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Darkness by Emily

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Wow, that's the exact way I'm feeling. I think reading this just gave me a ray of hope that someone's going through the same thing I am
all of these poems are brillant and support they people who feel like this to know they are not alone.
emily thank-you so much for writing that. THANK-YOU xx
I absolutly loved your poem. I felt as though I was losing myself in your words.
i love this poem. this is exactly how i feel rite now. exactly. there is no point waiting for something tht will never happen, hoping for somethin tht will never happen.
This is the Darkest thing I have ever read. And its sweet. I give it an 10 out of 10
it was a great poem i epecially like the way you have shown how some people feel has though they are litterally getting dragged down into hatred and lonliness.
I really liked this poem it relates to alot of young people that want to scream for help but dont know how to. I read alot of poems and this is one of the best.
The imagery in this poem was so perfect for describing the feelings that happen with depression. Great job captivating them!
so true i live this every day
omg! i love your poem it really touched my heart and if it touched one heart it will touch anyones heart. omg keep writting poems! this is WAAAY better then any poem i hav even wrote! your doing great! -Alissa
i can understand that feeling so id vote a 9 out of 10.
wow that was so good! i mean that is the best poem i ever read, it left an impression on me and now i look at life very differant now. thank you :) by Natasha
this poem explains alot i'm going through right now it was great and keep it up
i loved darkness because it was real she didn't try to impress the viewers she just gave it to them straight from the heart
this poem i swonder ful i sometimes feel the same way
i would give this poem a 10. it relies on me a lot!
this poem is really good i like it
This poem saved my friend it deserves to win. Thankyou
i thought that poem was beautiful, i know exactly how she feels, i dont know what it is about it but it really touched my heart! it makes my life seem like it aint so strange. over people feel that way too. i write poetry my self and i find it hard to find poetry that suits me, but emiy has definatly got a gift, use it! x
Mo Mo
I really loved your poem. It makes me feel like at least someone understands whats going on inside of u when no one else seems ta care.
I think this poem is very good, the feeling of being sucked in and under is not an easy one to cope with and the fact that this girl was able to survive it and express it definately gives her a gift.
dela cruz
nice poem
This is such a beautifull poem.
I felt that this poem was filled with passion as well as emotion. Very beutifully written.
i have been here and felt this feeling, but never been brave enough to write dowm how i truly felt. thank you for reminding me that my life got so much better and i survived my darkest days.
I know how u feel i been their but i got the help that i need and it was the best thing i could of done it took my friends locking me in a closet to get me to go see someone but it worked so what can i say.
hey. I just want to say that you have been an inspiration to me to keep on going. You captured my every thought, feeling and intention ad im finally beginning to understand. Thank you for writing that - it was truly amazing.
i think this poem is absolutley briliant. it relates so much to the way ive been feeling lately and makes perfect sense. scale from one to ten its definatley a ten in my eyes.
i loved it and i could deffantely relate to what you were saying, I wish i could talk to the author? are you a real poet? if not you deffantely should be you can really relate to the readers
This is how I feel alot of times in my life. I think this is a great poem.
I love this poem. it describes exactly how I feel. Unfortunitly
As a sufferer of depression on two occasions, once when I was 13 and again just a few months ago at 15, this poem struck a chord with me. It really does describe the emotions perfectly - its like being trapped under ice, freezing and drowning. Knowing people understand like Emily did is what helped me through.
I really liked this poem. I could feel how the author was expressioning their feelings about their life slowly disappearing.
i loved this poem its so true ive been feeling alot like that resently this poem realy touched me ! Beka
wow! it's mzing to hear you say those words. i know how you feel and it is good to know that i am not alone. whatever you do never stop writing.
that was so nice wishes i had yur talent
i feel the inner pain that you do. ive been hurting for sometime and noone seems to notice or care. all i want is for someone to be aware that im in pain and offer a shoulder to cry on. its been a month and a half now and noone seems to know how to offer the shoulder i need to lean on.
wow. i am speachless that poem just makes me wnt 2 brake down and cry, i could pretty much say that i have been been dragged in and out of that water. everytime i am being pulled down i try so hard not to give up. and just when i start to be happy im just being dragged under again and again.
