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Goodbye by Jessica Miller

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hey, this poem touched my heart immensely... its like putting what i am feeling into words exactly. two students in my school have died in the past week, and this poem has helped me put this whole tragedy into context... thank you.,..
very good, I'm sorry for your loss! I lost someone at a young age and it all came back when I read your poem, it helps not to forget but to remember. This will always help you to remember. Your lucky you can express yourself. You'll help others remember aswell. Good job!
I'll get right to it. This poem made me cry. It expresses simply the feeling of losing someone. I lost my uncle when I was 14, I am now 16. It feels like just yesterday.. I love this style, and the emotions it invoked. Thank you for your work
A friend of mine died yesterday and I'm not sure how I'm really going to cope. Another friend of mine died in October of '99. After I read this poem, I realized that this author touched upon a subject very rarely touched upon. I want to thank her for letting out some of the feelings I am experiancing. I read this poem over and over again, waiting for the tears to fall. They poured out of my eyes. I just want to tell this girl, thank you, thank you so much for writing this touching piece.
I hope I never have to deal with this... God bless all of you that do...
Hey, I really liked this poem. It remined me of my Grandma's funeral. She only died in March, but it seems like shes been gone for forever.
This gave me a chill.
I really like your poem I undrerstand what your sayn I can really relate