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Beautiful by Magic

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I really liked this poem because it shows that guys have true beauty too!
I had a lump in my throat while reading this. This was one of the best poems I have ever read! Thank you.
i loved it. It was beautiful.
To find words to describe those who have seen too much, hurt too much, and yet still keep an open heart about them is a wonderful gift. I am amazed to find a simple poem to express it all. Thank you.
WOW! That poem is great. Beautiful is the perfect name for it.
I really love this poem! It is exactly how I feel for the person I love!
If i had to vote this poem it would be a 10 +
YES,it did touch me it made me cry because it reminded me of my ex-boifriend Josh
this poem really reminds me of me and my best friends it really touched me and was one of the best poems i read
it was great i was in a total like need of help 2 get back 2 realiy
Beautiful is just that Beautiful. It perfectly describes my best friend.
O my god. This poem was so very b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The way you decribed this person touched me soo. I loved the way you compared him with the most beautiful thing. The world. I give this poem all the thumbs in the world.
I love this poem! I think it is so very awesome!
This poem says so much about what I feel about one of my best and dearest friends in this world. I have tried to make him understand how strongly I love him and believe in him. You have captured my thoughts. Thank you.
Absolutely beautiful poem of heartwrenching beauty.
i love my best friend i love him although not because , i hope we stay best friends i dont wanna lose him
elijah's lover
I'm a french girl, I find your poem wonderful, I haven't any other word to say that it's a very beautiful poem.
I have read love poems in my past but none are as beautiful as this one is. The title matches the poem perfectly. It is a perfect masterpiece.
Your words bring tears to my eyes. I too would give up forever, to hold the beauty of another inside of me.
I am not very good at coming up with the words to express my feelings for a certain person in my life. Your poem, Beautiful, is so very perfect. And even part of what you wrote "about the poem". "The emotions which rage within him, his past which struggles to beat him, show me a strength wich I have never seen in anyone else. He gives me the truth that I need in this crazy world. ". it all describes him as if he were the one you were writing about. I must thank you!
this is a nice poem, i give it a 10
WOW. This poem left me in complete awe. Im still recovering:)Very nice. simple and easy to understand but says everything that a good poem should. GREAT!
I love this poem! I'm currently writing a book and this would go perfectly at the beginning!
This poem speaks of how I feel for my best friend. To me he is perfection to no end and your poem tells of all I feel in my heart.
This is a wonderful poem. I could feel the emotion as I read it. Great job!
wow this is a very deep description of pure and sincere love, I found this poem very pasionate
This poem you wrote has so much thought and feelings! This poem you wrote is just like me and my Best friend chris and we are really close( but not dating) we want to be with each other. But this poem just reminds me of Us! It Touched my Heart and Fulled with Joy! Keep Writing cause your great! send me come!
This poem is just so beautiful! I read this to my best friend, because it was what i was looking for, and he was so touched by this! I just want to say thankyou to Magic for creating something so special to me. It means so much. All my love
This is a wonderful peoms; I can totally relate to what the peoms is expressing. When I read this peom it made me think about my guy best friend and the feels I have for him. Great peom!
That is so beautiful. It touches you to the core. It opens your heart to the real beauty of this world.
This poem is absolutly. beautiful. That is all I can say. beautiful.
yo this poem is off the hook keep em commin!
this poem is wonderfull. I LOVE THIS POEMS. please remember me.
Just like the title of the poem, I think it's Beautiful.
Only words this beautiful can brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this poem.
i absolutely love the poem Beautiful by Magic. i'm feeling these same things for my best friend. it was nice to relate to someone who is feeling the same way.
While reading your poem I was truly captured in the depth of what real love means. Continue writing from the heart and alway remember that someone, somewhere is feeling the same thing you are and it may change their life to know it.
I am speechless. It is completely wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for writing it, I trly enjoyed having the honor to read it. Thank you!
Mark Jay
That is the most beautiful poem I have evr heard, I was just flicking through the pages, looking for a poem for a friend and I started reading and saw this wouldn't work but kept going anyway, I am so glad I did. That is absolutely amazing, that is the nicest thing you could ever say to a man, trust me. I will never forget that poem, Pure excellence!
this poem is..(speechless):) you got good talent.
This is a wonderful poem you have sumed up the feeling's that i have for a very good friend and a long time lover. i truly want to thank you for writing about your experinece and i hope that he and i will remain friends and lovers untill the end of our time.I wish things could have been different for you and your "beautiful".
very good.. nice one
this poem is awsome. i have tried to find the right one for my friend for a long time and this is definatly the one that fits him perfectly. thank you!