Oh my goodness, this is exactly how i felt right before I tried to comit suicide. no one was there to save me, so I had to save myself. It was like no one cared enough about me to help. this poem really made me cry and think about what would have happened if I hadn't asked for help, even though sometimes I still wish I hadn't.
i so love your poem it touched me in ways i couldnt imagine its just how i feel sometimes
ey dat was a good poem and it made me think and im sry u feel dis way. i hope u over cum dat. keep up da good work
kourt kourt
i know how i feels to feel like no one notice u and dont care they ignore u and u feel all alone like no one wants you and u feel like no one ever will your poem i can relate 2
I loved this poem. but I don't know how to rate it. I'd give it a 9 if it was on a scale from 1 to 10
when I read this poem, I just felt like you were talking about me. It touched my soul tonight, it's nice to know that there is someone else that feels at a loss the way I do.
these words could have been my words. i wish someone could see and grab onto my hand, my heart use to hold hope and courage, amazing. i am a little startled that someone else feels that too. it touched my soul and oddly, gave me hope. thank you emily.
This poem has reflected my exact emotions during times of my depression. Everything seems dark when the world seems to be against you and this is exactly what I got from this poem.
I was reading it while I was at work, I felt the meaning in my heart. and that too me is what make a good poem.
Wow Emily. your poem has really touched me! I feel like no one understands me either! I think your poem was great! -Rachel
i read this poem today and cried because this peom is me
i give u credit
I admire your work becuase it has such meaning, when I read this I really felt what you were trying to scream in your work. I admire your thoughts and soul. Don't stop writing its people like you and I that need to show the world what is real and I feel your poem "darkness" can really touch someones mind.
Its great really meaningful. Its the type of thing u dont think about just let it enter your hart and it touches u its great really great
Wow. It's really awesome. I love it! It really captured all a person has to go through when a person is struggling to fight off the darkness in their hearts.
this [poem realy touched me. it makes me realise um pretty deeps things goin on in my hed. thanks for whoever wrote it
i really like this poem i have felt like that so many times i have came very close but i always held on it was hard but i got through it
this poem is especially meaningful to me as i have tried committing suicide on several occasions and am still deeply depressed. reading poems like this make me feel not so alone. this poem explores so much meaning that i would never be able to put into words. it captures every notion i have and gives me one little bit of hope that there is someone out there just like me. i am not alone anymore.
I'm inspired by the way you write! I wish you the most of fame and good times.
This is loevly and how I feel alot. I am a young girl age 14 with dirression. I know how this feels.
I am there right now
I do know your pain, gal. I walk that path every waking moment of my existence. Your has touched not only my heart, but my very soul. Thank you, m'dear.
I am almost 19, and i totally relate to emily, i am at the end too but somehow i'm too scared to cross the last door. Maybe it's hope, hope that things get better
This is a great poem
This poem really inspired me to stop and look at my life. To take a moment to see if this is who i really want to be. Everyday is a struggle and everyday is a fight for survival. Theres no denying it. Its funny though, coz the only ones to judge us are those who have no understanding for the word DEPRESSION. I appriciate the writers wilpower to express these feelings through poetry, i would love to have the talent to write like that. I think to my self no one is happy all the time, but some feel as if they can never find happiness. A big thank you to the author.
beautiful poem
I think you really wrote it short and to the point. I couldn`t say it better than you.
i know how feel. and i absolutely loved it because i completely relates to me.
This poem is great. it was really something I could relate to. its wierd when you really look around there is more than just you that feels this way
I like this poem because I feel that way most of the time and this poem expresses how I feel and it's helpful to know I'm not the only one that feels like this.
I think that this poem show that being depressed can lead to killing yourself. Its very powerful and can tell us that we need to fight and hold in there and don't take your life when theres more to come in the future
That was so good. All of the poems i wrote are crap, just randam thoughts, but yours really touched me. Were you speaking from experince?
very good poem discrbes me a whole lot i am sooo alone i like this poem alot!
