ,and i wrote her a poem and she cryed because she never new how much i felt for her!
I read this a while ago and have always remembered it! It has become one of my favorite poems!
well i found the poem interesting and full of life i think it was cool and self devoted.
It is most defineify a beautifuk poem I have lost 5 loved ones in three years i read a lot of the poem on the net, it helps me lift my spirit and helps me deal with life at times
i loved this i've losr so many friends and this is how i felt everytime. thank you so much.
i think wat she done was fab it took me wright to the heart
That was a great poem! It filled my eyes with tears.
your poem was awesome and no matter how many people say its happened to them and they understand, you know they never will b/c its something only you and your friend share, the pain of missing and losing each other
This Poem was great, I was able to print it out and place it with a Picture of my best friend that I just lost 2 weeks ago. it was just what I was looking for. Thank you for this web pg.
i loved this poem im having my ups and downs with my best friend right now and now i know how i would feel if i lost her in anyway and i love her as if she were my familia you did a good job athena
I really like this poem because it really reminds me of the friendship I had with my friend ashley and i really missed it but it changed after we started talking again but this reminds me of the times i thought about her and our friendship
I love this poem because my best friend might move in a couple weeks a long ways away! Good Job.
ya this is a really swet poem i like it. it reminds me of me and my boy friend that is the most coolest thing i ever read and im soory about you and your girl.
this was a awsome poem i liked it alot. its very tru
that is just what i feel that was great
Hi. your peoms is so swt i like it welps just wanted to tell you i liked it thats all
it's a good poem. i hope i'd be able to mend this friendship along with the help of this poem. you made me realise how much i cannot lose my besy friend. thank you.
i like it it made me feel the same when i lost my best friend today at school she thinks im lying bout somethi but she just doesnt understand wut it is like to be me!
Thankyou you have made me realise the trueness and briliance of mates!
That is so true. Life's so unfair. The person you trusted most could be gone of some good reasons such as going out of town but. The worst reason is when YOU are the one who blew up your friendship. And later you knew that you were only tricked by others to insult your friend? And now it's all over?. That's the most cruel thing taht is now happening to me.
hello i love this peom! it relates to me in many ways. i lost my best friend in march of 2001. he was a great guy. i miss him alot! i am glad that you wrote this peom because writing can make you feel a little better!
This is great,Just like my situation rite now,GOOD JOB!
wow i never knew poetry could make u cry
Great poem
hi athenA your poem i really like your poem. its sad and very beautiful. plase write more . i hope you get better . we all have lost someoe very special to us.
The poem was on point. I can relate to it because I once had a best friend and our friendships is over because I lied to her too much over stupid things. I miss her with all my heart and it sitll hurts sometimes not being her best friend. I just miss her soooooooooo much.
VERY GOOD POEM! it fits my situation perfectly. me and my best friend are going through some drama right now. but i still love her with all my heart and i hope it gets fixed. good job
that sounds like what happened to me and my best friend. it almost made me break out in tears.
wow. i can't imagine that friendship is very very beautiful!just like the stars, eventhought we don't always see them,but we know that they're always there. that is true friendship to me. to Athena : your poem is awesome!i really like it.
sad but the poem is true
OMG! this is sooo true. my best friend whom i've known since the second grade (for 5 years)moved away and this describes my feelings.
This Poem really helps! I lost my best friend a month ago, he died in a farming accident, and it reminds me of him and all our memories. Great Poem!
this poem is just the best! it made me cry cuz its just like my best friend and i! athena should rite more poems cuz she is so good at it!
i make friends all the time and loose them all the time but i would die if i lost my best friend katie
This poem really touched me i'm crying as i type out these words,my friend marcus died a few years ago from meningitus and still i always think about him,but your poem has helpeed me realise that is the good memories i shared that will always be in my heart
I have just lost my best friend Mick, he has 2 lovely daughters and an adoring wife,i thank you for your poem
I lost my best friend to over Overdosing this poem helped me see through that and I'm doing a lot better now.
I love this poem! My "best friend" and I are losing each other and this is the road Im traveling!
