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When Friends Go Too Far by Lesliann Gilardi

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i really like this poem, buz me and my ex-girlfriend were in the same position. we did not know where this was going and everytime we would hurt each other by playing games intell i went to far and now she doesnt want to speak or want to see me again.
omg, this poem touched me so much in a way you will never know!. I lost a friendship with the guy i am in LOVE WITH SO MUCH!. . . He was the one who started to cross the line and i'm the one who went farther. i told friends that i thought i could trust bout what happened. And now my life has changed completely my hearts broken & i can't trust him anymore. But i just love your poem and i think you did a great job! KEEP IT UP
i really like the poem cuz it reminds me of wat i have done but i have turned back time and we are just friends now thanks alot
wow. i loved this piece. i can really relate. i got to close with my friend and now we do not speak. thank you for writing this poem. it is amazing.
This poem is beautifal in its simplicity. It defines the end of my friendship with a wonderful man. So like me, so easy to talk to. Before it happened we had the "dont let this ruin our friendship" converstion. But it happened anyway. I would give so much just to have one of those wonderful conversations with him again. It is the loss of that that hurts the most. I may never see him again so I probably wont be able to tell him that I would give anything for us to go back to what we were, it hurts to lose a friend like him. I think that this poem should be spread through out the world to tell every woman, man, boy and girl of the loss that can happen when you do cross the line. I will miss him forever.
i loved it! it made me stop to think about my feelings for a friend of mine. i think i might just keep it on the D. L. for now!
this poem i can relate to 100%. u c my close friend had a boyfiend (they broke up. )well,lets just say that we were "good" friends me and my friends boyfriend. things one day lead to one thing and then another and we came so close to one another that i could feel his soft breathing against my body. he said that he loved him and we created a love circle things finally went to far and we decided that we should stop ill never forget him i cant since i see him everyday at school. its hard and i regret doing it. but i noe that deep down inside even though it has appeared to everyone( my 2 best friends and my 2 best guy friends) that we have moved on we still desire one another.
I like this poem it it very good and you she do more poems some day.
I have a friend of 4 years and the other night me and her went to far, way to far. Now she wont return my calls and wont talk to me. This could be the worst christmas ever.
i absolutely love this poem -it's like what am experiencing right now. I wish i can turn back the hands of time, cause we passed the bounds of friendship and now i miss my friend
i know where your commin from its so hard to let go of feelings thats should have never been there you tried to let it go but it wouldnt work now did it? one of yall told each other and then yall became more then friends something happen and now its all fallin apart i know iv been there it so hard exspecialy if you where in love with the person but hang in there you cant take back the past all you can do is live the future .
This touched me deeply, i had liked my best friend for years, she never was interested until a few months ago, we were so close and the last few months were amazing! but she dosen't know what she wanted, and kept turning me away then we got close again, we fell out in the summer, and she wants nothing to do with me now, i love her and miss her so much, i don't think things will be the same again
It's really a good pome. Come right out from the heart. I can imagine how u feel. Its that 'one line' that make a whole world of difference. I too fear of that. Nevertheless, what is pass is pass. Don't look back ;) Good work!
I kid you not . this poem hits the nail on the head. when you are friends with someone & you take it up a notch promising a no strings attached situation, you have the potential to leave everything including the friendship. I think women have a hard time detaching once they have taken a friendship to the next level. Take it from someone who has been unable for 2 yrs. to let feeling go that should have left me a long time ago. Unfortunately I have to see the person 5 days a week & think to myself. what have I done? We still talk platonically & that hurts even more.
I love this poem, it is so true. I happens to a lot of people and it happened to me.
I realli appreciatey ur poem because thats how im feelin right now. I was verii good friends with this guy for almost 2 years, beginning of this week, we crossed the line, and he broke up w/. me b/c he said it was better off as only good close friends, my hearts been broken and I know it wont be the same as before. this poem made me feel as if i wasnt the only one feeling this way!
This poem was amazing and my friend is now sitting here crying coz she knows how you feel but I would just like to say that it doesn't always work out like that so dont get so disheartened me and my friend where so so close and we crossed the line, it is now 3 yrs later and we are still going strong. We are still the best of friends and we know we always will be even if we break up, we're that close. I think you are an excelent writer and should carry on, I'd be glad to read more of ur poetry.
i can relate to this poem soooo much! this guy named chris was one of my best friends and then we became more than friends (doin things far beyond friendship). now he ignores me and never talks to me anymore. it seems as if i dont even exist to him. if i could go back in time, i would have remained friends with him instead of goin further because i long to hear his voice and jokes still and i wish we could still be friends. im prayin this wish will soon come true! great poem tho. it gave me hope. thanx!
