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Life by Jenna Spears

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I really enjoyed this poem, because i have just made the biggest mistake of my life and i felt just like running away from it all. this poem has given me will power to belive in myself,it really touched me.
This poem really touches the true meaning of life and shows what there is to live for.
I liked it a lot and some of it happpened to my friend.
This poem is wonderful. It made me smile and it made me cry. I wanted to write an email to the author, but my email doesn't work. I just want to thank her for her inspiring words.
i think this is a beautiful poem, i realy enjoyed readying it, it great
this is a very pretty poem and I thing alot of people would like it. write more poems like this I love this poems.
This was the poem i need to go on with my life. I've had some bad experiences happen to me, and this made me realize life's not that bad Thank you.
I can rlate to this poem becuse I think that I have messed up in live so many times and often though about giving up but this poem turned me around cause now I see everyone makes mistakes and you just have to go on with life because every day isn't going to be full of good