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Just a Little Longer by Maria Byrne

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this poem discribes.. everything.. "just a little longer" not giving up.. i wish my boyfriend wouldn't give up, jus like she.
Hey this is exactily how i feel sometimes. this really kept me thinking. this is a really good peom.
I wish I was as talented as most people but I was NEVER good at anything. The poem was a good poem I have been searching a long time for people who feel like I do who would have thought I would find them online
This is a great poem it you had to put your heart into this my self i love to read poems and write them this is how i get all my thoughts and feelings out this is a way for me to escape
hey this is awsome , kind of the way i feel right now this really hit home
That was one of the BEST poems i have read.. my eyes are watry you have a great talent that i wish i could have
Wow! that poem was terrific! it meant so much to me! keep on writing Maria!
right on!
I have been dealing with suicide for the longest time. And your poem basically summarizes why I have been staying alive for just a little longer. Thanks for your talent. And thanks for writing this poem.
maria thank you. i really enjoyed your words and admire your strength in always being able to wait "just a little longer". i often feel this way myself and was starting to feel like i was alone.
amazing, this poem puts into words the fears of my soul
a hopeless heart is filled with a sence of knowing as depression cries its mourning song.
That was really deep. I loved it and i almost started balling while reading it. thanx for the experience!
This was deep. I can honestly say I know how that feels. I write poetry because the words flow from my mouth like it's nothing weak. The feelings are real. The thoughts are real, but when you look for help. The friends aren't there. Your not alone.
This is a very good poem as all the words pass by i felt my life so like this poem it has so much meaning and life to the words i felt a part with the words used .maria byrne i love your poem and you should write more you have a gift good luck
Wow! This was a well written poem and you expressed so many feelings too. It touched me in so many ways. Thanks for writing a great poem for us all!
feels exacly how i feel and it's good to know that someone can put that feeling into words
I can't stop shimmering! It's a really nice touches my heart...
its really expressive
This is a really great poem. It was well Written.
This poem touched me in ways I have never felt. For once I got too know that "it's not just me!" I guess I'm not alone in this world afterall.
Impressive and very beautiful
Good poem!
Beautiful, it gave me chills!
this poem magnifies the dark heart of depression. it sins of melancholia and hopelessness this poem is symbolic of the endless tears we cry during that overwhelming low
Beautiful....Would of made me cry if I would of allowed it to. But I relate so much tears don't even count anymore.
This is a very meaningful poem.
ypur poem is great i also injoy writting poems
wow, this poem was very touching and moving. Its like you wrote it about me.