Your poem was great. And I know exactly how you feel about crossing the line. I had known this guy for maybe 5 or 6 years and we were really good friends until my friendship feelings became more and I told him how I felt about him know and we did the exact thing that you and your friend did, and like you say I'm not sure if things would be better or worse if we wouldn't have crossed the line. But I really enjoyed reading your poem!
I really like this poem cuz its how me and my now ex-boyfriend kinda got started. We were best friends, did everything together, and then something happened and we started dating. But now we aren't together, and not even friends, which really sux cuz I miss him!
i really like this poem, because it hit so close to home. I have this friend that i have known for 10 years and my feelings just get stronger and just recently we stepped over the line of friendship and i fear that it could ruin our friendship.
that was a great!poem,i loved it and yes it is hard when you cross that line you lose a good friendship which is really hard to get back. sometimes you wish you can turn back the hands of time and remain how things once were, but if only it was that simple aye!.
I loved the poem that you wrote, and I understand alot of what your feeling. I recently became more than friends with my best guy friend who was also my friends ex boyfriend. I know it's wrong but I still love him more than anything we recently fought and we're trying to fix things but it's hard! You really should keep writing you are amazing!
how so very true this is. i to had a very close friend and we crossed that line it lasted for a long while but through tradegy we losted it. 7 years on and we both have families and a life miles away from one another. how the pain never leaves you and if i could i would have his friendship back anyday as the love i had for him and the pain of our departure has never left me. your poem was very touching and true.
my best friend of 19 years mistakely thought it was right to cross the line. stupid me i thought so too and now i dont get to speak to him because he got married a day later our mistake to an enemy of mine.
I LOVED YOUR POEM im going through this problem with my best friend that i've nown for 7 years and now i don't now what to do with our friendship. keep up the good work.
Hey!. i really liked this poem it made me rethink some of the things that are going through my mind. currently by my best guy friend ever has told me that he wants become more than friends kinda like friends w/ benefits. so this really made me see that its not a good idea even if it seems like it at the time. so thank u so much for your help!
Rikki Lynn
This poem is amazing. My best guy friend and I just crossed the line and now we arent on speaking terms. I miss him but dont know what to say to him. thanku for writing such a powerful poem
i loved it totaly!
wow, i have read through each of these poems on this site and yours was the only one that really expressed how i felt! i have been freinds with this guy for 5 years and he became one of my closest and best guy friends. i have always had this "thing" for him and one night we taked forever and ended up messing around. now we dont talk and i have lost him as a friend. you poem really hit the spot and i hope to read more poems from you in the future.
This poem really moved me and says it all about a terrific friendship I ruined with a guy I thought I was in love with. Beautiful poem!
its shown me inner strenght in me. The poem is short and simple but has alot hurted feelings. we get carried aways, not realsing we aint having a future. am deeply touched by the poem. Cool job by Gilardi.
i really liked this poem because it reminded it of me and i can't replace that. when you go to far you can really hurt to try something knew with your best friend like going out that can ruin both of your lives forever and ever.
Your poem is the -*best*- poem ever. Even though I've never been through this I can feel wut ur going through. It's put together real well! You SHOULD KEEP ON WRITING POEMS! Ur the best!
This poem was very good. i printed it out after that exact thing happend to me and gave it to my guy friend. i don't think that it make a difference but i still read it to this day, thinking that it did.
I guess i am relating to everyone else out there. my busdriver (who i am really close to me) once told me that you always fall in love with your best friend. well its true we fell in love and our relationship was broken by his jelous friend. Now he wont speak too me and i fel like i have lost one of the most important things in my life! its a terible feeling1:'(
great poem it really is the same thing that Im going through with a friend of mine.
Hey I really like your poem cause that is how I am feeling Lil bout me and my best guy friend! REALLY COOL!
an intricate peom on a delicate topic written from the core of heart. I can relate to it perfectly. Best frinds can be lovers,but then their friendship gets compromised upon and that level of frankness is gone.