Ive read several poems on my visit today. This one brought a tear to my eye. It really had meaning and expressed my feelings perfectly as a teenager going through the painful experiences of depression. I think you are a wonderful poet.
This is an amazing poem. I could really relate to it's powerfuul words. It filled me with compassion and uderstanding that I'm not the only one that feels that way. I loved this beautiful piece of writing. thank you so much for writing this.
I love how you can just simply write about yourself while still relating to people like me at the same time i one day hope to be as good as you.
I really liked this poem. I can relate to it, I understand it. The same thoughts and confusion go through my head.
I once was in the darkness but I found the light so will you.
This poem actually brought tears 2 my eyes. I'm speachless, this poet hit it right in the spot. This is one of my favorites!
I really really like this poem because at this point in my life i feel the same exact way and it helps me to know that there are other people out there that feel the same way i do!i am a poem writter my self but i write about love i could never put my depression into words its just something that has always been hard for me and i think that is really kool that you can do that. I have tried to commit suicide and believe me its not fun but thanks to god im still here tring to deal its hard for me but i realized that if i hurt my self by doing that then it wont make things better it will just make things much worse and i try to just try and not let things get to me its still hard but im tring. i realy like your poem i hope you keep on expressing how you feel because people like me can really relate to all of that stuff!
this poem is awsome. i love it
best one on the site
You have one of the best poems i can relate to. I love your work! Keep it up.
this poems has so much feeling behind it. it's all too true that many screams for help go unanswered and some of those who's are unanswered take the most saddening way out of it. my only wish is that those who feel this way will contiune to fight because they are not alone.
this poem has touch my heart i wish the writer to keep doing a good job
thank you so much for writing this poem! it has really touched me because i have been sufering the same thing for a long time and i know how it feels that no-one knows whats going on with you or doesnt care.
i love the pome i understand what they r talking about. i wish to more from this girl she is ahead of her time
I think this poem is the way alot of us feel. I also think that it is beautyfully wrote.
I really enjoyed this poem it expresses, at least to me, what it can sometimes feel like to just be alive.
This is a kick ass poem keep writing!
This is awsome poem. Keep writing them.
i thought this was really good! LOVED IT!
Wow. this poem really reached me. Why? Because I'v been there. I am there. And when you reach it you try to turn back and you almost get there and everythings fine then the word,life, throws you a hard one and your at that 'edge of light and dark' and you don't know what to do. you try to get out, get out and be free but it keeps coming back to haunt you.
This is a really touching poem. It tells my feelings w/out me saying them. I thank the writer for writing this beuatiful poem.
this poem is so deep and meaningful. it really describes that feeling well.
i think this poem tells people that people are suffering and nobody is listening to there cries for help.
i fell that pane inside i wish i could change i do but its over so y do i try thanks
THis poem touched me. It describes how i feel. My dad just walked out of my life and all he left was a note. It hurts to lose someone you love. One of my best friends just tryed killing herself and she almost had a kidney failure. Life is just hard and im falling in the darkness n no one can help pull me out.
this poem is wonderful
I am vote for you because you have managed to say what I can't. You expressed what I have tried to explain to others. If someone wants to know what depression feels like that you have conveyed it perfectly. Where I always fail.
i have gone through the darkness before and i i think im going its happening again. i dont think i can take it this time because i have so much pain just remebring how it was if it were to happen again on top of that i know i would give up. im always helping my friends with their problems and everytime i listen to them i think how can they be complainig, but i just keep on going and put a smile on my face even though inside it hurts to smile. but what im saying is i reallly loved your poem. i cryed really hard reading it and it is the best thing i have ever read. thanks you might have saved my life.
I love your poem so much because i felt like this so many times. i read this poem for the first time last year and since then whenever i feel this way i come back to it and read it over and over again. Thanks so much for writing this poem you have great talent.
a poem many can relate to
i love this poem. its exactly how i feel.