This piece holds deep and peaceful feelings of purity. When I read this peace it was as though your heart was resting in the palm of my hand and I felt every beautiful beat! Thank you so much for sharing.
this poem describes perfectly how i feel for my friend. i don't think i could live without him in my life. this is a perfect way to show someone how you really feel! great work Magic! you really touched something inside of me
wonderful. i had an argument just today about whether or not guys can be beautiful. the guy i was arguing with happend to be my best friend, whom i love very much, and think is completely beautiful. inside and out.
thanks for the poem, it just hurts to know that sometimes we miss love that is "although not because"
i love the way this poem is written!
Another to add to the 2000th list. I love this poem it shows my feelings to my best friend that I dont see any more and it also reminds me of the boy I was going out with but he dumped me. This POEM IS GREAT
This poem is perfect. It is eloquent. It is exactly describing my feelings toward my dear friend, whom I've been in love with since the day I interact with him. Thank you for sharing such creative writing!
This poem is absolutely beautiful..I know the heart was inspired with such is written in each word. I hope everybody can find this same beauty in a friend.
I wrote this poem out in a card to the father of my baby. It was everything i ever wanted to say to him. He is my best friend, and although we will never be a couple, it has brought us closer together in our bonds of parenthood. Thankyou to the author for such a lovely gift of words
It's exactly what I was looking for to send to my boyfriend to show him how I feel when he is near.
Amazing poem. I'm speechless. Great work!
This poem is what the titile saya beautiful.
This poem is wonderful. It reminds me of a wonderful girl who I knew for only 3 months. That was six years ago and now I only think of her ten or so times a day. Magic, if you are Jaine, please tell me.
I'm not a very poetic person but it was amazing.
thank you so much to help me express my feelings using this beautiful poem kises from BRAZIL Cristina
i love this poem
I love this poem! I have a best friend who I love dearly! I sent this to him hoping he'll enjoy it as I did! He knows I love him and I hope that one he can return the love!
beautiful poem...beautiful !
A truley beautiful poem. One that I can identify with.
This poem describes exactly how I feel about a special someone.
Beautiful, Makes me cry for I relate to this so much. Ican't have the one that I want as mine.He's been hurt so badly that he won't commit himself completely, yet I love him so.
This poem is one of the best I've seen on this site. It captures what I've wanted to say to my bestfriend, who actually happens to be my boyfriend. We just got into this huge argument tonite and this made me feel lots better.
this is one of the most 'beautiful' poems i have read in a while . I am so very glad i found it because i am in a situation were i believe that i have foound my soul mate and he is so very beautiful in so many ways.
This poem touched me as no other ever has. I never thought I would ever find the words to describe my best friend, but here they are. I sent it to him immediately. Thank you so very much for helping voice the feelings in my heart. You are so very talented.
wow! this poem moved me to tears. i plan to share it with my bestfriend, he is "beautiful" to me :) god bless you ><>
This poem is wonderful, it expresses exactly how I feel about my best friend.
I read your poem and all I have to say is that the poem is very beautiful, please keep writing.. thank you
I love this poem it takes a real special person to put feelings into words this well.
This is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read! It shows me that I am not the only person who feels that way about the men in our lifes.
I like this poem so much because I like a boy in the same way as Magic does. If only I could get him to read this to himself.
It touched me so very deeply. It was as though the poet was reading my mind about me and one of my "friends" or ex boyfriend. It was great.
I also write poetry... but this poem summed up every thing about my best friend. I couldn't believe it when I read... thank you!
Beautifully written.I could feel the emotion in her writing.
A wonerful poem
I enjoyed this poem very much. It as very nicely written
i think this poem expresses what so many men are or can be, but that hasn't been touched on so eloquently as this poem does so well.
Great Poetry
I asolutely love this poem! It captures everything I feel about my best friend whom I will never see again. thankyou
beautifully written!
This poem is the perfect way that I would describe my buddy Kevin- but if I told him anything like it, he would think that I like him more than I really do. I'll just keep it at that.
This is so my best friend, my husband, my life
this made me cry......WOW! you are amazing,for lack of a better word.
just beautiful
what a beautiful poem. Eventhough this poem was written for someone else - it expressed my feelings for someone also.
A "beautiful" poem.Wonderful reading.