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Heartstrings Are Played Upon by Hope

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This poem has touched me like no other. I loved it and could relate to it because I'm been going thru this for sometime now and no matter what happens and how time is passing by this feeing does not go away.
It felt good to read a poem that expressed exactly how I was feeling, you are talented and it made me feel a little better.
wow. poignant.
Loved it, I am going through this now!
this really hit the nail on the head! thank you
This poem touched me. I was deeply touched. It is important to return the Love in a relationship. You need to cherish and respect the person even if there is fear in you. Show the person how much they mean to you. Respect is very important and honesty in a relationship. You write very well. YOu touched my heart
That was an excellent poem! I loved it, it reached the situation I'm in right now! Keep up the great work!
I very much liked your poem. It makes me wonder how and why people can be so cruel. Thank you for sharing your feelings.
I like this guy whom I knew for the past 2 years. But deep inside my heart, I've always known that this attraction only goes one way. From me to him.
this one really did touch my heartstring's!! thankyou
this poem explains exactally ow i feel about a person that means soo much to me..and i mean NOTHING to him
this poem hits home because it just happened to me