I really liked this poem I just read its really good I felt like I was readin one of my own I kinda write about stuff like that if your intrestred lol well thx bye
I think you did a lovely job, i mean beautiful. It really touched me. Thanks
your poem was good to read i have lost 2 freinds to suicide in 6 month and now i relate to person in poem
this is very well written, i know how it feels to be alone and depressed, cause i have been there, it is exactly how i feel now and always when i am alone. Keep Up the good work and bring us more
This poem touched me cuz i kno exaclty where she's coming from, i'm there right now, i've written many poems like it and this one is excellent, and she really describes my feelings in depth. its great Emily
that was a good poem. it touched me because my whole life is like that i feel like it alot and that just explains how i feel i like ur poems i wish i could write em as good as u i suck at em so hope to hear more of ur work its really really good.
It is so touching, especially to people who knows what it feels like to be in that position! Go Emily!
Emily. Your poem is very good. The compairson of sadness to a dark pool is very touching. thank you for letting out your feelings.
this poem made so much sense and i know what you are trying to say one of my friends attempted suicide once and i think that this may touch many people and some people who are not open minded might think you are crazy or "that doesn't ryhme" but ignore them this poem is wonderful good job emily
wow! that is one of the best poems i have ever herd in my whole life. that is what life is like . i would give it more than a 10/10 great job! : )
this was one of the best poems i have ever herd i can actully understand how she is feeling i wish i could think of my poems as good as this one.
I love your poem. It touched my heart, and bearly anything touches my heart anymore.
i really liked this poem it reminds me so much of myself
I thought this poem was awesome . I can relate to it as well.
this is a very good poem because it expresses of how the person is feeling and compares it very well
your poem ios very true and i thank you for writing a poem i can relate to thanx
Good poem main. Don't me scared that your friends dont like you cuz they do you just have to show that you need some help and if they ditch then they iant yur real buddies. I was in da dumps before, dont pull da trigger its not worth it, think of all the stuff youll miss. Any ways this is a great poem
This poem is EXCALY how i feel no one understands me an all my friends have betrayed me so its so hard to go to school an talk or hangout with ne one. This was an awesome poem.
Best Poem I have ever read. This poem touch me deep inside. Thank You
This is one of the most vivid poems I've read in a long time that I can truly relate to in almost every sense. Surrendered to the inevitable. It's fabulous. You did a superb job.
i really liked this poem and it was well written. It really hit me as i have been through the same thing to the point were i slit my wrists1 Im glad im stl here thou but i have scars all over!
this poe touched me so much i completely relate and its exactly how i feel. i cry evertime i read this. this is the best poem ive ever read and it saved me
I enjoyed reading this poem because I think it shows how people feel when they're alone and depressed. It makes me feel cold and good at the same time. This is one of my favourite poems!
I believe you poem is exceptional. You have great writing potential for the future, and take whatever offers lay on the table. Your poem has inspired me and I just thought that I would share that with you.
Good poem, expresses how people feel when going under into darkness, very well writen.
I know how it feels when something is taking over you and you can't stop it and no one will help.
I like, well done.
THAT IS ONE GOOD POEM! sad to say I have been there and its kinda a sore subject especially when others let their ignorance’s run wild.
OMG!this is a wonderful poem and i hope that you keep writing. you are wonderful at it!i myself am in the same postion that you are and i can definatley relate to this poem. i have just started writing poems and you are a great insperation to me!
This was the best poem i have read in my life. It realy expreses my feelings. This is simply a poem made by a genuis. I do feel bad for the poet, becuase I beleave that a poem can not be truely made with out having the poet experince it themselfs. Thank you for this Poem.
Your poem is good, I feel the same.
this poem was very bizarre but i guess in a way good way it made me get rid of the thoughts about suicide. thank you so much emil u saved my life!
this poem is one of the best that i have read in quite some time it really hit me, that i am not the only one that feels this way. ehery day i stuggle to hold on to my life it is so hard for me. i have had such a rough life and i wish it would all go away and it wont so i juat want to say thanx keep writing you are really good at it!
Great poem. It's exactly how I am feeling now. I love this poem so much. Thank you for creating such a poem. I found a sense of belonging here.
