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The Phone Call by Kit McCallum

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tanni, all i can say is this is a pretty powerful poem! I really like this
very well written its like everyone thinks of the same thing in the night when the phone rings!
How is it that you know what you're about to hear with out picking up the phone? I had the call late one night, but I knew already she was gone.
This poem brought out alot of memories for me. In 2 days my sister will have been gone for nine years and it fully makes me understand how my mother feels when that phones rings late at night.
i feel your pain i just recieved a phone call in the middle of the night and i was thinking the same thing but i was for me and it was a horrible thing and i wish it all was a dream but we all have to face reality even when i isn't fun to do.
This poem really brought back some memories. I enjoyed it and thought it very well written.
This is excellent all too true I have had this experience with awful circumstance.