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You Know Man, That's Pretty Sad by Roche

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that was awesome and made a bold statement and it tells the truth about so many things
this poem was awesome, and i can totally agree with what you're sayin' in it. everyone knows this is goin' on in their school, but no one wants to say it, way to go, man. you rule..
The "cool" group at my school down to the last word.
What can I say? I feel the same way. I onlt wish I could express it the way he di. Good job!
This Poem says it all. I admire the person who wrote this poem beacuse he speakes for all other teens that feel this way. Not lonely but who see that the cool kids do start "fads". And alot of teens at there age don't see that or they basicaly don't care beacuse all they want to do is fit in and that to me is SAD!!! I'm am one who sees deep donwn inside of ignorant so called cool kids like that!
That poem was really straight foward and i think it was great - good luck
Very true and Its about time someone stoodup to them
i think the poem is good with the rythm but some of you people have no idea what popular people do and say just to be cool u know i have tryed getting out its virtualy impossible they always pull you back in i must say that there is another poem on herecalled have mercy and that made me feel really bad about some stuff i did to other kids but without trend life is nothin
i dont think that this poem is cool.cause these "cool" kids your talking about includes me.we arent superfical like you think,we have feelings, you judge to much, and you think we judge im not thinking choose what you want to wear and we will choose what we want to wear and how we act..maybe people make fun of you cause you ask for it.cause i know the people that dress all skaterish of freakish are pretty damn mean to me and my friends and think that im just alittle snob..well they dont care about me why should i care about them..think about it!
I love this poem! I agree with Roche, we're not gonna sell out! Who cares what they think of us? It's only important what the people who matter in our life think about us, because the know us and care.
I am glad someone has finally spoken the truth. I was listening and I hope more are too.
like it....
This poem says what most people are afraid to say
This is a great poem that all "cool" kids should read. Maybe it will knock some sense into their pea size brains.
Great poem Rock solid
i think this poem really relates to what most teens face and feel in school. when they want to be so popular, they strive to get there. and sometimes they really go too far. this poem is great, and all should read it!
i know that the person who wrote this is telling the truth kids who think their"cool" r selling themselves short and hiding their true image.
I really liked this poem because I'm sick of having the cool crowd at my school. I think that the author is a really good poet.
hey.... u got some good stuff comin out there. keep et up