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No Tomorrow by Angel Towe

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A simple yet poignant display which touches deep into the depths of one's soul. I wish more people could possess the perception and sensitivity of the writer. Only then, will others come to realise the pain and hurt caused to Life around. Thank You, Angel!!!
I think that is the sad truth about what goes on in our society today.When I was reading this poem tears started coming down my face. I think that before a women even think about getting an abortion they should read "No Tomorrow". Your poem is hope!
That is a great poem: Heather, if someone doesn't want a child, they shouldn't just wear a condom, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE SEX. It is time for poeple to open up their eyes to the fact that they need to take responsibilty for their actionsinstead of killing an innocent child. IT IS WRONG!
That was a very sad poem.But I think more poeple should read things like that before they take a life of a unborn child away.
I love this poem and I also think that it is truly unthinkable to have an abortion. its wrong. if you don't want a kid wear a condom!
It's to bad that people don't read this poem before they actually decide to have an abortion. Great Job
I really liked your poem it was very touching. The reason i found it was because i was researching stuff on abortion for a class discusion. this is a poem i would be able to read to them and actually make them think about abortion in a deeper way. Great poem
I absolutely love this poem becasue I was in that postion and thanks to a wonderful lady sitting in the room my mother changed her mind.