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Screams Of Silence by Tim Chambers

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this is just like a poem that i wrote about being alone an wanting 2 let go
omg i think i just fell in love with that poem! your an amazing writer and im looking forward to checking out more of you work
i really loved ur poem i really think u took the time to do this and its really good
great poem the way you related everything together jujst amazing. im left speechless. itz just so dark i love it.
Wow. I think this is great. The sophistication of your ideas are brought out clearly in your language. well done.
this poem was bad and bueatiful. i love the way you write!
this was wonderful. I didnt think anyone could capture poetry like that anymore.
That was amazing your really touched me w/ that! It was very well written!You should really keep writing!
WOW! You are an AMAZING poet! I mean, that sounds like it just popped out of a Poe book! You are very talented, keep up the wonderous work. I want to read some more by you
I love the references to Dante's inferno. This poem is so well written and so dark, I just love it! I printed it out and takced it up on my wall, actually. ^_^ I have to say that if Mr. Chambers doesn't become a published poet (if he isn't already) the world will certainly be deprived of a talented man.
I loved it. You put it together so perfectly. Perfect word structure. You have serious talent. Youll go far.
amazing work
Tim you are a true poet, and as every poet you feel deeply the hurts inside, however this is your gift, I pity those who are unable to feel for they do not see the beauty. Your way of writing is refreshing and so well done. Thank you for sharing with others.
That was awesome. I dont know what to say. just like omg. that was just great!
I am at a loss for words- the form and rhyme and every aspect of this poem fit together perfectly. The mention of Dante and Tisiphone really thrilled me; it was a pleasure to read this.
well written
oh god this poem made me cry last month a friend of mine commited suicide. And this just made me think of what he went through and if only he could have gotten help he would still be here.
I loved the energy in the word structure, and the style. I would love to use this one in my novel---with credit to the author.
beautifully written so discriptive... wonderful poem
I never thought that the ninth gate could be described like a bad friend. But that's what it sounds like to me from this poem, Thy reads many poems but Thyself is still in confusion on depression0. Funny I used to by slightly 'depressed'. Times are diffrent than we believe and every one's story, sane or not, transforms our future indefinitly.
very powerful
This is the best
Tim, i was very impressed with your poem. The word usage and rhyming was very good. Keep up the good work. It is nice to read good poetry about subjects that interest me.
This poem is awesome. I love the words you chose to write it in. I think that your word choice gave the poem so much more depth and meaning than some other's that I have read!
Your poem says a lot on how you feel. I have once had an anger like you. I turned to writing all my feelings down on paper and it helped me cope with the angry feelings I had inside. I wanted to say your poem is great and to keep expressing your feelings the way you do!
I loved the way this was written. It rhymed so beautifully and the words just reached so deep inside me.
Pretty descriptive
A very intelligent and sophisticated poem - the language used is suited to the imagery of Hell and Death...
I truly felt all the passion and emotions coming from the words of this poem. It was well written, and at one point in time, I could have related very well. I still know the bitter feelings, and they will forever be embedded in my mind.
it was great! I loved you unique words and style. i cant wait to show my friends!