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Every Night by Michelle

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Very good poem..its very touching also...great job!
I really liked this poem.. says a moutful when there is someone that you met on the internet and your dying to meet them in person.
I loved this poem. It expresses exactly what I feel about my own on line relationship.
this poem discribes in the best way,my expriences and feelings the last week,since I met Renee,this beautiful woman,I wish i,ve would met her ten years earlier.... right now,we have an relationship anyone can dream of..... like it's ment to be /me cries........
ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! really, amazing poem there michelle..explains just how i've been feeling for the last 3 months or so too...thanx for the chance to read it.!
I read this and it brought tears to my eyes. I know a Michelle that could be this very person.
Beautifully true
You made a good poem and it's really tell how I feel
This is the most awesome internet realtionship poem!
This poem is great I once had a cyber love once and this is exactly how I felt every night I got off the computer.
this poem expresses my feelings for my cyber-romance in every way. it touched my heart :)
i like it beacuse it touched my heart
Michelle this is a great poem it is so sweet and touching and i love it.
This is great.
If I didn't know any better, I would think this poem was written about me and my love. I found my love on the internet, but we not yet to meet in person. The day we do meet will be magical I know.
I love this poem, its so very real. i have met the greatest guy, and this poems practically what i think...Every Night!
Thank found a way to put my feelings into words...