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Who Would Know by Melissa Hensle

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I really like the poem alot and I can relate to the hurt because my best friend didn't die but she broke her neck in a car accident cause by a drunk driver, now she has a pin in her neck and she had to spend months in the hospital for someone who want to drink and drive.
WOW! This is a very powerful poem, it cried!
I am truly sorry for the pain you have felt and are feeling! I guess all I can say is she's in heaven waiting for the day to meet up with you again.
i liked it
this is a very nice poem it clearly shows emotion and it made me show my emotions
Amber Gordon
That was sad it makes you think of family and friends. i thought it was a great poem. its true. and the truth hurts sometimes
awwww thats so sad. im sorry =*( ***thinks of the freinds that have passed**** :*(
I thought that this poem has to be the almost the saddest poem i've ever heard and also teaches people that it's not even a little cool to drink and drive. So here is my thanks for letting them know what could happen if they drink and drived.
I liked your poem it was very touching to me!
this is a wonderfull poem. The way it was written made me cry.
it is really good. well how do i enter a story. please tell me
This poem is a great poem
it was so good and you are right who are they to be driving in my town drunk. it is good that you are thinking about drink driving before it is you that has gone!!!!!
Melissa, hey i'm sorry for you and your family.Your poem touched me. If it is okay i would like to print out your poem and put it in my school's news paper. I cryed when i read your poem.and once again i'm sorry to the pain of you family
just wanted to say very touching poem and sorry for the loss!!! godbless!
your poem was great and made me realiseyour true pain and made it asif she was realy talking to me . sincerly richard j. tice
This is a very sad poem and I can't say that I know what you are going through but I can tell you that my mission as an 18yr old senior is to try and stop drunk drivers. Because of a drunk driver my aunt can no longer run around with her 5yr old son and because of my uncles mistake he no longer has a left arm. I hope you sarrow eases soon. This should have never happend.
This poem was great. I was really touched. It takes a lot more than just a poem to get me feeling this way, but this one was great. I'm sorry about what happened. I know you feel sad, but just remember that there are a lot more people that this happened to too.