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Broken Heart by Sarah Pecor

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Hey well the poem was nice Sarah u should make one expressing ur feelings twords him thats what i did and it works latz!
This poem is really nice to read and hopeful who ever wrote this poem hope god sends you the right person for your life Many Thanx
hey i liked that poem it was very nice and sweet keep your good work up. i bet you alot of people who like it
I really loved your poem it touched me deep down inside because my boyfriend broke up with me this is going to sound crazy but he broke up with me over a year ago but we are still friends and that will never chage but i cry every night because i really love him and will never get together again so i really want to thank you for writing that wonderful poem to females like me.
your poem is awsome it matches alot of people and their relationships! Good Job!
My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday too. This poem touched my heart in souch a unique way. I loved it. It makes me think of all the good times me and Mike had together. He broke up with me for another girl---My best friend.
i love this poem it explains exactly how i feel about the guy i love after he broke up with me finally someone feels the same exact way this poem is awesome!
Your poem was very touching to me because i felt the same way when my boyfriend broke up with me. great job on your poem!
baby doll
Hey dude your poem rocked I rot it done and every thing I loved it girl it was one of the best poems I have ever read but still halla at your boy late. Thats HOTTTT
I liked this poem alot. Myboyfreind broke my heart and if I could write poems that is exactly would I would write.
What I love about this poem is that I was heartbroken a day before. and this poems says " you broke up with me yesterday. " and today was the day I saw my ex. and so like I am just here to say that this is a great poem. and I love it very much.
Hey Dear its true when they you will never know what tomorrow may bring coz this poem of yours is describing my path or the way my heart was torn into peices after being dumped, anyway thats life we have to get along with! Its a step to the future
ur email is amazing ive got a broken hart it really touched me and made me cry again i split up with my boyfriend like a month ago n have cried every nite
i love this poem it made me cry because im madly inlove with my gf and she has lots on her mind and shes inlove with this guy and me and her have more in common so i dont know why we arnt together anymore but im not givin up. love can stink sometimes but keep trying. never give up on love.
i loved this pomem it really touches me
HEY I THINK THIS IS a really good peome my boyfriends played with my hair and told me he loved me then 3 day later broke up with me i cried and cried well yeha good job take care always nickcole !love lot
I love your poem! It stands out! it sounds so true! keep writing poems ike these!
i loved this poem in so many ways. i really do know what youre going through even though that doesn't help. me and my ex broke up because he was cheating on me with 6 different girls, and three of which were some of my closest friends. it hurts alot, but you're poem was really great. it hit the nail on the head for me. thank you
I really liked your poem it moved me I love reading and writing poems about heartbreak but I don't think I have ever fallen in love so I really don't know how it feels but I definately can imagine it.
This poem is really nice.
it made me feel the way i did when my boy friend broke my heart his name is sean and i still luv him even no he doesnt luv me
Your poem is very intresting. I like it because you go into detail about how you feel, Its real emo. Good job!
hey I just wanted to say that even though your poem was a few lines ,you explained everythin that I have tried to put into words for my ex-boyfriend. so thank you! keep up the great work! Oh yeah, sorry that your great work had to come from something so sad as a broken heart but again it's wonderful and GOOD LUCK!
i like your poem beautiful and it made me so sad to know how ppl feeling about their relationship not easy goes on everyday .
this poems almost cry because I like it lot
I loved this poem! My b/f broke ^ w/ me and I was broken-hearted. U did a great job! :)
my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and I couldn't stop crying
i thought this poem was beautiful,itstood out to alot, mostlywhen ur love has left u
I love your poem, it truly decribes the way i would
I love your poem.
I like your poems,it make me feel good because I know Im not alone going through this terrible feeling that I have right now. My boyfriend and I broke up after four years of being together and he was my high school sweet heart and my best friend. Everyday that passes seems like an eternity.
sara hey that poem touched my heart in a way no any other poem has this is the best poem you have ever wrote its true what your trying to say it happened to me too,but the other way around i did it to him but i didnt mean it.
I vote for this poem because it reminds me of this guy I went out with and that's how I felt about that person. This girl can really write and tell her true feelings. You go girl!
simple, but effective. love it!