Well written poem. You are really good, you managed to capture my exact feelings and thoughts. I experienced the same thing, and now all i want is his friendship back.
i loved ur poem *so* much! i kan relate 2 it 100% cuz i just crossed the line resently wid a guy, he waz my best friend in da whole world & we were gona keep it like that foreva. keep up the good poetry lesliann! ur poem rockz & so du u!
tears streamed down my face as i read this poem. Thank you, it embodies every feeling and emotion that i felt after a similar incident with my best friend. I could never put to words what i felt. you did it so eliquently.
This was a good poem, I could not have put it any better, both me and a friend were reading it and we were like WOW we both know what it feels to cross the line and loose a friend, Or the best part of the friendship. I hope you don't mind if i print it out and show it to the guy I crossed the line with hopefully it can help us become the friends we use to be. I do miss him alot.
WOW! So Very well said with such a few words Thanks :)
lov the poem
I know how you feel. I've been there and it sux!
This poem touched my heart because on this day I was going through this same thing and wondering why we took it there.
I can relate to the poem very much.I don't have a very close relationship with the guy that it happened with.if we just stayed friends and nothing more everything would still be fine
I just love this poem because it touched my heart so bad that it really made me cry. I've known a guy for almost 8 years and we've been friends since elementary but we made a big mistake and we crossed the line, in 4 months bum! everything was all gone. It was really painful because it ended a really nice friendship, now we don't talk to each other anymore but I learned something in every moment we were together so my point is that I love it and that we should think before our acts and know how valuable a friend is,especially when we are talking about our best friend, don't you think?
Hey Ilove your poem so much because I know where your coming from when you write it.. Its a really good poem. If i had to rate the poem out of 10 it would be a 10
Great words of why and now. it is always different after we cross the line, but the crossing is so fun at the time.
my feelings exactly.what did we gain.obviously nothing.but we did lose our precious friendship
I really liked your poem I can realate to it 100% I almost cried keep up the good work.
This poem made me realize that sometimes you just have to stop istead of going on cuz' that might mean the end of something beautiful
This poem puts truth to words like I have never heard truth spoken.
I really loved this poem. I just recently crossed the line with a guy i had been friends with forever and it didnt work out. Our friendship just isnt the same as it used to be before we went out. It sucks but eventually i hope we will have the bond we used to have.
danG...dis da bOmb!
it was great i'm gonna print it and pass it on thanx
I loved your poem..i can relate too it.
This poem was really powerful in my life at the moment and I thought it was written well.
I really think this is a very good poem, b/c one of my friends and I just went too far and now we don't speak anymore.
I loved this poem.... Maybe the best I have read in a long Time... I'm going through the same thing right now....Your words are just so perfect...
I loved this poem it reminded me so much of the way i felt after me an dmy best got alittle close and it was wrong now we don't even speak
i love this poem
this poem is really matches my life perfect its to scary...i bet lots of people are like this and i think this poem should get all the votes!
this poem, made me think of someone that was dear to me once but it didn't work out
your poetry is very powerful. I wish i can write something like this. You have a wonderful talent
Your poem hits the mark with me! I am in the middle of the same dilemma with a dear dear lady friend. Nice to know someone else has been there too.
it was awesome..exactly the right words
I thought this poem really showed feeling and you could tell that th eauthor was really hurting.
This poem can only express the feeling of one individual what I find sad is that there are many lovers in the world who dont know that true love starts from friendship if and if an expression of love causes an end to a friendship there wasnt ever one there to begin with love is a gift one that is shared between two that brings a joy to everyone it encompasses when you are seen in the world as one with the other then it is right this poem depicts a situation that friends cannot be lovers and thats a real shame because true love is always right in front of you with the one you feel the most comfort with
This poem is really wonderful ! It's great ! U should write more of these poems! 'coz u write in an enchanting way Good luck. Bye. :o)
i really liked that poem it relates so much to me. it almost made me wanna cry
i know how you felt when you wrote this. i have had this happen to one of my most important friendships. it hurts but time heals the broken heart
It is amazing how much I can relate to this poem. All the other poems made it sound like crossing the line was a good thing, but it is a big move. And it changes everything
You would not believe how much that poem relates to me. Me and my x-girlfriend were friends before this past summer. Then I saw her during the summer and it became more. Didn't last long.I think cuz I couldn't satisfy her standards. But it took me quite a few months to get over her.but now we are trying to be friends again. But with me away at college and her 8 hours away, having to converse on the internet is tough.
This is a great poem. I felt like it was talking about me.
This poem really made me realize that my best friend and I really went to far with each other. And, that we really made our realtioship really go lose touch with each other and never really talked again.