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I Love You, My Friend by Lynn Smiley

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I loved this poem. It was perfect on how I feel about my ex-boyfriend, that was before I really close friend.
really love the poem..such a wonderful one
it is so wonderful
This poem is so awesome. It just touched me so deeply. I never thought a poen written by someone else can capture everything I felt and even more. It was just great.
this poems hits close to home. it is a lovely poems about falling in love with a freind
This poem reminds me deeply about the situation that I believe everyone encounters in their life.
Holds a very special meaning as my best friend delivered this to me.
I like this poem because it rhymed and it express the feeling of love.
This poem has hit me. It's exactly where I am today. I've been looking for the words to say to my "friend" and now I've found them. Thank you.
This poem really got to me. It explains everything that I am going through with a friend that I just realized I love. Its hard to tell him but I think with this poem he will see how much he means...Great Job :)
I was kind of looking for a poem to tell a friend that I fell in love with (emotionally and physically) in high school but over the years it died away simply because we lost communication. Well, we've gotten back in touch with one another and I've come to realize that I still love him, regardless of how upset or even angry he made me in the past, present, and will in the future. We're both young adults now and have learned how to love and respect others more deeply. I revealed my past love for him and that I kept these feelings to myself but I don't know how to tell him that I love him again and probably will for a while because I don't want to lose him again and have revealing my feelings be the reason. I would rather keep them to myself again than tell him. I will probably write my own poem but this will give me some inspiration. Thank you.
absolutly a great poem!
I really liked this poem b/c it tells the way if feel about someone special in my life.
this says alot about how love is felt. i was thinking about forgeting and now i cant.
this poem go me into a relationship with someone i love. thank you
This has to be one of the most true to life poems I have ever read.
i loved this pome ,i have a friend that this was perect for thank you:)
heart-warming & touching
this poem reminds me of someone. I felt that way about him, but we are not freinds anymore.
I have been readiong poems for the past month and I just couldnt find one that really touched me and that fit my position. This poem means alot to me every word and phrase is touching and I would just like to say who ever wrote this Thankyou!!
loved this poem..i fell in love with a friend and this was exactly how i felt...very scarey and i wasnt sure what to say!!
This poem hit the spot that I was looking for. My best friend/neighboor and I found ourselves in a rather sticky situation...
i really liked this poem it reminded of what just happend a few days ago. my x broke up with me and i would like it if i would be able to send this poem to her if i may this really came from the heart and i knew she would like this as well thanks
A very good poem, touched me in some way. I have a close friend...
This poem is a great description of my "friend". I really enjoyed it and it hurts sometimes to know that a friend is all it is. Thank you so much for writing this you are a great writer!
truly a beautiful piece of poetry.
This poem touched my heart
I have a friend.this fits things that have happened between us.almost exactly..thank you
I loved this poem!I know exactly how this feels cause I going through this right now.
I chanced upon this poem, and it stood out, like was written just for me.
How very sweet. i know this is from experience.