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Wings Of The Angels by Tim Chambers

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Your poem was amazing. I really loved it. It was very inspiring and I think you have an amazing talent!
Your poem is remarkable. It says just want I want to have our son say to his best little buddie who lost his mother on Thursay June 24, 2004. This is a very hard time not only for the children but all involved. We are making a "Mom" box and we are hoping to get permission from you to place a copy or your poem in her box. You have no idea by your writing how many people you have touched. Thanks!
This is such a beautifully written poem. It completely touched my heart.
I recently lost my mother to luncg cancer, she passed in Sept , i've searched and searched for a poem i could add to my scrap book of memories , I came to your site and found not only one but many . I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful poems they are very touching
I loved this poem, because I know exactly what it is like to loose a mother, My younger brother and I just lost our mother almost 1 year ago to cancer. And this poem was beautiful.
it is bueatiful it was sent to us by a dear friend as my mother-in-law has just died and it says everything that was needed to be said by all 3 of her children, they all loved it and it touched there hearts enough to be read out by a member of the family in church
I lost my mother when I was 13 and now I 'm about to be 26 and get married and this poem really brings a type of closure that I just recently started to feel.
I liked the poem, because I was looking for a poem to put next to my mother's picture in my photo album. My mother passed away on April 21, 2001. I miss her dearly and really loved my mom. If there was one wish in the world, that would be to have my mom back.
I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer the end of March 2003. I am still having a hard time and I am trying to learn to live without the most important person in my life. Your poem was beautiful and touching, I only wish I found it earlier so it could have been read at her service. Thank you for sharing it with us. It will go in my scrapbook that I made in remembrance of my Mom.
Tim, I lost a friend yesterday, she was murdered by a horrible person who could not stand to lose someone he loved. She has left behind two children and her husband, your poem is beautiful and I will share it with her family. Thank you for your words. In memory of Tracy
I loved your poem, my best friends mother passed away on th 5th August 2003, and I want to let her know how much I care, and your poem gave me the words to do so. Thinking Of You Joanna. xoxo
Dear Tim, Your poem was very well written and it had special meaning for me because my mom died on July 14, 2003, just over a month ago. Thank you for sharing your talent.
it touched me alot. it made it more touching knowing that some one you knew lost a mother or loved one
I lost my mother and few days ago and this poem hit me like a rock. This is an EXCELLENT, well written poem that says it all.
My mother just recently passed away, and I came across this poem and it touched my heart in more ways than one! Thank you!
Your poem was very touching.
I liked this poem because I could relate to this poem I recently lost my mother in a car accident. It was a horrible loss for me! Luckily I had friends like the author to help me get thorough it!
Thanks for the poem, im a american soldier. Its christmas eve and i found out my grandma passed.In her final days she swears she saw angels. and youre poem help me through a tough time.its hard for a line soldier to this stuff, and i would like to say youre poem at her funeral.Because you wrote what i feel. Thanks
This is a very lovely poem. I wish that I had as much skill as you do with words. I write some poems, but yours bets them all.
I was searching for a poem with just the right touch and I read your poem and it brought tears to my eyes. But the best part was that they were happy tears and that was what I was looking for. Thank you!
i love this poem, very well written
Loved the poem. Very touching to the heart.
This poem is so great. My father just died it helped me a lot because I was able to change mother into father and still get the meaning.
VERY WELL WRITTEN,Tim! I have been reading dozens of poems at this site, without shedding a tear; but this one, choked me up! I lost my Mother 10 months ago, and have only been able to TRY and move on, knowing that she is now an "ANGEL"! Someone has a VERY "special" friend; that is YOU!!!
this poem is really really cared about ur friend's mom
this poem broght tears to my eyes, it was very beautiful
I just recently lost my mother in March. This has help me in relizing that other people feel the same pain and loss that my family has felt. Thank you for words of comfort
My Mother passed away yesterday.Thank you for such a beautiful poem.
My mother, 52, just died and we watched her go from being alive and alert to slipping into a coma and this poem really brought peace to me, knowing that she is in a place where angels are.
A very touching poem. I really like the last sentence. It gives hope in a hopeless seeming time. Well done job. Not too mushy, just the right touch of emotion.
that was great I loved it!!!!
This is a wonderful poem...
I think this poem is awesome i could only dream of writing something like that
I recently lost my grandma and this poem was a great comfort to me!Keep up the great work!!
This poem shows such deep compassion.
A beautiful poem. Tim is a masterful poet. I am sure he is treasured by all his friends.
This poem brought tears to my eyes, I lost my mother a few years ago but was looking for something to comfort a friend who just lost her mother on Christmas eve in a car accident. Thank you & God Bless You.