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Love by Jessica Genest

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I really loved your poem!!! I feel the sameway about someone who I saw love at first site. Great poem and keep up the good work. ~ Megan
this poem was good. people can read it and relate to what your saying. we all feel that way sometimes but we don't know how to say it. you said it for us.
Whenever i read this poem it reminded me of the way that i felt when i first laid my eyes on the most beautiful angel on earth. Although this poem was directed to her boy friend it reminded me of the time i fell in love at first sight.
I loved your poem. It was so sweet. I have been through this internet page millions of times but I like yours the best. even though i love to read poems i can write them at all so i would love it if you could send me some more
This is a very good poem!!!!! It helped me realize how much I love my boyfriend. So thank and if you write any more poems I bet they are great so keep up the good work and thank you again!!!!
this poems tells exactly how i felt the first time i saw my boyfriend!!
this poem is great..i hope that when ur b/f gets out of jail..u 2 will reunite and stay together.great job
your poem is the situation i'm in with my boyfriend.he's locked up but i love him,so i'll wait for him.i'll always love him
this is the best poem ive read for love at first sight it says exactlly what I feel. Great poem!!!
jessica, i love your poem. i think it is the most incredible thing i've ever read. it's really good. keep writting them.
Jessica I loved that poem that was really really a loving poem! If I had a choice to rate it between 1-10 I would vote 10
i loved it. i know exactly how you feel and i'm sorry about your boyfrien. mine is about to leave for bootcamp and i can't bear the thought that he's leaving me behind for so long.
I really like this poem 'cause it clarifies my point on how love can feel like it has only been there for 5 minutes at the end but when you see your love at first sight, it's like it lasted for a life-time.
really good poem jessica! =)
that poem was really touching. the first time i saw mt darling was in Maths class. and i fell in love at first site. sorry bout you b/f. i hope he gets out soon. thanx for your great poem. my darling will love it!
i think u have quite a bit of knollege. i like ur poem
oh my god-this like tottally touched my heart.i absolutely loved it from start to finish!