This poem reminded me of when my boyfriend that I was in love with broke up with me for one of my best friends.
This poem really knew what i wanted to say to my boyfriend after we broke up and i really liked it.
I really love this poem. I myself write poems and tho i haven't experienced a broken heart as yet. I think this kinda tells it all about how it feels. GREAT PEOM!
After I read this poem i fell in love with it . Its a great one! It sounds just like me and my x-boyfriend. he broke up with me yesterday on the 4th. it sucked cuz i REALLY loved him! ALOT! but now he dont love me anymore! but okay thought you'd like to know that this poem WAS AWESOME!
this peom was dead gd it reali tounch me i am glad u wrote it it has help me understand
broken heart
my very first boyfriend broke up with me 2 days ago. we were perfect! thinking about going to japan together, and all this stuff. he kept saying he liked me he asked me out, and i was so happy. for 6 days he didnt call me, and on the 6th day i found out i loved him and he broke up with me. it hurt i needed a poem and sarah's was perfect it was beautiful
I love this poem and went through the same thing once but i love your poem hope you email me back (LOL)
this poem is the best
i think that it is a really good poem, keep up the good work and memeber smiles always follows the tears.
I love your poem it just like touched my heart girlfriend. It is like so goodddddddd.
this is so cute
good poems loved it touched my heart
I love this poem. It is very good. I reminds me of when my bofriend broke up with me to go out with another girl and i cried for days. I was really torn.
this reminds me of when the guy i dated left me after i took him to a cocert the night before.
I really like your poem because it made me think and understand that there will always a piece of my broken heart thet he can meand. My boyfriend broke up with me for another woman so thank you for helping me realize that i don't hate him just miss him a ton
Lee Lee
i love this poem. it really touch my heart a lot. becuase i have this guy that i really love and it seems that he is cheating on me so i think he is tryying to break my heart too.
i like your poem " broken heart" because i'm going though the same thing right now with this guy. i also tell him i will love him 4-ever!
I really enjoyed this poem. My boyfriend dumped me so this goes really well how I feel. This the best poem that I heard in a long time. Thanks for making my day better.
If my heart could speak, that poem is what it would have said. That touched me, coz when my ex and i broke up, that is wat i was feeling. Credit goes out to the author! U touch peoplez hearts, and say wat is too hard for them to say.
i like this poem because it hit me when i seen it it mad me realyz what im missing in my life . broken hearts hurt . you love the person but they have stuff to deal with in there life . wiht out you ,it will hurt you to here that
i like your poem , i am a fan of poetry, iwrtie some myself but i think is not good enough well i just want to say good job
I really liked your poem. My boyfriend dumped me for another girl, and it really helped me to be able to tell him that i love him and only him. It had given me enough courage to do so.
this poem it really good well i like it because i use to be with a guy that i really did love but he broke my heart really bad but the bad thing is that i cant forget about him
I really like your poem
i loved your poem it was great my names is also sarah
i have gone threw the same thing me and muh bf broke up and that was almost a year ago and i kno we will never stop loven eachother
your poem comes from your heart,thats why its so unique. Its beautiful and true. I know how you feel its terrible that something beautiful can be taken away. The healing prosses is hard but life is life we can't change it,even though we want something that was taken away from you.
your poem put my feelings in to words. my boyfreind and i broke up yesterday and i really truely loved him. i wanted to be with him forever. you poem helped me feel better thank you
i love your poem it;s just like me and my boyfriend but it was hard on both of us to break up although i did promise him that i will love him forever and he promised me the same thing
Excellent poem! Keep it up!
i have went through something very similar like this. love can hurt really bad so watch it
i love this poem
i think that this poem is really really nice..i think that you are a really good writer and that i hope to see more of your talent!
This is a great poem. It raelly shows what it feels like to lose someone you love. I felt the exact same way about my ex-boyfriend who I still love with all my heart! Great Job!
I had gone through a similar experiece, but it was not the exact same kind.
This poem rules!!!!!
A very good describes how i felt a little while ago
This pome is for my ex boyfriend he is a .