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Just Friends by Diane Blue

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this poem is exactly how i feel about a friend of mine.
Excellent. Thats me right there talking to my friend!
Without this poem I wouldn't be going out with the most fabulous guy ever! We'd been denying how we felt for ages. But after I mailed this poem to him, we finally managed to step over the barrier we'd put between us and show each other how much we really cared. We're talking about getting engaged soon! Without this poem, my life could be so empty! Thank you so much!
excellent poem... maybe we should take it a step further.. but we are all too scared
beautiful and touching totally reflects my feelings when i fell in love with my friend.thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings into words.
Something i can relate to, it is the best!
I could really relate to your poem. I am also in the same situation. This one guy was my best guy friend (not so much n/e more) and I have feelings for him. We can't be together because people are in the was of everything. That peom exactly evpresses what I feel inside.
So True! "There's nothing half so sweet in life As love's young dream" - Thomas Moore
This poem reminds me of a time when my best guyfriend and I had a conflict in our friendship because I told him how I felt about him in a "loving" way and he didn't want to go further like that. I tried to move on with my own life after two weeks of conflict but he didn't want to let go of me because we have been best friends since we were elementary schoolers and it's hard to throw friendships away with old friends. If you have a best friend who is oppsite sex, just remember: it takes warmth, understanding and communication to stay together and in other words,"it takes thyme to grow old friends,..."
Hi ya, It pleasently surprised me that how come its possible that you write the words exactly reflecting my feelings to someone. I don't know what to say but its just great !
Oh My Gosh, this poem sounds sooo much like me and my guy friend. I've always wished it could be more, and he also knows that too. It makes me cry to think that :(
this poem explains exactly how i feel about this guy! your a GREAT poet! good luck in the future;)
This is a wonderful poem that I absolutely loved. I could relate to it so much. I am in love with one of my best friends, but I just can't tell her how I feel. I'm too scared to leave her.. :(
This poem hits all to close to home. I still cannot understand why I cannot tell her how I feel even though we both know each other cares.
Thank You
I sent this poem to a very good friend of mine. It really struck a cord in me and i thought she should know how i really felt.
this poem describes a relationship i have with someone very special to me and i really enjoyed reading it.
Can relate well to the poem...I had a friend with whom I was very close the extent of having another girl pal of mine to ask me if we were a couple. I wanted to be more than just friends, but he do not allow us to go beyond friendship. Reason being, he still cannot get over his ex-girlfriend. And sometime later, we had a misunderstanding and we have not spoken to each other since. I cannot bring myself to call him up for a talk, for there is no way I can look at him in the eye and say "Let's just be friends."
This poem is great. It totally relates to my situation
Hey ... sometimes even guys weep at such perfect descriptions of their lives .... I know I did. Simply beautiful. Thank you so much!
I gave this poem to my friend and when he read he understood that maybe we did the right thing. It explained exactly how we felt and beyond his circumstances, he was able to express how he felt without having to put it in his own words
This poem is great!! One of my best friends is a guy (with blue eyes) and this poem describes our relationship perfectly!
I though this was a great poem and it really describes what I feel for my best friend!
This poem is all too real for me. Now if we can just figure out how to break down the walls.
I really love this poem because I am facing the same situation. I have had mixed feelings. Yet, after reading this poem I have the encouragement to be patient and perhaps one day soon, I and the one I love so much will be together once again.
this poems really explain about feeling that can really express how they feel. i kind of feel that way sometimes with a freind of mine. that we had to make sure that no one is around to hear what we talk about
I know exactly how you feel.. this sounds so much like myself and a friend of mine that I work it's hard
Great poem!, it is so true of someone who says they just want to be friends and there is more there than what they are willing to admit. Thanks.
Very nice. I feel you.
This is what I am experiencing right now. and indeed Di you did a very good and your poem touches many hearts that share similar situation. Keep it up.
wonderfull poem.exactly what i needed at the moment
This really hits home. How many of us have that secret desire, the we now we can't indulge in. Well written, as usual Di.