I really like the poem. I felt like crying because it made me think on a ex-best-friend. We were really close but now we are mostly like enemy.
i like it alot . you must miss her!
I just lost 2 of my VERY BEST FRINDS. over a guy. They won't talk to me. This poem is how I feel!:(
I loved this poem! i have a friend that i lost named tiffany, I really miss her, and wish we could be friends again, but i don't know how she feels. Your poem made me feel really good!
i like this poem. but. it made me cry. cause i lost my best friend. a relative of hers murdered her. i haven't yet gotten over it. and i just relized how much i miss her. thank you. for reminding me
Marie Eugenie
its great. !It reminded me of my long "lost"bestfriend.
I absolutely loved your poem it made me cry. Me & my best guy friend/boyfiend broke up and stoped being friends a year ago & it still really hurts.
I really enjoyed reading your poem! It reminded me of my mother, i lost her last march and what you wrote in your poem made me think of how she was my best friend in every way and how i would take back anything to get my mom back. I am 14 years old so it is really hard on me but hearing your poem really made me think about everything! Really good job!
This is just what happend to me 2 years ago ,I still miss my friend alot,though I dont know why she did what she did! Your poem is very me !
10 months ago, my best friends of 13 years stopped talking because of what I now realize was all a misunderstanding, I walk by them everyday at school and it kills me to know that I can't talk to them anymore like old times. When I read your poem I could totally relate and I loved it.
I love this poem! I can totally relate! I've had the saem best friend for 4 years and all of a sudden she gets new friends and she told me she doesn't have time for me anymore! I told her everything! Things I didn't even tell my parents, and now she doesn't have time for me anymore! It hurts so bad! I see her everyday at school and it makes it worse because I have a class with her and she won't talk 2 me! So I can totally relate! At least i now kno im not alone!
Truly its touch my heart. ! Simple way to express anything is a poem. I lost my best friend because of my own faults. Shame! But I come a cross people like to be friends, but could not find the noble heart of my lost friend. Shame!
I just want you to know that you are not alone. My best friend Kristina was shot a month and three days ago by her step father. You would think that I knew something was wrong, being her friend and all but I did not know and that makes me really sad.
That poem made me cry! Me and my best friend aren't getting along anymore and it really kills me!
I really liked ur poem it reminded me of my lil cuz that moved to newyork
This poem is really good. I lost my best friend from cancer and she ment so much to me. I honeslty dont know what to really do cause of how many people I have lost in my life, but my friends are tryen to help me out so I can get through all of it. I'm glad that they really care about me.
**sweet, it is really good and brings back memories**
Very nice poem. My bestfriend committed suicide a couple years back and now, reading this poem, makes me think happy thoughts of her and how much I miss her. Good luck to you. Never lose faith in God. Xoxo
I like this poem 'cause it says just what I feel. I realy enjoyed reading it. Nice peom! Im 12 years old.
this poem reminds me about what happend to my friend they are still fighting but im sure they'll make up!Oh and keep up the good work
omg! i love this poem. it is so sweet im going to give this poem to my best friend n all my homiez to cuz they r so special to me n this peom is so sweet.
Ilove your poem, I have lost a best friend after 4 years, ( SHE MET BETTER AND PRETTIER FRIENDS) when i new we werent friends i cryed i sat in my room all day long.
your poem was great it reminds me of what happend to me and my best friend
:( That is so true! Straight from the bottom of the heart! It is exactly what I feel that was put into words! Keep up!
i luv your poem, it really described my situation too
Hey i liked yuor poem alot. It shows how much you cared but you couldnt stay around. I have been there before and it dose hurt,but what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger! remember that no matter what happens.
i thought i would live just to keep my best friend happy. now i have made her hate me. i only know what i feel. i dont know what to say/do.
This poem was sweet and simple, but truly touched me in my time of need :)
i loved ur poem. its like u were me. and went threw everything i went threw.
I love this poem it's like the situation im in it hurts so much to lose someone close to you. Keep it up Athena!
this poem was really good i had a friend for like 7 or 8 years and now we don't talk. she was the most important thing in life and now shes out of it!
