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Crazy by Sweetsteffanie

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that was an awesome poem. kinda of scary but caught my attention. i write love poems but nothing close to that. good job.
thank you for making me feel normal for a little while at least
I love this poem. I think it really has deep meaning.
Now here we have one with the inate ability to write poems that can relate to the masses. It is comforting to know she goes through what I do. I dare say these words make me feel less crazy, though not much so.
thank you for this poem
This is truly a depressing poem and i know exactly what she's talking about.
I love your poem, "Crazy"!!! It relates to me so much and everything you said in the poem is so true! I would appreciate it if you e-mailed me.
beautiful writing ... I wrot it down for myself ... your words touched me muchly I loved it thank you
This is a wonderful poem I've felt this way more then one time and I think it was beautifully preceived and written!
Now, I know I am not the only one, her poem touched me and was just great.
I Like your poem. I think it was one of a kind... What you said is true. And always will be. "Crazy" would have to be one of my favorite poems I have read in my lifetime. Which I have read many poems. Yet, I seem to like yours a bit more than others. I thank you for writing that poem