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Seasons Of Changes by Butterfly

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this poem is SO CUTE its reaalllyy touching! and true its wats happenin between my best frend n me maybe this poem works!fingers crossed~ i wish i cud rite poems like u!:)
I like this poem, because i used to have a really good friend. We did everything together. As the new year came, she changed and now we arent friends that much anymore. I wish that she new how i felt. SHe was my best friend. and now that her friends that she aint as close to anymore are really upset. Kat we love you, please dont ever change.
i luv this poem i wish i could write that good!
It's as if you're writing the poem about my life! The exact same thing has happened with my so-called best friend. You just don't know what happened or how to change it. I know how you feel.
This is just the way things are with my 'best friend' and me right now. It's utterly insane and aggravating and she drives me nuts.
I totally love this poem cause thats exactly what my friend did to me and every day I wish that she would be my friend again- I guess you could say that she still is- but she acts so much different around me than everyone else and we have been best friends for a long time
Wow! I mean that said so much in such little space that was just amazing yet so powerful Thanx
This poem have perfectly decribe my life with my bestfriend. We've known each other for three years.when we are still in the fourth grade she is so loving, generous and kind but as she meet another friend whom she trusted more our life and friendship had changed the most.
This poem describes exactly what I feel about my friend. We've know each other for 3 years, and all of a sudden, she's hanging out with another girl (which is okay, but the other girl is rude and snobbish like), and she's starting to act like her. I'm hoping that with something like this, she'll see how much she hurt me.
i think this is a very good peom and i can relate because i had a best friend and over the summer she really changed because she used to always be there for me but after the summer she wasn't anymore and it made me really sad. i hope you and your friends can work things out.
it has happen to me...
hey..i really like this poem...i feel the same way...i have this friend, we were so close...until we had this argument, then things weren't the same as it used to friend started to hang out with weird ppl, smokes, and act strange...we hardly talk anymore...sometimes, i think to my self, i was like, i dont care , but then i just cant let go of that friend...
this happened to me not too long ago. my two best guy friends startin hangin out wit this guy i don't get along with and we hardly ever hang out ne more. They don't even say hi or look at me when HE is around. i just wanted to let you know that i think you are a wonderful writter
i have a friend that was exactly the same thing. it's so sad... i love the poem
I really love your poem!!!!! I am 13 too and I totally don't trsut her anymore, and we aren;t friends anymore! This poem really describes it.
I think i can relat alot to this poem
this poem is a really nice poem 'cuz is this something that is happening to me
This poem is so the truth. Because when i read this it was like the computer was thinking for me Because this is just how i felt about one of my old best friends. Because one of my old best friends dumped me because there is a girl named Randi that is so pretty. Well my friend dumped me because i wasnt pretty and wasnt popular with the guys like Randi is..She even told me the only reason why she was my friend in the first place was because my sister..Because my sister is very pretty and popular...So i REALLY like this poem
all exactly so true. and it hurts
Hey I really liked this poem it is very realistic and really opened up my eyes. Who ever wrote it, must be very mature and I hope everything goes ok.
i really like this poem.And i can relate, it does hurt when that someone else changes, but everyone chnages right! some change for the better and others well you know what the others change for.I am just fortunate that He has realized what he did and we finally became friends after 6 months of no talking.EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, even if you don't want it to happen..