I like this poem a lot because this person feels just like me
This poem is really good. It reminds me of myself and not many people can ever write a poem that I think can be related to me in some way. It's a GREAT poem.
i was once pulled into a pool of darkness. There was a time in my life where I felt nothing could pull me up from under. So I took the challenge to pull myself up from the darkness. It took me 4 years to succeed. I can relate alot to your poem. Things are not easy in life, nothing ever is in this world. It's all about staying strong within. I hope you keep writing, because it's making a difference in peoples lives. It takes gutts to write about what you just wrote. Keep going at it, and the rewards will come later.
OMG i cant believe how much i can relate to this poem its exactly my life i cried while i read it your an awesome writer i could never write and describe my feelings like you do so keep writing!
I think this was a very good poem. Though it may not be the most happiest but it expresses your grasp of life. Anyone who talks about the real them, is very genuwine.
Your poem struck truly struck me because I know that I have already given up on fighting that darkness. Perhaps, I'll try to free myself one day, if it isn't too late.
rhaigne chaye
hey! that was a good one. well done! its kinda linked to me in a way, but the difference is: im in the center of darkness since i was born. again, congrats!
hey i love your poem. i know exactly how you feel, and im glad that im not the only one that feels this way. keep writing your great at it!
I thought your poem was very moving. I can relate to what you're feeling at this particular time. I wish you luck in fighting the darkness, don't give in.
i really connect with this poem, i walk around with my friends as if i'm the happiest person on earth and help them with their problems however i'm quite depressive at times, most of my friends have no clue what goes on in my life, this poem really had a huge effect on me it is an extraordinary poem, continue with this awesome work
OMG! You might not believe this,but I actually cried when I read your poem! It was so deep,I really know how you feel,because I feel the exact same way! Please keep writing,you are so good at it!
This poem is undescribable. I know exactly what you're talking about, in fact i've written many poems trying to convey this same feeling. Even talking about darkness and the black rain falling apon me, but yours flowed so well. I loved it!
you have did a good job on this poem. It makes people think very hard and I really think you did
this poem is amazing. i cried when i read it. i'm sorry yuo feel the way yuo do, because i i know the feeling,i feel it too, not being able to talk to anybody, nobody understands, but keep writing. your amazing
I can relate to this poem because I know what it's like to feel alone and to be tired of fighting the "darkness"
I couldn't sleep tonight so I got on the internet and I saw your poem and it hit me right in the heart. I feel better knowing there is someone out there that can express what I cannot. Thank you.
This poem was really good. It brought a tear to my eye. I can relate to it. But anyway keep on writing becuase your work is beautiful and your a wonderful poet-)
I really liked this poem, I wrote one much like it myself, and it reminded me of my depression. I started crying when I got towards the part about nobody noticing. That is exactly how my situation was. This poem brought back memories that I had not visited in quite some time.
i really liked this poem becuase i can definitly relate. I went through i time in my life where i wrote poems very similar to this, becuase i was going through some tough times. Poems like this help people like me to understand better, and they help. KEEP WRITING. It's excellent.
i understand completely and hope that someday u will escape the darkness. perhaps i will too.
Your poem was very touching,it was so beautiful. I am sorry that you had to feel like that, i wish i could help you because i know how bad it feels. Those horrible feelings that could tern the warmest heart cold. I am so sorry.
your poem is awsome i feel just like that so often but cannot express it in words you truley have a gift and i want you to know that it halps people to know they arent alone.
i really related to your poem well done
hey i like ur poem , i feel the same way , im always helping my freinds get through there problems makin sure there ok but noone can help me they think im the happiest person but they dont see wats really inside. its good to no im not the only one hurting inside.
i like your poem because i am an emo kid well i just wantd to say that i realy lke it
I love this. I like it alot. It has alot of meaning and I know exactly how she feels!