This truly touched me. It came across as so very true, and mixed friendship with love, confusion and caution.
I really think this peom is great, everything it says is true and I will be sending this poem to a friend to let her know how I feel. Thanks for the good poetry!
I can relate to this poem and I think it is true of many people.
This poem brought tears to my eyes, as it explains exactly how I feel toward my best friend.
This is a really great poem, it is so true!
Hey u'r describing exactly how i feel!!!
How some of these words feel so right when you describe a very special friendship, which are not allowed to be more.
i've felt the same way and i could't have put it in better words than you. Terriff!!
this poem I liked because it's telling my story and life between me and a really close friend.and it makes me realize alot of what you need to think about in these relationships
It was a very good poem touched a place in my heart that is going through the same thing at the moment very real and truthful!
I feel this poem is very real. It's a reminder that we try to force the fact that we all need someone away rather than face our need to have someone to depend on rather than our own self. We'd rather avoid the pain than play the game and live life. It's better to have a little than nothing at all, the fantaisy gives usa safe palce to go.
WOW! This was such a great poem. I have a friend that I always talk to everyday but we can't be more than friends because my ex is best friends with him and he doesn't want him to be hurt. So, I wish we could be together!:(
it's amazing how you are able to capture feelings and be able to put them into are a talented poet
awesome...juss the way i feel rite now
this poem touched my heart and ii have felt and done the samething i love poem keep up the good work
this is such an expressive poem and explain my situation with my guy best friend who i love so much! thanks. it's helpful knowing that i am not the only that has to go through this
this is one of many poems i have read that is really interesting
I just want to say that this poem touched my heart in a tender spot when I read it. It has done something that months of deliberating hasn't been able to do for me, it made me decide. Hoping all goes well, thank you.
I love this poem. It reminds me of me and my best guy friend right now.
Excellent Touching Poem!!
This poem is one that many people can relate to , its well written and brings to light many things people fear and believe
Perfectly comparable to those of us with those same feelings. Thanx
this poem really touched my heart! i have a good friend and it hurts so much that friends is all we could be. when i found this poem i had to copy it down and hang it on my refrigerator. THANK YOU!!!!!
This sounds familiar. I enjoyed this poem because it happens just to be the case of me. Need I say More?
My God. The first time I read this poem I cried my eyes out. It's SO perfect. My best friend IS a guy, with blue eyes, no less, and this poem describes our relationship better than anything else in the world.
This is me! It's like we share a kinder spiit.
wow!, this is just so me. Di, i think you've been through what i am going through, this is a fantastic poem, simple yet elegent, passionate and heartfelt. it's beutiful, from a guy's point of view, it's got substance if you know what i mean. keep it up.
i live your poem myself, isn't that what a truly great poem is?
Wish I had found this poem before I composed a letter expressing my feelings to "just a friend". This poem could've gone over better. No matter, I also sent this poem. Who knows if I ever will no how it was received. Oh well. Nothing ventured nothing gained. This poem sums up this "only friends" thing very well! Thanks
Words so true, relationships so common...
this poem is a reflection of my own life and i admit i cried when i read it. it was emotionally powerful. thank you
Wow! The best word I can think of to describe this poem. I think we have all been in simular situations, and this makes us relive it with clarity. Lik eit was written directly to the reader.
I am in this exact situation and when I read this, my heart skipped a beat. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever read.
Wow. For 7 years now I've been trying to find the right words to tell my friend how I've felt for him. you have read my thoughts like an open book. Thanks.
This poem is to true. How do you tell someone how you really feel, when all they see in you is just a "friend".
Just to let all of you out there know in the same situation as me. This is very moving and very true on how I feel about a lad called Simon!
I think this poem is awesome. It describes the situation im in prfectly.
Out of all the friendship poems on here, this one hit the nail on the head.
I really liked your poem. It really hits home. I feel the same way about someone but i know that it is not possible