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This poem takes a new look at the well- known story of John and where it's appropriate, includes humor to emphasize the point.

(Adapted from Matthew 3)

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I just love it!
I love the truthful humor of this poem. It is so well written and it has such character. Well done! This poem is number one!
Thank you for this poem, I have never heard the story of John The Baptist told quite like that. May God Bless Your Gift of Poetry.

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John The Baptist

John the Baptist was a wild- looking man,
With his camel- hair coat and his desert tan,
His food was dried locusts dipped in wild honey,
A common food then for those without money.

He preached in the wilderness of Judea,
Multitudes came from far and near,
To hear his message of salvation,
Baptism, repentance and preparation.

Make the way straight, was his often cry,
For the One who is coming, behold itís not I,
Even His sandals, Iím not worthy to loose.
(Preaching like this can lead to abuse. )

The abuse was forthcoming from Pharisees,
Not far behind, the corrupt Sadducees,
They held the sway in religion and law,
Heaven knows what they were good for.

John accused, You guys are snakes,
Not only that, hypocrites and fakes,
You donít have at all just what it takes,
Repent or youíre doomed to the fiery lakes.

God will sort out the wheat from the chaff,
He cuts out the goats with His shepherdís staff,
You say youíre the seed, of Abraham,
Thinking like that got you into this jam.

The Lord can raise up the rocks and the stones,
Heís in charge of the Kings and their thrones,
Your place can be taken by those who believe,
Depart now vile serpents, find someone else to deceive.

Then Jesus came down to be baptized by John,
Who replied in clear terms it was surely not on,
It was he who should be cleansed at the hand of the Lord,
Not the other way round as it seemed untoward.

But Jesus prevailed at the Jordan that day,
As he rose from the water, the Father did say,
In a Heavenly voice, as the Spirit on to Him eased,
This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.

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Yall I love this poem. Most of the poems here are not like this one this one is more urban and hip and it also is christian. Peace Marke
I love this poem! It's cute and funny without bruising the integrity of John the Baptist's story. Thumbs Up!
Great Work!
I realy like it, it's very good, for it can teach people about some stories in the Holy Bible. God bless.
I love this poem! I am a youth director for our church and sometimes it is very hard to find literature that the kids like. I showed them this poem and every one of them loved it. GREAT JOB!

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