I think Emily's poem is very touching. I t shows our dark side in this life we live in
as darkness might be the light too,in life don't let your eyes trick you to what you can and can not see this poem was splendid but you,yourself feel this way??? ask your mind what it see's everyone do or think!people all live in darkness like me and you!Now isn't that right????Justlet me know how your life is compared to the people below you!trustyour self you have a whole nother world ahead of you reach it befor he line runs out!
your poem was wonderfull i fell the same way but some people need too know that felling alone is not the worst thing that can happen too you your family is the best thing in life ok use you mind wisely!
I like this poem, I can totally relate. Everyone feels that way at some point in there tired lives! GOOD.
wonderful poem. now i no that i m not the only person going through this.
Beautiful. Exactly how I feel. I can never put it into words, but you did. Thank you.
I think that this poem is exactly how my life is. I need to know how other people that are depress feel I can't stand my self.
It's kind of ironique that most of my friends are from aquatics and we used to swim together throught life; we used to be really close, but now everyone is gone their separate ways. Sometimes I wonder why I keep on swimming, the bottom is just too tempting. The darkness of bottomless lake and the cold currents of life and my own thoughts are so lustful. Thank you for capturing those feelings.
i really liked the poem! I could definately relate and I was touched.
lovely, just love the metaphor "swimming in a pool of darkness", very touching, very beautiful
I have tears in my eyes. I walked around in the hallways at school and I was so upset I have absolutely no clue why I didn't burst out in tears right then and there. but no one noticed, none of my "friends" even said anything to me no one cares its just to hard I love your poem you have a great talent keep it up
It is very emotional poem and coming out from the deep recesses of heart.
I know what you feel, it feels like the entire world is against you, and no one cares if you die.
very beautiful poem. touched my heart .. touched my soul.
the battle between light and dark has raged on since the beginning of time. This poem really hits the nail on the head and shows just how personal and real it can be.
I like your poem very much because I feel the same way. I'm lost in the darkness and I don't know how to get out alone.
well, i really loved this poem , it's just me.. the way you wrote it explains the way sometimes i feel about mec, about life & how alone i am in this SaVaGe life.. really just loved it..
i cant explain how i felt when i read that poem because i feel like the poem describes me right now. i cried when i read it. right now all my friends are consentrating on there problems and expect me to listen and i do but at the same time im im dying inside. but they dont notice because im helping them.
Great!Loved it!Good work!
I can relate to this poem. I sometimes feel that way. I am 26 years old and have two beautiful children who are my world. I am divorced and remarried to a man who is wonderful to me and my children. I got married my first time when I was 17 years old and was divorced by 19. I went through a nasty divorce, my ex husband is 10 years older than me, and with me being so young he managed to convince the court that I was to young and not responsible enough to be a mother to my children. Now here I am 26 years old and my children live about 40 miles away and I only get to see them everyother weekend. Thanks alot it helps to know that there are people out here that feel the same way and that goes to alot of trouble to put things like these on here for us to read.
I can totally relate. I feel the same way, as well, and no one is there to help me. THanks 4 your understanding.
i love this peom i feel like this and i feel ur poem alot
This poem is beautiful.It says in words exactly how I feel.
A sad but good poem and sad that i understand it
I loved this poem. It describes how I live, in another land it seems. I saved it to keep.
im from portugal and i fellt that way 3 years. now im felling better. i felt that way because i didin t accept the death of my dear grandfaher. this poem tells every one how sometimes we feel.
Hey i just wanted to tell you guys thank you for taking the time to write me some comments on my poem. This poem is like my baby it is my favorite and i love to hear the wonderful responses i get from it. Thanx again, Emily
I just wanted to say that this is my poem, and you don't know how much it means to me to hear your comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment good or bad. I really appreciate it and will continue to write for your guys! thanx again!
i think it was a very emotional and interesting poem @ first i thought that it wasnt as good as i thought it was going to be and then i realized that it was and like eve said the feelings just surpassed i was very surprised and glad that i decided to finish the poem and read it thanks for the insight
i wanna say.perfect. it describes everything iv been through that counts. im so glad someone wrote of a poem where the darkness of it all overcomes some. please though, always try against the dark. try with all your strength. my grandmother had cancer, and could have died easily. but, she stayed strong, and an angel came to her and told her she would be alright. she was, and i still visit her today. i believe she saw an angel too. all i want to say, is keep on trying, no matter how hard it may seem. but i loved the poem. a masterpiece.
