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Goodbye At Last by Barbi D

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This poem is truelly touching and amazing. I loved it!
i lost my first true love and father of my daughter to a car accident 3 years ago and your poem is what i feel. you are a good writter.
I lost a friend about a week ago,and it's so hard to believe she's gone. She was killed in a car accident and she got through over a bridge and into the river and she drowned. And this poem made me understand that she is in a better place than here on earth.
This poem reached me and expressed everything that i have wanted to say for a long time. My boyfriend died a year ago tomorrow from drowning and the only regret i have from knowing him is that i never got to tell him how i truly feel about him and the time we had together. This poem made me cry. Thank you
Barbi, your poem has touched me so much. It expresses everything that I feel about death, in a way that I could not put into words.
thanks for the poem, it ment so much to me. I am only 14 and I lost my dad due to a train accident. I left for school in the morning mad at him and I never said Good Bye and I love you for the last time. This poem brought me to tears but it helped. Thanks so much!
This poem really meant alot to me, one of my best friends and ex boyfriends left us all without saying goodbye. Suicide is not the answer. I'll always love you and remember you Hawker, for as long as i l live
i really liked this poem i just had my son a week in a half ago and my boyfriend was on his way back from mexico and died in a tragic car accident we also have two other kids iam only 20 years the poem is a very good one
this poem was like it was me writting it. it was very good. it really hit home.
this poem is exactly what i wanted to say but couldn't find the words to say it. i just lost the love of my life & i never got to tell him how i felt or good~bye. i love you Phillip & my deepest condolenses to every one you left behind.
I thought this poem was very beautiful.I lost my boyfriend of 12 years,2and half years ago.It was a hit and run.We still don't know who did it.But I never did get to say goodbye.
this also hit home for me. this is the perfect poem. i lost a boyfriend 5 years ago. i was with him and saw he helplessly fall off a cliff. i did not say good-bye to him and the only words he said to me that i replay in my head is dont worry baby ill be right back as he slowly let go of my hand. i wish if i could be so selfish to ask for just one is to have him back for just one day to tell him goodbye and to do everything we could being together. i miss him so much. in memory of Dainel. thanks for making such a great poem it helps.
My good friend Curtis died only 3 weeks ago and I still can't believe it. We did everything together and it hurts to think about everything we still were suppose to do. I didn't get to say good-bye because I was seeing him the next day. Then he died in a car accident. I will always miss him and pray for him. This poem just said it all, Thank you.
I loved that poem. It was so sad, I was at work and was just reading some of the poems and I read this one and just lost it.
Thank you for writing this beutiful poem, i could never find the words to say but i miss you. My boyfriend?bestfriend for the 15 of my 22 years you were always by my side and now your not. The most touching poem i have ever read.
This poem really hit me hard, because just over a year ago I lost not only my girl friend, but my soul mate in a tragic car accident and I never got the chance to say good bye. I have been looking for a poem that relates to this, and this one is definitely it. Thank you
i just lost my friend on 3-2-01 he was bilimic. we thought he was better but we were wrong. your poem is the best it comforts me greatly! :)
This poem really touched my heart. I lost my best friend whom I loved more than anyone and I never got a chance to tell him how I felt.I never got to say Goodbye. I miss you and love you Gus.
This poem says how i feel. my ex-boyfriend/bestfriend died in a car wreck 3 months ago and i didn't get to say goodbye. i miss him so much.
I want to thank you for writing this poem. I have experienced a death recently and I was so afraid to go to the funeral. So I didnt go. This is a good way of expressing my feelings towards people you have lost and didnt get a chance to say bye. I really regret that I didnt get to tell her goodbye! Thank you..this is a very good poem.
I really like this poem.... My first love and 2 friends just died in a car accident and i really liked this one!
Such A Pretty One!!!!!! My Heart Felt To The ground When I read This Poem!!!!!!!!!
it was touching.
The poem was well expressed on the writers true feelings for her friend. It was very well written and said so much that was in her heart.
I really like this poem, it touched my heart which feels the very same way.
This is a beautiful poem. I lost the love of my life in a horrible car/train accident 5 months ago. This really says how I feel. I love you, Barry.
this poem hits home for me. i lost by boyfriend 2 years ago and i never did get to say good-bye to him. he was killed in a car accident. this poem means a lot to me.
Barbie, Thank you for sharing your poem. My husband died suddenly and I didn't get to say good-bye to him.
I lost the love of my life 2 weeks ago. This is the only poem that I have ever read that hits so close to home. Thank you.