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Mother's Watch by Andrea Hill

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This is a touching poem. I only wish I were with my mother when she went home. I love to write poems especially about my mother and I place them at her grave site. I have been inspired by you and other poets to enhance my skills of writting poems.
Your poem was very beautiful and touching.
I like this poem, and it makes me think about my mom's good friend who died of cancer. And I think about how a lot of things are sad about this poem. None-the-less, it is a great poem.
'Mother Watch' is so touching,I still have my mother, but I know some day she will be gone.Your poem gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for the opportunity of reading your heart felt feelings.
Extremely good , touching and moving.
This poem is so good-it is well written and expressive. Should be a winner!
Im a fan of poems thats why i was looking at this. well n-e way when i was reading these poems i stopped at this one. This one made me have tears in my eyes. Who ever wrote this I want them or you to know that this one really touched my heart! Meagan
A very touching poem!