Thank you. I am speechless. This is exactly how i have been feeling, but with God's help, i am slowly improving. I also wrote a poem with that same theme, with death being represented by water too. I'm wondering why we associate it with death? Oh well. Thanks for being so open and honest. I know how hard that can be. Take care, and keep writing - you'll feel better after it.
I think that the poem was sad. I can relate because I have been that way at one time or another. I wouldn't give up hope Emily if you're still the way that you are. You hang in there and God Bless.
i feel the pain and emotions through this poem. i have experienced those feelings and reading this poem brought them all back like being there again.
Hi Dear Emily.i simply loved ur poem..Its simple but conveys feelings from the depths of the heart..I had writen a similar one infact, about darkness--that screams all around when in one is in depression.Keep up the good work..I shall post my poem to the site soon..Do check it out and tell me whether u liked it or not
This poem is really wonderful. It's genuine and sincere!
It made me cry. I know exactly what he's talking about because I'm going through it.
This poem hit on exactly how I used to feel.. I was lucky and I was helped... Thank you for this poem.. it really helped me.
Emily - I know exactly how you feel. I suffered from depression for three years. Finally, I am free!
i understand this completely. its a great poem and so true.
it is beautiful....made me cry... :*( i...dont want to sound cheezy.. but i can relate..
I have to agree that I thought this was going to be a boring poem in the beginning, but then I kept reading it and I'm very glad that I did. This is a wonderful poem. Almost like a story, and very real. I really love this poem.
This poem touched my and created extremely good visual images! I would like to tell the author that this poem is one of the best I've read so far and I hope that the person who wrote this poem continues on the journey on this talent of writing poems!
your poem is very beautiful, I can relate to it.
I wanted to tell you that I can really understand this poem. It seems that life will always have its obstacles. The outcome of these obstacles are are your control whether you know it or not. I strongly relate to this poem because I feel that I am constantly holding my head above water. Especially with the love situation that I am in now. In your poem, you finally gave into the darkness. Hopefully, there will be some happiness in your life and as well as in mine. Please take care of yourself and I will take care of myself. every dark there is a light and in every light there is a dark. This is truly a excellent poem. Remeber always that you have to love yourself before you can truly love another
I can totally relate to what you wrote in that poem. I hope you are coming out or are already out of your depression, if not e-mail me and we can chat.I feel depressed often so I can relate!
I love this poem! I can totally relate! Keep up the good work!!
Has alot of deep feelings that we all feel at one point in our life, and writing poetry like this really takes alot of depression, and anger out, I know from experience.
I really enjoyed this poem it discribes me so perfectly..
this is a beautiful poem
i felt that this poem expresses how i feel a lot. Sometimes i feel like no one understands how unstable i really am, and how nobody notices me. that one day i will just give in to the darkness that continuely invites me to join them.
I cant explain what I felt when reading this, It scared me at first, 'this poem could be me', then I don't know what I felt.
I just wish to say that I believe this poem to be spectacular. The images drawn up in my mind as I read it are like no other images I've "seen". Thank you for sharing your work with us Emily, I hope to see more of your work soon.
This is exactly how I feel.
it made me cry because i know how you feel
i can totally relate and it feels much better to know someone who understands what i feel
o.k. i thought that the poem was bad in the begining, i thought that it had no point. BUT i was wrong because i kept reading and your feelings just kind of surfaced. it's a good poem
I feel that same!
this was a really good poem it as cool and sad but i know were your commin from
Reminded me of how I always have to be the happy-go-lucky funny one in my group, but how I really do feel sometimes.
This Poem put into words I myself could never explain.
This poem is an awesome expression of how i feel..Glad to know i am not alone..
I think this is an excellent poem!
Very good poem. I can undeerstand and relate to how you express your feelings in this poem. I loved it!+
this is how i feel even though i should not feel it but i do and this poem says it the best