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Confessions Of A Broken Heart by John Laset

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this is a great poem and i really understand it because my ex- boyfriend just dumped me on February 02, 2005. And we only went out for 2 months. And all of my girlfriends tell me to not think about him and forget him when he dumped me and that he is louser,and there is a weird feeling that i have in my heart because I still like a lot, but then I don't because he dumped me. So right now I am very confused. And I just can't stop thinking of him he won't let me sleep concentrate in school. But all I know is that if he dumped me it was for the best.
i really liked your poem i completely understand you i like it alot good job
I like this poem because I feel the exact same way right now.
I really like your poem because it reminds me of how my life is and I really think htat it is a great an fantastic way to write down your feelings and thaughts and i always write poems when i sad and depressed
This is a great poem. I would know I write my own poetry and I am having my heart broken as well. It makes me feel better to know people out there are like me as well. I hope to read more of your poetry.
I really liked this poem its truthful and its hurtung just like I fell all the time well keep up the good writing
this poem is a 10. very good. keep it more coming
this poem really touched me recently i had two miscarriages and i remember fealing this way sometimes even now! thank you
Want to say this is the best poem I have read because it describes to a T the way I am feeling. Good on you! for getting the words out in writing. I just thought I was nuts.
it was so true
This poem really tuched me, i love poems i love to right them myself, instend of stelling, i read them and get idead from them, and cuz of this poem, i have about 3 different ideas for poem. i love it, it makes me think, all together if i was to rate it 1-10 i would have to say about a 10. only for the way it made me think a bit.
Thats exactly how i feel, it really blew my mind! to whoever wrote it. It was beautifull.
This poem touched me deep inside cuz i lost a love one to and it realy touched me.
I like the poem because it reminds me of a guy who's goin out with my bf that i like alot but i no he will always l;ike her more than me!
It is always amazing how the words of another can express the very way you are feeling. Strong, deep, and definitely to the point.
i think this poem is great
That poem really touched me. I meant it! It literally moved me to tears. My boyfriend well. ex i guess of 3 years and i broke up a while back and recently decided to give it another shot. When it didn't work out, I was devastated and it helps to read other people's poems when your not in the mood to right. It helps knowing your not the only one going through all that pain. thanks.
Its just been a day but I've been through all of those emotions so many times. I cant sleep or eat. This poems is truly one of the best I've reed.
This hit home for me I loved it thank you for writing it.
this was such a touching poem. i feel that way right now and so i can relate and i just love poems that i can relate to. thanks john laset for writing this!
This poem describes perfectly what I am going thru right now. I am going to hang it on my wall so that maybe it makes me feel better every time I see it.
This is a beautiful poem - it perfectly describes how I'm feeling. Thank you
it's really nice!
The thing i like about this poems is that its in a sence real it really dose feel like that when u get ur heart broken. this is on of the best poems i have seen and it will touch every 1 that reads it it did touch me
This poem is so true! I have recently had my heart broken. It didn't feel too good either!
i love this poem it is the story of my life always hurting and wanting to be free of the pain .
This is a good poem. It reminded me of me when i broke up with my ex boyfriend.
This poem has so much intensity and emotion it brought a tear to my eye. I relate 100% with it, I love it. One of the best I have read.
so true it breaks my heart! I've never had someone put into words so well, but you've covered it all, everything we've all felt from a broken heart! you are truly gifted! keep writing, you'll go far!
it surely feels that! i have been thru it! it really hurtzz.
i can't relate to this poem coz i haven't been in love yet but i hope i don't have to feel what you felt once i fall in and out of love.
good poem.i can def relate to the feel all those feelings myself.its almost unbearable
This is a very very good poem. I can relate to these feelings