I know what you mean because i lost my best friend and my cousin in the same week. And i did every thing with her so i am sorry it happened to you
My two very best friends in the world are not speaking to my and that hurts me very much bbut this poem says exac. what I feel.
I am currently in a situation where I think I don't really have her as my best friend.she has her other friends and she neglects me.sigh but anyway I have to say that this poem is touching with simple language but means a lot.
This poem really hits home for me. It says how I feel, and puts it into words that I could not have.
I loved this poem. It explained just how a person feels when they lose a really close friend. I cried when I read this cuz it's so sad.
I loved your poem I can so toatly relate I lost my best friend while he was woring at pikes electricity he had been shocked throughout his body shok and he fell out of the bucket but you probly dont want to listen to that so I'll just say think you for wrighting this now I know I have someone I can relate to about the way I feel!
i see another oudie voted on this poem. so im wondering who that is. but i just wanted to say that this poem didnt make me sad. mainly cause it was simple, sweet, and sincere. so it made me smile.
this poem meant a lot, the same thing happened to me and it nice to know that your aren't alone.
This is an awsome poem! I just transfered schools so this is kinda of good poem 4 me thanx~!*
I love this poem so much, because it reminds me of my cousin who just left us behind, we know she didn't want to, but she couldn't hold on. we miss her so much and we will always be together along the way to come.
I very much miss a best friend of mine and couldn't help but cry when I read this wonderful poem. I so strongly vote for this talented person to win for this amazing, touching & heartfelt poem.
I loved this poem. I lost a friendand that was how it went almost. I still care for her but you know. Nothing can last forever.
i like it. it reminds me of my best friend whom i love most that has gone.
I totally understand how you feel. i lost a friend who was more like a brother to me during New Year's this year. I called my friend up today back where i used to live and i found out another friend of mine passed away yesterday. I know exactly how you feel.
That was a very good poem!
this poem really touches me because i feel the same way about the best friend i have, or more appropriately had.i don't know what happened to our friendship,it's complicated,but i will always love her in a way that no one can replace.
this poem was the best because i have lost my best friend and everything you said was right. It also made me think that i really do miss her
this remindes me of my friendship with my best bud
it was really touching and i know how u feel
My best friend of 15 years is not speaking to me over something really silly. I miss her a lot and this said everyting I couldn't put into words. Thank you
i think that this poem is really good. you should write more poems similar to this particular one.
I like it because that is they way I felt the day I left and saw my best friend there waving good-bye to me. I really love her as a sister and how I hope I will see her again and we can have as much fun as we did in school.
This is the best poem I have ever read. Me and my best friend are having problems. And that poem made it so much clearer how much she means to me and what I have lost. Thank you!
Sweet, simple, to the point, and WONDERFUL! I loved it!
I really love this poem because it comes out right away with what needs to be said. I love your poems and I wish I could have the talent to right some but for now I will just discover others
I thought your poem was exellent it was very well done and very well written. I know what it feels like to lose a best friend its very hard to live with such a big change without that one friend you have had for so long never coming over again and things like that. Even if you do start your friendship over with that person it will never be the same. Your envy for that person or what you consider that person too be it won't be the same envy you had for them before.
I liked the poem 'coz it was so beautiful and sad, feelings from the broken heart. Losing a friend hurts and that's what's all about in the poem.
it reminds me of a friend that is now far way. i miss her. she was like my sister. i want her to come back i told her everything now i can't unless we keep in touch by writing letters back and forth.
That is such a good poem. It describes friendships that I've had in the past that I've let slip away so well.
A good poem is sweet and simple and too the point.
this has been the best poem ever
We've all had friends come & go in our lives, when I read this I cried.
i reeeealy like this poem because it has a good rhythm.
This poem reminds me about my best friend who I lost a year ago.
i think i really love this poem.. i sent it to all my old friends and now she knows what i feel. we aer noe friends.
This poem was really good. people like poems like this because it releaves all of there stress..