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Death Of An Angel by Joseph Smith

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This perfectly describes my own depression. i only hope i can escape before it's too late
wow i really like that poem and it makes me think of so much wow i really like that poem
WOW! that poem was beautiful and very deep. I'm a poet myself and in described my personality at every angle. Please, please keep up the good work. and continue sharing because poems like these help the growth of my poetry.
Joseph- THis is a beautiful poem expressed deeply. Don't give up your graceful writing style. Someday you will look back and be so impressed! Always know, someone, whether you know it or not, loves you and you've affected his/her life.
God created all angels, including those of light, I hope your angel lives.
hi nice poem... well expressed !
Very good poem, love title and the writing style, its also straight to the heart
i am sorry u felt that way..sometimes i do too! but u have talent and that's something we can all be proud off!
Your poem rocks. Keep it up!
that poem hits me right in the heart
i love your poem its really kewl i like this style of writing, you got talent on your hands keep it up boy!
i think your poems are the bomb
i'm sorry you feel this way. stay smilin and live life to the full