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Prayer For The Living by Kevin Rose

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my words. exactly.
omg. "never finishing the Job". that was my excuse. ever seen a man cry?. stop staring. that is one of the best poems by far.
i think it was great , i mean you can feel the emotion flowing on it
Your poem was great! I have been depressed for the past 3 months and I could really relate to your poem. Thanks!
Amazing poem. understanding the dark secret of wanting to die.
Your poem is very stunning! It has frozen me in fear. It depicts exactly how I feel/think/long for. I love this poem, it truly ministers to me.
This poem was right on the money. My thoughts once again.
I love your poem and I can totaly relate to it. thanks for sharing!
Wow this is an amazing poem it hits me it's exactly how i feel. I've been taking blame for others and causing all the pain and i've been praying just to die. This poem touches me like nothing before. Thank-you
Your poem touched me greatly and filled my soul with understanding to know that i am not the only person who feels the way i do. I wish that u find true happiness.
Hey, that poem soley expressed what I was going through over spring break.Thnks for writing such a strong poem.
I liked your poem.
These words described me very well. And my friends wonder why? But o'well at least i know someone else feels this way.
this was an excellent poem. tears came to my eyes when i read it, and i really think this could help other people as well. beautifully chosen words. i loved it
That was an amazing poem. I feel the same way. Thanks for writing it out.
i like this peom a lot because it reminds me of my best friend lisa has been going through and i care about her a lot thanxs this peom means a lot to me
i understand where you're coming from. i felt the same way, although i could never express it quite like you have done.
I have never seen anything that described the way i felt like this poem before! It was beautifully written. I just wanna say that i have finally gotten out of my depression after 3 long years with the help of Jesus. Without Him, I would still be stuck in hell.
these words describe me exactly, i feel i need to die, but dont want to hurt others in the process.
It as if you took my thoughts and put them into words that I could have never expressed.
What you pray for, you might receive. Death is better than long life suffering. Those around me, especially those dear to me are holding me to this life. Several times someone very close to me attempted suicide & because of that I had to change my life. Suicide runs in the family, so sometimes I wonder why I did not go all the way - I guess I'm lucky God found me
a moment passing, a moment in our lives. Blessed Be
I'm in a really bad situation right now and I just wrote the saddest poem ever but oyurs is more than perfect its something that is so personal and yet so shared. I love you for it
i understand u b/c im going thrighu the same. i hope u r living ur life to the fulliest and feeling better about urself!
dude that was sooo deep. and i respect, u very much to express yourself so well and detailed.
You touched my soul with this poem. I thought that no-one knew how I felt. I have been unable to cry for ages, the pain just crawling in my mind, eating my sanity. Now my tears run free. Thank you. You saved my life.
wow.thoughts i never could really express, put right there in front of me. Articulate, thoughtful, meaningful.I'm impressed
Your poem said a lot about how I feel. I don't think I can ever do right or make anyone happy. everyday I wake up wanting to die. Thank you for writting a poem that I can relate too. I'm not that talented to get my feelings out and reading about the same feelings I have kind of helps deal with the pain.
as I type tears are streaming down my've described the pain I feel. I'm screaming but there is never anyone around to hear me!
I'm speechless. This is so totally what I feel and think that it sounds like something I would have written if I had any talent whatsoever with words.
I understand exactly what you said. This is a brilliant poem.
this is exactly how i feel aboout life
Well this peom touched my heart because everyword that dripped from that pen seems like it was writting my feelings. This has a lot of feeling put into it and is a wonderful well written poem.
I thought that was an awesome poem!!!!
i thought that this poem was really good and really well written it relates to me a lot and it brought a tear to my eye to know that sumone feels the same kind of pain that im goin through
I know how you feel I feel like that alot these days your poem is my thought but put into word I loved it and hope Kevin writes more
All I have to say is: I understand
This poem described exactly how I was feeling a little while ago. It brought back things I didn't want to think about, but it truly is an amazing poem. It really brings the reader in so they can experience what goes on inside a suicidal person's head.
this poem touched me so much. it is exactly what i am feeling only i couldn't express it like you did. it made me think a lot about my life and others.
The nights I've lied awake in my bad all alone i think is there any one who can say things that i keep inside that i would never tell the rest of the world for the feaar that i may be called crazy that i may said to want to hurt some one when that is not at all what i want i just want to end every ones disapointment for itis all because of me. you are the one who can do so for me